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    "I've received word recently that there is a Ferrari headed our way from Italy (of all places) to compete in GPR-P. "

    I wonder who that could be?????


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        That'll be any day now Paul, right?
        I'll be right there.

        Glad to know that Sophia Loren has come up with an entry.

        Don't know why the rest of you bother, quite frankly.


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          Look the part even if you aint....

          Hey, cool merchandise Van!!

          Can vouch for Cafe Express' shipping abilities too!!

          Cheers, Tony.


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            Originally posted by dr vanski View Post
            Don't forget to pick up your GPR swag. Profits from our swag store go towards shipping for the precious.
            Oh yeah, forgot about that. I only entered this race for two reasons, one to allow me to buy one of those shirts and wear it with pride, and two to get my car to Connecticut before Paul does. If my decals hadn't taken their sweet time getting here, I would even have been on time!

            Oh yeah, and I'll be beating Paul on the track too, but that goes without saying.


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              Originally posted by bov View Post
              Hey, cool merchandise Van!!

              Can vouch for Cafe Express' shipping abilities too!!

              Cheers, Tony.
              Hi Tony,

              Alan Smith uses Cafe Press to sell his SCI Swag which is what gave me the idea. I've received no complaints. I'll be stocking up on Christmas prezzies myself. Since the basice store only lets you sell one of each type of sticker, I may mix it up in terms of the designs on those products, so the stickers will truly be a limited edition.


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                Van - Great idea and nice stuff there - will get me some

                Just a thought - since the GPR is a success just from the number of entries...what about using the two class winning cars in the logo for the '08 campaign

                Should have my Chevron out NLT Tuesday...I totally forgot about adding a magnet

                Having Fun - Da Vols


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                  Hi Bruce,

                  I'll consider the 2007 GPR a success when the Ortmann dust settles this time next year in Toronto. I can't say offhand if there will be a 2008 GPR as it has taken a lot of work to get here on behalf of all three of us, and it would take just as much next year beginning while the 2k7 races are in full swing. Fortunately for me, my two cats have given me plenty of practice at cat herding, which is an ideal warmup activity for anyone pondering starting a proxy race series.

                  Did I mention I have a full time job? Stay tuned...


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                    The basic concept of running a proxy for non-current era cars, more open Prototypes with more limited GT, will live on, in one format or another. This is our first try at international organizing. Like Dr. V says, we'll call it a success when the cars come home, more or less intact and reasonably on-time. I'd like to run completely no-magnet, and perhaps break the classes down further to simulate "under and over two liters", according to motor power.


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                      I'm glad you're already looking forward to next year, even after all the work you've done so far! While it's very early to discuss this, (but you did mention it) I wanted to:

                      1. Endorse the non-magnet prototype class. For me, building a concourse quality car and sending it into battle at magnet speeds is a bit masochistic.

                      2. I like the separation of class by motor size, but would prefer a more open chassis possiblity in GT (or whatever the class is called) to allow metal.

                      3. Add a body width handicap. I can't imagine the narrower cars competing with the group 5s, but maybe it will happen (especially if the heavy Aussie cars succeed because of their weight). This would encourage greater variety of bodies and perhaps interest. I'd love to build a modified SCCA H(?) production Bugeye or smiliar (I just got an Airfix Bugeye from BWA!).

                      4. Open up the bodies to allow the Betta .032 styrene bodies. This dramatically increases body options. If necessary for equality with moulded bodies, require a minimum body weight. Yes, I know a little low lead goes a long way but I know I get a bit tired of many of the same bodies in each race.

                      5. In light of the VRAA time period (thru 67?), keep this series with more current P/GT cars (perhaps through 90?) or really change it up and go open wheel: early 70s airbox style - I think models of the 312 and JPS Lotus are due this year?

                      (a little French teapot from the F1 Technical site )

                      Thanks for listening,



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