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Modern GT races at Racewear March 18th

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  • Modern GT races at Racewear March 18th

    I talked to Ricky about putting on a Modern GT races on the 6 lane Ninco track at Racewear. We are trying multi class races. This means two winners in each race
    . The idea is to get a lot of racers together. Think of IMSA GT3 and GTD These will be analog, no magnet, on rubber or urethane tires.
    Exact rules will be posted before the race but here is the framework.
    Saturday, March 18th, $15 both races or $10 for one
    Doors open 10am
    Racing starts at noon

    Race #1 1/24 Modern GT Scaleauto, 025/026 motor standard gearing and the other class is 1/24 Carrera Modern GT with RMS motor and stock gearing.

    Race #2 1/32 Modern GT open, any car, motor, gearing and 1/32 Carrera Modern GT stock motor and gearing

    PM me if you have questions.


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    Whos up for it

    This looks good Ron. In order to make these races a success, we need participation on this site. Please post your interest and comments here. This is the only way to bring in new racers.



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      Glad to see racing at Race Wear. Is there a listing that can be posted showing which cars are eligible as 1/32 Modern GT open?

      I remember the Race Wear Ninco layout as being one of the best layouts I ever ran on, I'm hoping to run on it again soon.


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        NJ Racers are welcome

        We would love to have you guys come down. It is going to be in the afternoon/early evening so it would not be to laye getting back home.


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          Hi Robert,
          We have around 14 guys committed to coming so it should be a fun day. I just ordered some small trophies that we will give to 1st-3rd for each class in each race. That is 12 trophies up for grabs plus one for the top rookie (obviously not you!). Rookie is someone new to racing or who is in their first year racing with IHSR or CRL.
          Regarding your question on the 1/32 open. No Mosler's. I don't have a list but it is anything that has raced in USA or Europe in the last couple of years. Tell me what you are considering.Sorry were not as organized as NJ guys at this point. ~Ron


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            I threw in the open class for some of the guys who want to race Scalextric with aftermarket chassis. NSR and Scaleauto are also have good selection or go wild with a modified Carrera. Who knows with all the technical corners it may be competitive.


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              Robert not a rookie???

              What do you mean Robert is not a rookie? Have you seen his racing? Looks like a rookie driver. Besides he is scared to race here. Lol. All jokes aside. Robert we would love to have you come race and bring a crew to show up these locals that think they are good. Also maybe a bunch from Philly can come. We will see which town has the best of the best. This should be a fun race.


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                Ricky I ordered some stickers for the lanes since the supply at the track is low. We may need some more tables. That's a good problem right? `Ron


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                  We will try and get up at least 5 or 6 tables plus the bench in the back.


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                    March race

                    We will have pit space for 30 or 35 people.