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San Phoeno Raceway Problem

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  • San Phoeno Raceway Problem

    Hi all,

    I regret to inform people that in about a month, I shall be moving house, and the raceway will not be able to come with me, due to moving to a smaller place. The track will not be destroyed, but it most likely will not be available to run the GPR round.

    Fear not though, as I have organised a replacement track, if it is suitable for the organisers of the GPR and the participants. There is no significant change in the track type or surface, as it is still a routed track, same paint, construction and power as the San Phoeno Raceway. Lane lengths are approximately the same, maybe a touch longer due to the 3 straights.

    For reference please refer to this picture. It's a nice flowing 4 lane track, where it appears Slot.It cars lap the circuit in 6 seconds or slightly under (Stock cars, fyi)...

    As you can see in the picture, the cars that run on the track are pretty much run with rubber tyres, exactly the same as San Phoeno Raceway.

    So, pending permission from the GPR organisers, I'd like to run the round on this track as San Phoeno won't be available. I cleared it with the track owner last night, who said he'd be happy to host it.


    -- Rob.
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    Hi, sorry to hear the San Phoeno may not be available; have you touched base with Robert Livingston & Dave Kennedy on this circumstance? They are the fellows in charge of the organization of the Global Proxy Race.

    Let me know via PM if you need contact information!

    The San Phoeno track is dear to our hearts after last year's Auslot race; an ideal venue for the GPR cars as many of us have raced there before.

    Note that Phil Kalbfell, Lenny Bruce, & Hoffy from the Auslot Forum may also be able to help advise on our options Down Under!
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      Congratulations on the move, Rob.

      Sad to see San Pheno off the GPR track list. I was hoping 'the corkscrew' was going to suit the rally spring guide of my 911 more than the big air dam Group 5 cars at the front of the pack. Oh well, the proposed alternate looks like an excellent venue too.



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        Looks good to me!

        Moving is tough, under the best of circumstances. With the substitute track, we still have 2 tracks scheduled in Australia. Thank you for finding a replacement!

        Please give us the contact info for the track owner, and what is the exact location?

        What is the name of the track, so we can list it?
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          Replacement track

          The track look good to me,if any problems should happen I am sure we could find a replacement here with all the track that are now around Australia.



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            Lenny Bruce !!!

            Note that Phil Kalbfell, Lenny Bruce, & Hoffy from the Auslot Forum may also be able to help advise on our options Down Under!

            who is this Lenny Bruce of which you speak??????

            The name's Broke

            Lenny BROKE

            Last edited by lenny broke; 04-15-2007, 10:09 PM.


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              I hate it when I do that. It's like mental associations, or something. Showing my age, in more ways than one ...


              Lenny Bruce was a remarkable comedian in his day, and like so many geniuses he burned out way too early.


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