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    not w/o liability you cant,lol....i wouldnt want to be legally responsible for someone under 18 either

    could you imagine the mess the company would get into if you got misplaced....


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      I meant they could go but with a parent.

      is LZB scalextric track?


      • #18
        Hey Motor,

        LZB's is a Ninco track. As far as track records, the same David that holds the fastest time at JD's hold the fastest time @ LZB's. 8.09 i think @ 38laps, magged anglewinder.



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          Not to ruffle anyones feathers, but from what i gather the lap times that are posted are not from being in actual races. My point being is that for a fast lap to be truely the fastest lap, i think that it should be in a actual race and be 6 drivers on the track. The reason being is that when there is not 6 cars on the track there is more voltage than when there are 6 cars on the track. Also when not in competition there is no pressure to keep the car in the slot, which can also lead to a faster lap.

          Just My o-pinion.

          Marc Waddle


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            Man, what an old post

            It's true that the pressure will/can ruin someone, but not always. About the voltage though, I'm not too sure about that. Each lane at LZB's is runs on its own 20amp power supply. There may be a slight change in voltage when all 6 are running, thats if Mick has them all plugged into a surge protector that is plugged into a single socket , but still very doubtful. I run the same lap times there by myself and with 6 others. I actually run a little faster with others on the track because I can gauge myself. The lap time I have posted up there, something like 8.3something was from the 2nd week of racing I think.

            I wouldn't sweat it though, Marc. It's just lap times.


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