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Race #2 Terry's Targa Track

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    If so, please note there's a small hole in the middle of the rear axle tube on the Lola - that's an oil hole for a small drop of your chosen lubricant as well as at the ends of the tube.
    Try vodka.


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      and other unidentified contaminants from the depths of the ENYR basement
      This would be from WPsoko1's back yard. There are land mines from his dog that tend to follow Wayne around...... Please clean my tires. Do you need any Mongo pads?


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        Race #2

        I use Labelle #106 for the gears and #111 for the axle bushings.
        If the lubricants listed are suitable for your car, let me know and I'll take care of it.

        All tires will be cleaned with 3M masking tape. Braids will be checked and cleaned if necessary.

        have fun tomorrow and I hope that 5yo learns to let off through the kink with Wet's car!?
        Letting off is easy for me. Its wondering where the brakes are after you let off that scares me.
        btw-none of the kids have or will run any of the cars.



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          My cars like Labelle lube, thanks, Terry!


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            Clean tires should do it for me ... if you lube it the track record will just be right out of reach for the future eh?

            Got any laptimes? Hints? Come on Terry ...


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              Clean tires and a very light clean and trim at the end of the braids is all we need. Can't wait!!


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                I can't believe racing starts so soon, I think I need some lubricant to prepare myself for this!

                I'll take the quick rear tire clean and light lube on bushings and gearing without unscrewing body if practical. A brush out of braid tips to smooth them would be nice and a trim if required.

                After ENYR, can we request tightened spur gears "just in case"?

                Thanks for the kids story - very funny. Always nice to hear that the young females like one's car .



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                  Originally posted by Terry Noe View Post
                  The track:
                  Terry --

                  That is a gorgeous track! Is the scenery hardshell, foam, or a mix? What's the overall turf? Not easy to keep such a consistent ground color without it looking artificial, but you sure did it -- I have the feeling this wasn't the first time you've done scenery! Those profile boards are very nicely done.

                  Very cool --



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                    After ENYR, can we request tightened spur gears "just in case"?
                    I think that would have to be by individual request ... I dremelled the axle flat on both sides and used two M2 stainless steel screws with red loctite, with a torquedriver. No need for anybody to be taking a screwdriver to that car unless I'm an idiot. Hmmm ....


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                      ITS FRIDAY! Lets go Racing!!!!!!!!


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                        8 hours and 40 minutes of solo racing! Two weeks should do it, at 5 days per week, 52 minutes per day.
                        Well, Terry, you did it! And a fine job, too; it sounded like you were enjoying the experience as much as we all did, following the whole saga. Fantastic job, man.


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                          Gpr 2007

                          Oh man it was definitely fun. There are some dang fast cars in the GPR. Doing it solo is work. It takes about 2 hours to run each class of cars/lane.

                          Now that snow's on the ground, should start seeing a few more guys coming over to race on Friday nights.

                          My GPR race is over, RAA cars are built, tested and ready to what do I do?



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                            World Proxy. Down Under Proxy. NASCAR Proxy. VRAA Proxy.

                            You could even ask your wife if she has any ideas - they often do, you know ...


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                              Thanks Terry for a great event!

                              For everyone, here is a spreadsheet with the individual lane results from Terry's race.

                              Please remember that since the GPR runs on actual distance covered rather than on laps, the final results for the event are a little different. Those results are in the official GPR Series spreadsheet, for which I will start a new thread.

                              Stay warm!

                              (in Denver, at 8 degrees right now...warmest it's been all weekend!)


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