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Is SSR Lake Lanier dead?

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  • Is SSR Lake Lanier dead?

    Is there any racing in the Atlanta area anywhere???

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    Well I guess the answer is No then. So I officially declare slot racing in Atlanta DEAD then?


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      Not dead, but not as active as it once was.
      No racing in the summer, once every 2 to 3 weeks in the winter on Wednesday nights.
      Only two tracks up and running at the moment.
      We're not active on this forum for a variety of reasons.


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        Beardog, I moved from North Atlanta this summer and one of the things I miss most is racing with SSR. While the race nights may be fewer than in the past, any time spent with this group is a blast. These guys are among the very best slot racers in the country, their national performance speaks volumes. If you ever get to race with SSR, you will find out real quick where you stack up. In my case, against these guys I was a back marker, sometimes mid pack. But I never felt like a loser with this group because of the fun. SSR does it right.


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          Southern Sloter, thanks for the where are you active???

          PM me please
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