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Zoom Beedo Designed Track @ Sling Shot Speedway

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    Originally posted by PT Fan View Post

    Borders with no guardrails next to the track! I'm glad it has R1s too... a necessary evil if everyone is to compete with the world. Any chance of it growing to 8 lanes?


    Sadly, it will probably not grow to 8lanes. Not enough room, lol. As far as the R1's, there are 3 (not pictured, I will take new pics of it when I go back to the track, it's almost done). And yes, there are no rails beside the track!! All turns have a border with a rail!

    We've done some trial runs on the track and it flows very well. Jim did a good job.


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      Geez, Mark. I though I'd finally killed that bug that keeps appearing by your name. There was all kinds of blood and guts dripping off my LCD screen after smashing the bug, but the **** thing is still alive...


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        Drives you crazy doesn't it? It catches me from time to time, lol.


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          Watch out ya'll!! That bug gets tail-happy sometimes . Especially when it has Rothmans sponsorship on its' Seriously, please let me know when ya'll get the track up and running Mark. Sure would be fun to make another visit to Atlanta and get some guys together to "break it in".



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            Oh, it's gotten some laps put on it!

            Just waiting on TrackMate to come in and some adjusments to be done on the bridge. I'll take a picture tomorrow when I go up there.


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              Almost there!

              Just needs some more R4 borders and the remainder of the new straights to come in from MRC.


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                Hey ya'll

                Hi Mark, SouthernSloter, Jaybird, Zoom and the rest of the gang. I am going to try to come over for the Mitty to meet Alan face to face finally. What's the possibility of stirring up a race or 2? I sure would love to run a Ninco 997 race on that new track!!!!!



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                  Ooooh, that's lookin' real good! Lawrence, we'll see you at the Mitty, and getting together for some racing in the evening sounds great. I like your idea of 997's, but I think we should stipulate dead stock - no aftermarket or Ninco Pro parts or other mods, just to keep the guys like Mark that race there all the time from lapping us every other lap! Maybe we can keep it a little closer, like he laps us every fourth lap instead.


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                    Haha! When is the Mitty this year?

                    An out of the box 997 race sounds good to me! There should be a magnet marshal at the shop by then as well so we can make sure everyone is even! The out of the box Ninco cars run great on the track @ 12volts. The 10volt no-magnet setting is too low for box stock, but perfect for the NC-6 powered World Cup cars. Given 12 volts and they really wake up!


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                      I see that the Mitty is on the first weekend of May. That's perfect since I have a commitment the weekend before.


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                        Awe man, I just converted all 3 of my 997's to no-mag racers so I could get more no-mag practice in. Guess I could always buy another one . See ya'll then. I'll call ya'll before that weekend.



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                          I'll let Jim correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he ment box stock WITHOUT the magnet.
                          Also, I'll be glad to bring some IROC setup cars to have fun with.'s the way that we ran in the enduro would be fun on NINCO track.
                          Most any of the cars that we have set up to run on our tracks will work good on NINCO just as long as they have rubber tires.



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                            You're right, George. I was thinking of dead stock except for the removal of the magnet, duh.


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                              Running them box stock sounds good. A problem we may come across is the cars de-slotting. The 997's are very light in the front and tend to de-slot when given a lot of rear traction, and you'd be surprised how much traction stock tires get with new Ninco track, lol.

                              Adding as little as 2grams of weight behind the front axle may do the trick, or a pro-race guide. Other than that, these cars are great runners out of the box like the Ascaris. They tend to be very smooth once you get the front planted and a good set of wheels and tires.


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                                Sounds good guys. Ya'll really got me hooked on the 997's. I see Ninco has several more coming out. I'll probably go crazy and buy 'em all except that orange and blue carDEM DAWGS!!!!!! Jay describes SEC football as an affliction. Hey JayBro'! What do you think slot car racin' is? lol.

                                See ya'll soon. If ya'll will make the plans (time and date that weekend) I will be there!!!!!

                                Just Lawrence


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