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    Great job on that report!

    It is amazing to think a GT car could compete distance wise with cars that have magnets but the GT cars normally do better on non-magnet tracks.


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      Originally posted by AJK View Post
      I know this is a dumb Question but if you add both "P" class and "GT" class combine Who is the Top Dog overall ?
      There are no dumb questions - it sometimes takes a bit to understand the scorecards

      There are three sections to each round's scorecard.

      The top one displays the overall standings (Where 9 of the top 10 are 'P' cars)

      The second one shows just the 'P' cars and the third one just the 'GT' cars.

      Your P class Porsche is currently overall and, in the Prototype standings.

      Your GT class Capri is currently 18 (up from 22) overall and ranked 4th in the GT standings.

      Clear as Mudd?


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        Ooops, I failed to answer one of your questions...

        The top dawg overall is still the Vanski Porsche 936 but you're gaining on him!


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          We will see about that ...


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            Results after Round 5 (Tasmania)

            Here we go:

            Prototype standings:

            GT standings:

            Spreadsheet is attached too. You'll notice two fast times with asterisks - that's because only 3 of the 4 lane times were recorded in Phil's results, so it's not certain that the best times shown are indeed their fastest.

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              You rock, Dennis. Thanks!


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                Most excellent work, Mr. Gascarnut. This is, by far, the best way to keep track of a proxy race. I like the way the basic technical info on the cars is right there, along with the tracks and race results. Fabulous.


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                  It's remarkable just how close the top cars are after fifty thousand feet of racing at five different tracks.


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                    Great work, Dennis

                    Defintely racking up the footage with more to come - what's that line from that Robert Frost poem...and miles to go before I sleep.

                    Just curious - has anybody looked at what the positions would be if done by finishing order than distance...wonder if there be a difference? Not a problem for me as I'm living up to the latter part of that old adage of "miss by an inch - miss by a mile"

                    Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Kali

                    The Forums Cup - proxy racing the way it ought to be...


                    • I be gainin' on that JT feller and ol' Smokey be gainin' on me! Nice job Dennis.


                      • Bruce, I think it would be good to score a proxy race by both distance and by points. Give a trophy for both! Distance gives a more accurate reading on the fastest car, but points are more like the way it is done in the "real" world of racing.


                        • Distance certainly seems appropriate for something like an Enduro. At LeMans or Sebring, it's the car that has travelled the furthest in the time that wins in it's class, points have nothing to do with it.


                          • Hey! This is just making work for the score keeper!

                            Next we will have ten pages of "discussion" on what the points system should look like!


                            • Wow that was a costly race! I've slipped behind "that other 911"....


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