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Prizes for GPR

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  • Prizes for GPR

    Starting Sunday Oct. 8, 2006 I will post photos of the prizes as they arrive from the sponsors. I've waited until I have at least 2 sponsors prizes to arrive and now I will start posting them.

    So watch this space.

    And Think Globally! (sorry no more flags...)

    BTW, not to dampen enthusiasum in any way but I'd like to keep this thread to the announcement of prizes only so there will be a nice easy to read thread showing all the prizes with a minimun of discussion. Please feel free to discuss the prizes on any of the other threads in this forum.
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    First GPR prize announcement...RMS Resins!

    The time has come to announce the first of what will be many, many prizes revealed. Today the RMS Resinskits will be the first of many prizes shown...
    Thanks to David Reinecke and his company RMS Resins.

    1965 Impala body kit with decals:

    And 1966 Chevelle kit:

    Do you want a chance to win either of these great kits? You have to enter The Global Proxy Race..... it's easy to enter and don't forget the deadline clock at the top of the page is ticking enter today.

    Sporting Director, Global Proxy Race

    And Publisher of Slot Car News


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      Very nice.

      In what categories will prizes be awarded?


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        Prizes will be given out, starting with the winners in each class, and be given until every prize is gone. The winner in Prototype will choose first, then the winner in GT will choose and so on until all the prizes have been taken.

        Yes, I've stolen this idea from Austin's Race Across America..but I think it's a system that works.

        Prizes will also be awarded in the concours d'elegance that will be held. I'm not sure about the format for prizes of this catagory...I'm going to consult with my partners in crime, Rob and Van on this one.


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          Carrera USA's Prizes

          7 cars from Carrera USA donated as prizes...

          Nissan Tuner.

          Custom Camaro.

          Custom Charger.

          Custom Corvette.

          Custom GTO.

          Fast & Furious Mustang.

          CHP Mustang.

          Thanks to Carrera USA for this generous donation of prizes!



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            Prizes from Slot Car World

            Thanks to Frank at Slot Car World/Artin North America for sending these cars as prizes...

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              Wow!! Widescreen!!!


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                Quite a looker! Thanks to Ninco Bob for donating this Supra for a GPR prize...

                Pix only tonight, a review tomorrow.


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                  6 Resilient Resins bodies!

                  Six wonderful resin bodies from Resilient Resins have been donated by Douglas Haynes. Each body comes with an extra glass piece

                  Chapparal 2E

                  McKee Mk6

                  Chapparal 1

                  Ferrari TR59

                  Ferrari 196SP

                  Cunningham C2R

                  Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

                  Douglas Haynes
                  P.O. Box 7681
                  Eugene, OR 97401


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                    Here is good example of how a Resilient Resins body looks when finished. This is a Ferrari 196 SP, built by Dennis "Gascarnut", which took top honors in the VRAA Concours:


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                      Ooh, pretty car - did I do that?

                      Here's the Resilient Resins Ferrari TR59:

                      Robert knows this car well - it has done loads of laps on his track.

                      The Resilient Resins bodies are very nice - strong and light (for a resin body), with good detail, and getting two sets of the vacformed glass offsets the fact that there is no driver supplied. My cars built from these kits have scratchbuilt interiors usually with Fly or Ninco drivers.


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                        A nice selection of tires AND a bottle of cleaning solution too! 4 sets of tires, 2 for the Fly Capri type wheels and 2 for Fly Classics hubs.

                        Thanks to Steve at PPR for the donation of tires and cleaning solution.



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                          Be Challenged...

                 the GPR-P Porsche Challenge!

                          DrVanski Racing is donating a Fly 10th. Anniversary Gulf Porsche 917 to the prize haul. The car is to be awarded to the Porsche Prototype finishing in the highest position in the GPR-P class.

                          It'll be tough keeping my mitts off this car over the next year. She's a beauty. This car is an icon of the GPR prototype racing era that is much admired here at DrVanski Racing.

                          May the best Porsche GPR-P car win! (insert Smeagol voice: "My precioussss...)

                          Eric, Terry, Brad, and any other Porsche builders: consider yourself Challenged! The DrVanski Racing Martini Porsche 936 is gonna bring it to YOU in the GPR-P Porsche Challenge.


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                            Geez Doc, now you tell me! I would have worked way more on my 908 had I known about this prize! Very cool


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                              That's great, Dr. V, it's nice that one of the mid pack finishers will get a nice prize too!