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  • Did you stop to smell the flowers Terry? I seem to have acquired a rather uncharacteristic top 10 finish! I thought you were going to get me Terry as you got closer with each heat, but then things took a turn for the better. Thanks Alan.

    Originally posted by Terry Noe View Post

    I was hoping the Flowers could over take the Maple leaf for 9th, but not this time.


    • Cool race, great reporting!!!

      Dear, oh dear... I had all but forgot about the GPR: too much work, to little spare time...

      Well, well... if we ain't got a true bred motorsports reporter amongst us, eh?!! Excellent racing - thank your racing buddies for me - and a beautiful job reporting it, Alan!!!
      Must say this has been a very amusing and entertaining thread to follow!

      Seems that the Brazil/Canada international motorsports joint venture is doing just fine: both Dr. Vanski and your's truly are once again "in the points": Cobra Racing Technologies wishes to publicly aknowledge the great job done by Dr. V in the preparation and tuning of the "Scarlet Wonder" - awesome job, bro!!!

      Congratulations are in order for Tony, Robert and Dennis.

      And now to the Land Down Under...

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      • Jeez it's been 3 days!! Are we there yet????? New thread time yet????


        • The cars will be mailed shortly. Alan is looking for the best way from England to Australia.


          • Hmmm it can get a bit windy around the Straits of Magellan this time of year ...


            • Mwuahahaha! Soon, the cars will arrive!!! Soon, I can steal all your scratch building secrets!!! Soon, I get to drive other peoples cars fast. wooooooo


              • Proxy cars

                Your trip to Tassie is bad timing if you postponed it you could have delivered the cars in person!



                • Haha, true!

                  I need to organise a time with the track owner of the Eggdome in order to do the running of this.

                  I'm wondering if it's possible to run it all on one day... Probably have to run it over two days though!


                  • We ran the cars in one day. Two days would be better, though. 41 (or so) cars, three at a time on as three lane track; on a 4 lane track, with good organization, one day might be right.


                    • The way that Terry or Alan run their races is best (solo driving in each slot), particularly on a track where cars in adjacent lanes are close enough to bash others out of the slot; it takes quite a bit longer, but reveals the best car performance, less of a wild card result.

                      Especially with bruisers like that Kalbfell bloke being allowed on the track with the real race cars ...


                      • I gues I disagree with the idea that solo runs are "the best way", even though I realize that sometimes this is the only way.

                        Slot cars are built to be raced. Solo runs are not races, they are time trials, and more likely to generate wild card results IMO.

                        To my mind, having as many drivers as there are lanes and cycling the cars through all lanes, and therefore all drivers is the best test of each car's capabilities. The drivers should be aware of the fact that they are driving other people's cars and that the cars have to survive to compete in later rounds, but otherwise they should be allowed to race.

                        And there happens to be some contact along the way, so be it (says he who builds with brass!)


                        • Rules

                          We'll never agree on rules or how a race should be run! We all seem to be strong minded with different opinions on everything. Compromise is the key to proxy racing.

                          Now let's start arguing about building with brass. Anybody who builds with brass should be.......


                          • I like solo runs because they are pure time trial of a car's outright speed. A single driver can provide a good comparison of cars (the "race" effect) by driving the cars all on the same day, on the same lane.

                            I like multi-driver, multi-lane races because they provide good comparisons of how broadly drivable a car is, by having several drivers. Rotating a car through several lanes gives additional information.

                            Consequently, nearly every proxy race at East New York has been a combination of solo runs and multi-driver, multi-lane races.


                            • Originally posted by Robert Livingston View Post
                              I like multi-driver, multi-lane races because they provide good comparisons of how broadly drivable a car is, by having several drivers. Rotating a car through several lanes gives additional information.
                              And I just know you're gonna take out that Shop-Vac and clean out the Green Lane for us in time for the VRAA! And don't be afraid to run some laps there to "silicone" the lane in.

                              BTW, how did the GPR cars finally end up getting shipped? Mindless inquirors want to know..


                              • Hi Wayne

                                Shipping has been arranged with a Company called They are shipping agents for UPS/DHL/Fedex etc........The big bonus is that they will ship to Aus for half the price UPS charge, and the funny part is UPS will probably deliver the parcel!....Love it!.

                                Parcel is due to be collected from me on Wednesday and should be delivered to Robert in Aus no later than one week.

                                so............Elvis has.......almost......left the building.




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