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    Monday racing at Slingshots. 6-9pm. Are we on for this coming Monday, the 25th?

    Just wanting to make sure.


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    Some of us wander in around 5:00 for some early practice @ $10.00 per hour. Officially, practice begins at 6:00 and races start at 7:00. 6:00 to 9:00 practice and racing will cost you $10:00.
    We are now running NINCO cars to NINCO NATS rules.
    Yes we will race this Monday but we may take Labor Day off.
    Hope to see you there.



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      We're all there every Monday! But like SS said, not sure about Labor day as the track may possibly be closed? Not sure, maybe SlingShot can chime in.

      Cya Monday!


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        Thanks for the reply, guys...

        I was raring to go last week, but couldn't get the final details until my day was over...sitting on my couch in a pair of boxers.

        I'll bring in a Ninco Porsche 911. I've got the magnets out, and am still messing with weight amount and placement.

        I'll look up those rules strait away.



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          Check the NINCO forum in SCI. There is a stickied thread on the top regarding all Ninco World Cup/US Nationals rules.

          As far as a car, there are plenty and I'm sure we can get you a spare no problem if you need it.


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            Yeah, just got finished reading the rules. I don't have a car that qualifies, at the moment(I just bought another car today from an SCI member, and my better half would make some noise if I bought another today), but have picked several from Alan's-Paul's store.

            I'll need some guidance on the "no mags-no weights" rule. I'm not saying it can't be done, I just don't know how.

            But here is the deal guys: I'm not going to be competitive, I'm just going to concentrate on staying on the track and NOT taking anyone out with me.

            I just want to race around some folks. I need to get out more.



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              No problem! We all started somewhere!


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                Hi JW,

                If I may, I would encourage you to go race with these guys. Mark and SouthernSloter are 2 of the nicest guys you could meet. They WILL kick your tail all over the track, but then they will help you set up your cars to be more competitive. THEN they will give you driving tips, perhaps lend you a controller (they nearly all use DIFalco controllers), help you some more and perhaps kick your tail again. In the end though, you will make some good friends and, like me will want to come back for more.

                Eventually you and I will be able to race with them. Until then, enjoy their company and definitely enjoy SlingShot Speedway (I got it right Lance .)

                In the meantime, check out the thread under the BRM section concerning the SouthEast Regional Qualifier. You'll get to know some of their faces. Unfortunately, I live in 'Bama and can only get over to 'Lanta for special events. Otherwise, I would be there every Monday night!!!!!!!



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                  Well, the rumors of this being a good bunch of local guys turns out to be true.

                  You folks put up with me and made me feel welcome. Very cool. I like the shop down at Slingshots a great deal better than under previous management.

                  Not throwing any rocks here. It feels more like the local hobby shop tracks I remember from days gone by. I mean, it's good that the monster track remains for folks to walk in and run a car.

                  I've been sending an increasing % of my slot budget to Alan and Paul. But it's nice to have a local source that has a good selection.

                  SouthernSlotter-thanks for making sure I didn't wander out into traffic. I got help by guys who's names I don't know yet.

                  I'll try to make it a point to come by at least every other week.

                  You guys rocked.



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                    It was great meeting you and you definitely should consider attending our Monday night runs more often! Cya next time!



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             should seriously consider running in the next weekly series with these guys, I believe it starts tomorrow night at Jim Basel's house in Flowery Branch. The series will be run IROC style, so cars will be provided and no advantage is gained by those who can out-build, out-tune or out-spend the competition. Plus you get to run on a new track each week for 7 weeks, including Phil Henry's wood track in Monroe. Phil's is the farthest "flung" track, most are in the Cumming, Sugar Hill, Lawrenceville, Flowery Branch area.



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                        Take a Monday off

                        Just to answer Marks earlier post - We are open for business Monday, but we will take a much needed week off of our regular Monday night racing series. I look forward to seeing you all back on Sept 8th.

                        Lance Perry
                        Sling Shot Speedway


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                          Guys, I was considering a visit to Atlanta prior to October. Might as well make the visit when the most people are going to be there, so JW, have any idea when you'll be there next?

                          I figure that if the local (I'll call it local, 2.5 hours away) regional race is going to be on Carrera track, that will be a waste of valuable set up time.


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                            Just call me when you're ready to run and we'll do our best to make sure most of the guys will be there. If you can extend your weekend stay to a Monday and run with us Monday night, then you'll definitely see everybody.



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                              I'll go out on a limb and say the Monday following the holiday weekend. I'll have a car and likely a controller to bring this time. My wife was at the mall...We carpooled.

                              On our way back home, she encouraged me to purchase a Ninco Car, a controller and "One of those bigger cars you were grinning at".

                              I've been turning into a hermit. Getting out and having fun with a good bunch of folks is like a mini-vacation for me.

                              So I'm with Mark on this one(Mark..are you the Mark who I met last night?). You make your way over here, I'll make the 40min trek to greet you.


                              Kind of a P.S. Is it true that BRM made only 1000 units of each livery? Just wondering if you've heard.


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