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Penalty for a tire change???

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  • Penalty for a tire change???

    With hindsight and foresight, I doubt that my Capri with those Fly tires are going to find any track to their liking so am wondering before it sets voyage to the Old World and other destinations if I may be allowed to change tires and what the penalty would be if allowed to do so???

    If so, is there a PPR SuperTire that fits those Fly race version rims???

    If not allowed, then to save the chore of driving such a slippery car, may I opt for early withdrawal and return of it home - as I know that the next venue being Ninco, well as bad as they were on the first two tracks, they'll be even worse on that rough surface.

    Having Fun - Da Vols

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    These cars are the bottom four in comparison to the other cars in BOTH GT and P classes so far, based on ENY results:
    #53 GT Lancia Beta Montecarlo TR 3 10138.2 feet, 37th place
    #7 GT Capri RS Turbo Da Vols 9357.4 feet, 38th place
    #68 GT Porsche 911 Kazooracer 8723 feet, 39th place
    #423 GT Jaguar XK-E Coupe abie 321 8710.8 feet, 40th place.

    These four cars have also qualified as the bottom four in GT class, so far, on Terry's track.
    I think these four cars should continue to struggle along on Terry's Targa until they complete the final race there, then they might receive some limited work.

    No other cars would be eligible for tuning or parts replacement (unless they break down).

    Da Vols' Capri needs new tires. I suggest Ortmann tires; the slicks for Slot.It may fit.

    Abie 321's Jag needs a true set of rear wheels and tires. Maybe the Ninco press-on plastic wheels and Ninco rear tires can be trued. They are way out.

    TR3 needs another lump of lead near the front axle, and may benefit from rear bearings glued down, with a slight chassis trim at the spur gear.

    Kazooracer’s Ninco 911 needs the motor glued in, and the rear bearings solidified, if possible.

    I realize this is a departure from the published rules, and I expect some guys to complain, but two of the four cars are facing withdrawal by their owners. I would rather keep these cars in, with minor changes. Only the bottom four cars will be worked on.

    Also, this is at the discretion of track host Terry. He can use his judgment in these repairs, or not do them at all if he does not have time.


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      I think that the modifications etc that Robert describes would be the right thing to do.

      No fun at all in going through a proxy year with a car that's never going to be competitive.


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        Thank you most kindly, Robert, for this generous exception to the rules. Being my first proxy event entered, I really don't mind sucking everyone else's exhaust, but I do feel for those that would have to drive it.

        If Terry agrees, how much time will be allowed - if I go with O's I would need to mount and true them first before sending them off - that's why I mentioned SuperTires since I can just have them sent directly for mounting...same if Slot.It's fit.

        Thank You Again - Da Vols


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          I agree with Robert and have no objections. Even fix em before race #2 if time allows. Make the fixes known to all for educational purposes. Race on and no withdrawals allowed!!


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            I'd prefer that they run through Terry's race as-is, then be fixed. But I will leave that up to Terry, as his time allows.

            Thanks for the words of encouragement, guys. True sportsmen.


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              Robert - Most definitely run as is at Terry's...I only asked now because if the answer was yes or no changes could be done easily and inexpensively here in the US.

              Just ordered some O's for the Capri - seems there's a difference between the regular and race version wheels/tires and SuperTires only list for the regular Fly's. Since my race Porsche has those same wheels I can true them up and send them out as quickly as they arrive.

              Though I never expected a box-stock car would be a contender, at least with the tire change it should be more enjoyable to drive...

              Having Fun - Da Vols


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                Let 'um race......

                Make the changes and lets go.

                Good choice on the O's Bruce....I think they will suit the tracks coming up, but then again what do I know.....

                No shame in coming last, it happened to me in my first Proxy Race, and could happen in this one unless my prototype's taking part that really counts.




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                  Gpr 2007

                  I agree these cars need work. I can do whatever the GPR officials will allow me to do and I will donate any parts I have here and my time to help these guys stay in the race.

                  #53 GT Lancia Beta Montecarlo TR 3- already has the chassis trimmed, the rear axle bushings glued and additional weight up front. R.L. gave me permission to do this yesterday.

                  #68 GT Porsche 911 Kazooracer- needs the motor glued in place. Hot glue didn't hold. Tires might be out of round and the axle bushings may need glued in place.

                  #7 GT Capri RS Turbo Da Vols - needs tires plain and simple. I have several sets of Ortmans for 956 and tall wheels and Fly Classics. I have two sets of PPR's that might fit too. I know the PPR's I have don't fit anything I own. I have a set of Indy Grips trued and ready to go also. If need be i'll donate whatever i have here that will fit this car.

                  #423 GT Jaguar XK-E Coupe abie 321 -This car is very tippy and deslots in every curve. Weight added and a change of tires will help.



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                    Fly Race Rims: Are they the ones that have set screws and come on the Porsche 911-98 car? (the swoopy, rubbery bodied one that was just rereleased) We put the .808 Super Tires for the Slotit small hubs ( Grp C) on one last night. Very good fit.


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                      I think these up grades should be done with no penalty as Robert posted as they are not competitive the way they are.


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                        Dan - The latest Fly race versions share these "stron(t)ium" wheels which are "notched" press-on vs the previous set set screw aluminum offerings...what fits what is a subject of lots of


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                          I have no problems with this, until they start beating my car, which isn't that much of an improvement, actually. The small Slot it wheel tires fit the Fly race alloy wheels and I would think they are the same size as the Strontium things. If you have some sheet lead, Terry, you might try putting some on the bottom of that tippy Jag. Roof flashing is cheap and at any hardware store for sheet lead.


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                            You Orta Know


                            Here's how the Strontium wheels look with Supertire 1401 for

                            Adequate ground clearance with a slightly concave profile and square corners.

                            Ortmann 49a for NINCO JGTC:

                            Adequate ride height with a nice round sidewall and almost flat profile. Recommended by DrVanski/Martini Racing.

                            PM me if you want me to hook you up with either set. They are from my spares box. I can have either in the mail Sunday for you.


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                              The road to h377 is often paved with good intentions...

                              Originally posted by Robert Livingston View Post
                              ...and I expect some guys to complain...
                              I'm not sure where this leaves me, I guess as the 16th placed GT / 32nd place overall car (already behind some entrants that received remedial build assistance during tech) I am one of the folks most impacted by this decision. Am I a complainer? Read on and decide for yourself...

                              First of all I'm not withdrawing and I don't want work done on my car.

                              On the flip side, it will be very hard to be proud of my first effort in proxy racing if I finish at or near the bottom of the leader board in part because a half dozen of the cars ahead of me received building/tuning assistance from the race organizers.

                              Who am I actually racing against for mid-pack bragging rights - the folks who entered their car or the kind hearted proxy veterans who rebuilt them?

                              I appreciate the spirit in which the organizers choose to work on cars that are doing poorly but they should at least acknowledge the impact these decisions have on other entrants ability to enjoy participating in the series.



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