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24 hour 1/32 enduro in Chicago area starts June 29 at 9 pm

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  • 24 hour 1/32 enduro in Chicago area starts June 29 at 9 pm

    These guys are doing a 24 hour race. I printed some info about it to gain some insight
    into their race. Dunno if I could honestly hold up for a 24 hour race.

    I found this in the 1/32 area.

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    You'd be surprised.

    We had a 8-team 24 hour 1/24 race in Chicago in 2005 and I have participated in 1:1 24 hour races in the past.

    Drivers in a team switch off in slot racing just like in full scale racing and there are breaks and rest periods. I wonder if WSSCA will have a massuesse like H-J Stuck would bring with him to the Daytona 24 hours?


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      24 hour race

      Each team is comprised of 7 to 8 racers. Teams will be pitching tents for those who want to catch some sleep. But last year I was surprised at the number of guys who actually were on site and who satyed up the entire 24. Me,while I was there, I got my eight hours of shut eye. M.G., Meadowdale will be a massuse free zone


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        Originally posted by attytwb View Post
        Meadowdale will be a massuse free zone
        I'm not sure why....???


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          RE attytwb

          Are you Father Bob as mentioned in the Meadowdale web link?

          7 to 8 racers per team would surely help ! ..... sounds like a great slot car party !!!!!

          I am just reading the info I printed yesterday from the web site.
          I also want to see how close the teams were on the 2006 web link. Pit stops under green flag sound pretty intense. Do you guys turn down the lights to simulate darkness also? (I assume so)

          I admit, in the last enduro in my garage (the Bat Cave) I had trouble concentrating after 10 minutes !!!!!!!!!!! I will try to tune in and watch the action live!!!!!
          Would you send me your phone number thru email at or on the private message board here? If I am watching the action live, I may get the urge to
          call and "chat" (if that is OK).

          Those Shelby King Cobras for the race look sweet. Are those actual Monogram bodies from the model kit or are they resin reproductions? Man, wouldn't it be cool if our group down here did a race at the same time you guys do a race in the future using the same cars or similar era cars?
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            Didn't see this post

            Hi Batmanjack

            I am sorry but I never saw this post. Attyweb is a member of the WSSCA club and participates in my 24 heures du Meadowdale race. We had the second race and it is proven to be just 24 hours of fun.

            To answer some of your questions, we actually don't turn down the lights. It is hard enough to be driving for hours at a time. If we did turn down the lights we would all just fall asleep!

            The cars were the new release of the old car by Revell/Monogram. They can be tuned to actually behave themselves on a wooden track! I took a chance on specifying them and I am so happy I did because they were a gas to drive.

            Keep in contact ( and I'll make sure next year's race gets promoted a little more in advance. We did however have a ton of users viewing our two web cams which probably slowed them down a little. I think we need professional coverage!!

            Thanks again and if you are ever in chicago, look us up. Plenty of weekend racing at many different tracks.




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