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    Robert, let me know if you need me to kick him in the butt for you.


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      Milo, please don't feel like you have to ask...just do it reflexively every time you see him for us....


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        Originally posted by DaveKennedy View Post
        Milo, please don't feel like you have to ask...just do it reflexively every time you see him for us....
        Now that is a standard I can live up to!


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          Hey Robert! Any word on the "other" concours competition? Can't wait to hear how many points I lost "in the end" due to my extreme creativity...


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            Isn't your car the one they were referring to as "That Mutt!"


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              That would be correct. Woof Woof.


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                Factory Finish Concours

                Here is how the judges rated the factory-finished cars.

                Please note the scoring system is exactly the same as for the builder-finished cars, so results are comparable. However, there will be a different prize structure for these cars, as much of the work was done for the entrants by the manufacturer. Some of the cars were graded down for proportional or scale errors by the manufacturer, no fault of the builder. Wheel and tire choice, and the absence of gluey deposits were considered. Crooked and missing parts were scored down. The top cars looked nice and neat, with reasonably sized wheels and tires for the body.

                First: Kazooracer's Porsche 911 (Ninco body), 82 points

                Second: TR3's Lancia Beta, Fly body, 80 points

                Third: Phil Kalbfell's BMW M1, Fly body, 78 points.

                4th: Da Vols Fly/GB Track Chevron, 77 pts.

                5th: Kazooracer's Fly/GBTrack Chevron, 71 pts.

                6th (3-way tie): Tony Kuljis' Fly/GBTrackPorsche 908/3, 70 pts.
                BeeJay's Carrera Ferrari 512BBLM, 70 pts.
                BigDSonic's Porsche 917 Spyder, 70 pts.

                7th (tie): Terry Noe's Revell-Monogram Greenwood Corvette, 69 pts.
                Wayne's World Lancia "Coda Cardboard", 69 pts.

                8th: Da Vols' Fly Capri RS Turbo, 61 pts.

                9th: Tony Kuljis' Fly Capri RS Turbo, 58 pts.

                10th: Wet Coast's Fly Porsche 908/2 Flunder, 55 pts.

                11th: Spirit Racer Club's Fly Ferrari 365 GTB/4, 48 pts.

                12th: Spirit Racer's Fly Porsche 917K, 46 pts.


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                  7 (th). My lucky number! Thanks Robert and Bart for the (semi) objective perusal. I knew I should have used plastic instead of cardboard...I was also gonna print the Yosemite Sam "Back Off" mud flap and replace the ends of his gun barrels with exhaust tips. Would that have helped???


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                    Mondial the Magnificent!

                    10th: Wet Coast's Fly Porsche 908/2 Flunder, 55 pts.
                    Woah, 10th place, that is so cool!

                    It only goes to show, you get them good paint brushes from the dollar store and that's all you really need eh?


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                      I keep waiting for my 7th place (tie) prize to arrive but nothin'...What's up with that???


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