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  • It ain't over 'til it's over...great racing, Alan! Bring on the heats!

    WTG, Paul!


    • The Kabfell Mystery


      Here's a photo of the front end of your car:-

      As you can see the motor lead is severed at the point where the lead enters the eyelet.
      I have now replaced the eyelet and reconnected the lead, (it is still long enough).
      As for the reason why it happened, (once on both your cars), I can't explan.

      The wires are not trapped either by the chassis or the shell, the guide turns OK and is not binding.
      The wires are not catching on the brass front chassis prongs.

      Maybe sabotage is the culprit?............It was reported to me by one of the drivers (who didn't want his name mentioned....OK Tony), that Mondial O'Nuthin was seen hanging around the Parc Ferme'.
      Investigations are on going, but we have increased security to prevent any more incidents of this nature..........




      • Nuttin but vile rumour and gossip, I tell ya!

        Funny thing happened last year actually, when Fred O’Nuttin returned home after the RAA in his beat up 956; I put it on the track, and on the second lap it stopped dead, due to the exact same problem as Phil has been having there. I think Phil’s going to have to avoid circuits that have a bunch of turns in them after this …


        • Heat two results

          Tonights Results- Prototype Heat two (The Half way point)

          Tony Kuljis Porsche 93.2
          Robert Livingston Ferrari 92.7
          Big Dog Ferrari 91.0
          Nick 49 Ferrari 90.1
          Gascarnut Lola 89.2
          Reckless Racer Porsche 88.9
          Dr. Vanski Porsche 88.7
          Wet Coast Racer Porsche 88.0
          Beejay Ferrari 87.4
          Bluetoes 591 Porsche 86.4
          Phil Kalbfell Ferrari 84.3
          Terry Noe Porsche 83.7
          PeteN95 Ferrari 83.2
          Spirit Racer Porsche 81.2
          Da Vols Chevron 79.4
          Abie321 Ferrari 79.0
          Triggerhappy Porsche 78.4
          Kazooracer Chevron 77.2
          Big D Sonic Porsche 76.7
          Austin Chaparral 72.7

          Overall Positions (so far..)

          Tony Kuljis Porsche 187.9
          Robert Livingston Ferrari 187.3
          Reckless Racer Porsche 183.3
          Gascarnut Lola 183.0
          Wet Coast Racer Porsche 181.0
          Big Dog Ferrari 180.3
          Dr. Vanski Porsche 180.2
          Nick 49 Ferrari 179.3
          Bluetoes 591 Porsche 174.8
          Terry Noe Porsche 172.0
          PeteN95 Ferrari 170.4
          Spirit Racer Porsche 168.7
          Abie321 Ferrari 162.0
          Kazooracer Chevron 162.0
          Da Vols Chevron 161.5
          Triggerhappy Porsche 161.3
          Austin Chaparral 151.8
          Big D Sonic Porsche 151.0
          Phil Kalbfell Ferrari 137.1
          Beejay Ferrari 87.4

          All very close again, Tony's car "no offs", Roberts car "one off"'s that close.

          Big Dogs car had much more grip tonight....and I guess figured out how to drive it!

          Nick's car just gets better and better.

          Phil's car was struggling for grip


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          • Odd, but I believe Phil has the same tires as Tony?! (and me?) Keep up the fine work, Alan!


            • Yes Pete agree, but remember Phil ran very early in this round (due to the braid incident in the last round), I do think it makes a difference.
              Incidently I'm pretty impressed by the NSR tyres used in the GPR, I've never really had much luck with them on my track before but after this I might try them again.




              • Um, Alan, do you suppose you could spend a little time learning to drive my 936? I am last of the late brakers which will give you some insight into my setup.

                Just having a bit of fun with you - great job - keep unreeling those laps!


                • Hi Van

                  I promise to try harder.....

                  Lack of grip seems to be the problem with your car.....I think it could be related to body overhang and weight at the rear on my very twisty track....those pesky little 908's don't even seem to notice the corners.

                  Happy Birthday by the way....




                  • Lead wires

                    In seven years of proxy racing this is only the second time I have had a wire break. Last time was in 2003 again in the UK race!!!!.
                    In the pic there appears to be some thing on the front axle and lead wire,what is it?

                    I built the car soooo long ago I can't even remember what brand of lead wire I used, that may be the problem.

                    Althought I still don'r trust those others

                    Can you please pack my car on the other side of the box from WETS car when you repack them for shipping?

                    His car MAY have the same problems in the last two DUPR races!!!



                    • Hey Team Mate team orders I have the good shoes Do you have these..........

                      And there OUT OF STOCK Because I have All of them. Let me know if you need some new shoes Pete.......

                      Go Club FW
                      Last edited by AJK; 06-06-2007, 09:25 PM.


                      • Hello

                        Everytime I come back on here to check the progress, my car just seems to get better and better. Perhaps we should stop here for the rest of the series .



                        • Learning how to sway

                          Damage to car tyre wall was minimal, but a disgusted Big D was reported to have said, " I've had enough I'm off to Portsmouth to study the sailors leaving the pub, if they can sway properly after a few pints, I'm sure I can get the hang of it!".

                          Ha Ha! Very funny Alan! This has been the most entertaining round of the GPR so far.

                          But, Alan, forget studying the sailors. I want to see how the British lasses sway, like
                          Sophie Howard, WOO HOO!!



                          • Heat 3 Prototype - Results

                            Another great day at the fun factory!...........

                            Tony Kuljis Porsche 95.6
                            Robert Livingston Ferrari 94.7
                            Gascarnut Lola 92.8
                            Reckless Racer Porsche 92.6
                            Wet Coast Racer Porsche 92.6
                            Dr. Vanski Porsche 92.0
                            Big Dog Ferrari 91.3
                            Beejay Ferrari 90.7
                            Nick 49 Ferrari 89.8
                            Phil Kalbfell Ferrari 89.0
                            Terry Noe Porsche 87.6
                            PeteN95 Ferrari 87.1
                            Bluetoes 591 Porsche 86.8
                            Triggerhappy Porsche 86.4
                            Kazooracer Chevron 85.4
                            Spirit Racer Porsche 84.7
                            Austin Chaparral 82.0
                            Da Vols Chevron 81.7
                            Abie321 Ferrari 77.4
                            Big D Sonic Porsche 67.9

                            And the overall positions after 3 6 minute heats, (1 more to go!)

                            Tony Kuljis Porsche 283.5
                            Robert Livingston Ferrari 282.0
                            Reckless Racer Porsche 275.9
                            Gascarnut Lola 275.8
                            Wet Coast Racer Porsche 273.6
                            Dr. Vanski Porsche 272.2
                            Big Dog Ferrari 271.6
                            Nick 49 Ferrari 269.1
                            Bluetoes 591 Porsche 261.6
                            Terry Noe Porsche 259.6
                            PeteN95 Ferrari 257.5
                            Spirit Racer Porsche 253.4
                            Triggerhappy Porsche 247.7
                            Kazooracer Chevron 247.4
                            Da Vols Chevron 243.2
                            Abie321 Ferrari 239.4
                            Austin Chaparral 233.8
                            Phil Kalbfell Ferrari 226.1
                            Big D Sonic Porsche 218.9
                            Beejay Ferrari 178.1

                            No real problems today. Grip much better than yesterday.

                            Abie's car had problems making the downhill descent, so it had to be taken depth (or lack of it)seems to be the problem

                            Reckless and WCR tied for 4th place on laps but Reckless gets the nod on fastest lap.


                            Last edited by beejay7; 06-07-2007, 07:57 AM.


                            • Cool - thanks for the updates!

                              After the rather dismal showing of the Gascarnut Cobra, it's good to see the Lola making some impression, only 0.1 laps out of the podium, and still one round to go.

                              Now if only the lead wire gremlin can be convinced to visit the Reckless pits tonight...


                              • Another great day at the fun factory!...........
                                Yup, this race just gets better and better! My overall 5th place hasn't changed, but it's getting closer at the top!

                                Now if only the lead wire gremlin can be convinced to visit the Reckless pits tonight...
                                Could be arranged ... Eric hasn't been around for a while so he probably won't notice ...


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