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GPR 2007 Gallery

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  • GPR 2007 Gallery

    Photos of the field of cars (that is as of Dec. 10, 2006) is at this link.

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    That's amazing, Dave!

    Stupendous photography - your lighting and angles, it's a superb gallery.

    Well done, eh?


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      **** you make us look good Dave.


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        thanks guys!
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          Very nice job Dave.


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            Oh wow, those are just fabulous shots of all the cars!

            I'll be visiting that link often.

            Thanks Dave for a great job capturing the spirit of the event and the technical details of the cars too.


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              Wonderful photos Dave....

              Very interesting to see the different setups to be used.

              I noticed 2 TSRF chassis, will the guides be OK on some of the plastic tracks?.




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                The two TSRF cars have had the guides trimmed to clear the bottom of the shallowest slot in the series, Scalextric Sport, at 5.2mm.

                I have not checked all the guides for depth, but several are a full 1/4" depth, or 6mm, and would hit the bottom of the Scalextric slot.

                There were some errors in car placement in the GT photo, in third, fourth and fifth rows. Order should be: #1 Porsche 911, #24 Cobra, #83 BMW, #7A Capri, #64 Ferrari 512BB, #95 Capri, #76 Corvette, #16 Capri, #49 Cobra. Pole position is, of course, in the lower right corner of photo.


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                  Alan/BeeJay, your Ferrari 3112P is over the 5.2mm depth of Scalex Sport, of which we have two tracks, Bahrain and Van's Le Mans.

                  Minimally over depth are Dennis' Cobra, Spirit Racer Club's Ferrari 365 GTB, and Austin's Chaparral 2D.


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                    Wow...I am really pleased to have such a great field of cars for this event. I'm also really happy to be a part of it as a competitor too! The reality of it for me has only begun to sink in with seeing all of these cars together for the first time. Dave, Robert, and myself could have done as much planning and organizing as we wanted, but 2ithout all of you guys this would have never come together the way that it has.

                    Thank-you for the excellent photos, Dave!


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                      Beautiful pics, Dave! But do I see an unprotected magnet on the bottom of the tech inspectors Ferrari?!


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                        Yes guys it's real alrighty! It really hit home to seeing all the cars and taking all the photos last night. It was really great to see all the cars and see the work everyone put into them. Rob and I sat there and talked for a long time about where each car came from and who's car it was. Each car is unique and that's pretty cool.

                        It's great that we have so many participants from around the



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                          Originally posted by PeteN95 View Post
                          Beautiful pics, Dave! But do I see an unprotected magnet on the bottom of the tech inspectors Ferrari?!

                          Would you believe clear tape?


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                            Gpr 2007

                            Atta boy Dave.
                            Nice work. Sure is a colorful bunch of cars in the GPR.



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                              Would you believe clear tape?
                              Not without corroboration. Or a magnifying glass ...

                              Nice work.
                              You got that right, Terry. And your car is a real star, both for appearance and performance!

                              I sure look forward to seeing the technical specs for some of these beasts - lots of variety in the way they're put together so far from the look of things!


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