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  • Also, to finish first ...

    Tony is a lucky dude: Wet Coast Engineering didn't have time to put together a GT for this one.

    But do you suppose he's ready to take on the big boys in the RAA next year?


    • Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
      Wet Coast Engineering didn't have time to put together a GT for this one.
      Yeah, Paul needs two years to put a car together. I think most of that time is recuperation from injuries! Are your fingers still super glued together?


      • Originally posted by JT Previa View Post
        Are the RAA or Shoot Outs this close? I've only got about 55 FEET on Wayne now And we'll be finishing in his territory!

        Wayne, I think we (well, at least I) have Phil to fear more than Smokie for the next event down under! He is only about 600 feet behind you and he gained about that much in this race. If results for this next event are similar to this one, you will pass me by 267', Phil will pass Smokieo and me !

        Here's my rough predictions of the top five after the next round. All numbers in linear feet behind the leader:

        Wayne -
        Phil K - 17'
        JT () - 267'
        Smokie - 484'
        TK - 1724'
        If this comes to pass (no pun intended) I'll take it. Would be nice to lead GT again but I'm afraid the Smokie Mobile will pass us all once these pups get back home. Nothing like home track advantage...right Phil?


        • Cumulative Results after Round 6

          Here are the Cumulative scores after Round 6 (which should have been Race 8) at Six Pines Raceway, Adelaide, Australia:

          Prototype class:

          GT class:

          And as always, the spreadsheet is attached for the Excel-junkies.
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          • Double Ouch!

            That hurts even more than "slower than molasses".

            Uh thanks for the update, Dennis.


            • Changes since Round 5 - the shake-up continues!

              Quite a few position changes from Round 5:

              In Prototype:

              Tony K holds onto the lead
              Reckless gains 1 over Dr Vanski
              Robert and Gascarnut both gain over the WCR Porsche which drops 2 places.
              Nick49 climbs 3 over PeteN95 and Terry Noe
              KazzoRacer climbs 2
              Milo drops 2
              DaVols climbs 2
              BigDSonic, Austin and BeeJay all climb 1
              Phil K's absent car drops 6 places
              The rest (5) all maintained station.

              In GT:

              Wayne climbs over JTPrevia to take the lead
              Phil K climbs 1 over Smokeio after his troubled run
              Dr Vanski gains 1 at the expense of Robert
              Pet N95 and BeeJay both gain 1, and Da Vols gains 2, all at the expense of the Spirit Racer Club Ferrari which drops 4 places
              Attic Racer climbs a spot over Spirit Racer
              The other 8 all maintained their places.

              Now it's back to plastic (Bart's) and then onto epoxy-coated wood (Area 51) for the last two, so who knows what will happen?



              • Round 7 cumulative results

                OK, Folks, here are the cumulative distances after Round 7 at Wayne's World:



                Wow, 7.15 feet between Wayne and JT Previa for 1st in GT! Super-close.
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                • Final Positions after Round 8

                  Well, guys, here they are at last - the final positions after nearly a year of travel, trials, tribulations, triumphs and "travesties" (I couldn't think of any more "t"s for the alliteration! )

                  GT class first:

                  And the Prototypes:

                  As always, here's the whole spreadsheet too, so you can take your time analyzing the results.


                  • Wow! Congrats to Tony and Wayne - WORLD er GLOBAL CHAMPIONS!

                    Thanks for posting the results, Dennis. Sorry, Dave. Not all Porsches are created equal.
                    Last edited by dr vanski; 12-03-2007, 09:54 AM.


                    • Impressive work with the spreadsheet, Dennis.

                      Congratulations to everyone! We survived! There were times I thought the race was headed down the tubes, but, NOT!

                      This is worth thirteen bananas if anything is.

                      We need to get a thread going on prizes, now that the results are in. Dave K's basement is loaded, and the final inventory is not yet complete.
                      Last edited by Robert Livingston; 12-03-2007, 01:15 PM.


                      • No doubt about it, those are well-earned podium places; hearty congratulations to the boys at the top!


                        Tony Kuljis
                        Robert Livingston

                        Three fantastic cars there, but hey, some of the others weren't far behind, eh gents?


                        Wayne Dawgman
                        JT Previa

                        Their cars were so quick they went further than nine of the magnet-equipped P cars!

                        I think there should be bananas for everybody.


                        • Great race everyone. Congrats to Wayne and Tony on their World Wins! Thanks to all of the organizers for their efforts. This was another fun proxy!


                          • Great job all series Dennis. Congrats on your Prototype win and GT finish Tony. Nice to see a couple of Nutmeggers (Mike & RL) and a fellow New Englander (JT) along with Tony in the Top 5 of GT. See you all at the presentation party at RL's house....


                            • I have to say what a long strange trip its been to participate in the GPR. I have enjoyed my first proxy race.

                              Congratulations to the overall and class winners.

                              Thanks to Van, Robert and Dave for getting it off the ground and all the folks (especially the hosts and racers) that carried it through to the end.


                              • Congrats to the Podium Boyz, and to the organizers for getting the convoy round the globe.

                                Dr. Vanski, special recognition for besting me in BOTH classes by 400 or so feet !


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