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  • A question of control

    It's been great running with you guys. But I have several things I gotta get myself, and I could use some input.

    Controller: I've got my eye on a couple different ones. Using SCC stuff, I wired my track at home with negative polarity. At the time I wasn't sure what direction I was going to go. Steve suggested negative polarity(Given the info I gave him it was the prudent choice). I've got basic Parma controllers.

    Do the majority of you guys have separate controllers for home tracks and commercial tracks? Any of you using positive polarity at home?

    If I get an upgraded controller, I'd like to use it at home to get good with it.

    I'm thinking of wiring in a polarity switch at the control panels.

    I'd appreciate feedback


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    The only reason I can think of for running negative polarity on my home track is so I can use the controllers that came with my set. But I do not use those controllers any more. So when I wired my home track I wired it for positive polarity, because that is what my best controllers are wired for and I want to use my best controllers at home as well as at other tracks.

    Putting in a polarity switch can be a good and bad thing. It gives you and your friends the flexibility to use any controller that you have. But, if you have the polarity switch in the wrong direction, you may damage your controller.

    My gut response is wire it for the same polarity as what contollers you have and want to use. If you have both polarity controllers then by all means put in a polarity switch, and while you are at it put in a direction switch. Once the polarity switch was in I would color code my controllers after that to minimize making a hook up mistake.

    my two cents
    jon grizzle


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      As controllers go there are several ways to go IMO.
      Economy, PARMA 35 or 45 ohm
      Mid level, Professor Motor 2 knob
      High end, DiFalco #232-15 1/32 or 3rd eye Renegade 2 1/32



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        All the tracks we run on for the series are wired positive polarity. That is currently 6 home tracks and Slingshots.



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          Thanks for that. My track is also positive. I just wanted to hear that.


          Thanks for the list. I'll ask Santa for two of each.

          See you guys later.



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