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    See if you can have them qualified by lunchtime, please ...

    Great news, Alan! British customs must have been on a tea break.


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      OK sorry for the ISP has been off line all day....

      Very exciting opening the box containing the precious.......

      Amazing packing by Lucio and his Italian mob..... Only the GT cars have been unpacked at this time.

      Next the cars are transfered to the circuit:-

      The cars all seem in good condition. Dennis's Windscreen is hanging on by a thread on his Cobra (which I will fix)and one of Pete's wheel inserts is missing on his Gulf Capri.

      All the cars have now been run and they seem to like my track!....One of the cars managed to smash the lap record on it's third practice lap. I'm not saying which one......

      My favorite car to drive is Dennis's is fast, ultra smooth and just a great car.

      I have taken photo's of all the cars and perhaps Van will put them in the Gallery for me at some time.

      Programme is as follows:-

      Qualifying GT tomorrow.......I will drive all cars for three minutes. Fastest lap acheived counts.
      Race Day GT - Monday - 4 drivers lined up. Cars will be run on each lane by each driver for 6 minutes. This makes 4 segments (24 minutes).Each car will, of course, run twice on each lane.

      Prototypes qualified and run next week.....Should be able to post cars at end of next week.

      One final photo to come in this post:-

      I was trying pretty hard with Mike's Capri and I managed to deslot it coming out of the hairpin....the car left the track, smashed through a wall crushing the poor unsuspecting pie seller beneath his front wheels.........this photo has not been posed:-

      The car is completely undamaged, (the walls are designed to break away under the slightest impact), however I understand lawyers have been contacted as a compensation claim from the unfortunate pie seller will undoubtedly follow).

      Any questions?......




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        Great news, Alan,

        Please send photos to me at vanski'at'sympatico'dot'ca and I will get them hosted for you pronoto. Send as many as you like, but keep the total attachment size under 2Mb per email.

        Send my condolences to the pieman and his family.


        Last edited by dr vanski; 05-30-2007, 10:47 AM.


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          Cheers Van...they are on their way to you.




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            Your photos are uploaded to the GPR UK Gallery Alan. Good thing I am on the night shift at work! What day is it today? Next day off: June 9.

            Drive 'em like you stole 'em!


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              Gpr 2007

              ....One of the cars managed to smash the lap record on it's third practice lap. I'm not saying which one......
              I'll take a guess and say either JT Previa's Corvette (Ortmans) or Tony Kuljis Capri (NSR's). As a wildcard, I'll pick DaVols Capri(Ortman).

              I'm glad the GPR is in full swing again. This is freakin awesome!

              btw, what kind of pie was the poor fella selling?



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                Gotta luv the pictures!

                The Attic_Racer Brumos Porsche is either dicing with the JTPrevia 'Vette or it's getting blue flagged (again). Nice looking track, I can hardly wait for the qualifying results.

                We could take up a collection for the pieman and his family...


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                  Boy, is it good to see those cars, wrapped in the same shopping bags as ever.

                  What carrier was used? Cost was 50.75 Euros, or 70 USD. Is the box marked "Toy Cars On Loan" or some such?

                  Thanks for the photos and descriptions, Alan. I am looking forward to getting back on wood. Now, what voltage do you use?

                  Thanks for the gallery support, Van!

                  As for the unfortunate incident at the wicket --
                  Simple Smokeio met a pieman going to the fair;
                  Said Simple Smokeio to the pieman "Let me taste your ware"
                  Said the pieman to Simple Smokeio "Show me first your penny"
                  Said Simple Smokeio to the pieman "Sir, I have not any!"

                  Simple Smokeio went a-fishing for to catch a whale;
                  All the water he had got was in his mother's pail.
                  Simple Smokeio went to look if plums grew on a thistle;
                  He pricked his fingers very much which made poor Smokeio whistle.
                  He went for water in a sieve but soon it all fell through;
                  And now poor Simple Smokeio bids you all "Adieu."


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                    Originally posted by beejay7 View Post
                    My favorite car to drive is Dennis's is fast, ultra smooth and just a great car.
                    Alan, your check is in the mail....

                    Thanks for fixing the windscreen - it was just held on with a thin line of clear watch crystal glue, so some clear epoxy might be a better bet.


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                      OK a few answers to the points raised:-

                      Van...Thanks for sorting out the photos for me....

                      Terry.....The pieman was selling "pastys"....these originated in Cornwall and contain meat and potatoes an the odd vegetable. No comment on your guesses.

                      Robert....The voltage is 13.8, (standard Scalex)....a massive 0.8 amps I believe.
                      No idea which carrier Lucio used but the carton, (the paperwork was all in Italian...., but it looks like their equivilent of the Post Office), was delivered by Parcel Force. No disclaimers or contents listing on the outside of the carton. Dave's information note was inside.

                      I will need to know who to send the cars to next.....Is it Australia?.....

                      A statement issued by the local general hospital stated the Pieman was "comfortable" and "doing as well as could be expected". Police have impounded the offending vehicle for forensic examination, but it should be released in time for tomorrows qualifying run.

                      Any more questions?..............




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                        Any more questions?
                        Mondial sez he's suffocating in that plastic bag.

                        Wants to know when he can come out and play ...

                        Little Jack Horner sat in the corner
                        Eating his Christmas pie,
                        He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum
                        And said "What a good boy am I!"


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                          All the cars have now been run and they seem to like my track!....
                          This is pure torture. Feedback, we crave feedback.

                          these originated in Cornwall and contain meat and potatoes an the odd vegetable.
                          Pot pies! Back in my collegiate days it was always macaroni and cheese, macaroni and cheese. Sometimes we splurged and bought pot pies. Boy, we were living the high life back then. Oh, I miss those days sometimes.

                          ...was delivered by Parcel Force.
                          I use parcel force when delivering for the USPS. Its really simple. When a parcel can't quite fit in the mailbox, you force it in there; parcel force.

                          Racing hasn't even started and I'm liking the UK round already.


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                            Great to hear the pieman is resting comfortably... and great to see the cars, thanks Alan for shooting and Van for posting! Can't wait to "see" the race!


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                              Exciting news and already a bit of suspense and even photos!

                              That's a sinister looking bunch of cars for such a beautiful, bucolic track.

                              Keep up the good work.



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                                Mornin' Guys.........

                                GT Qualifying will start today at 12:00 hours (GMT).

                                Track will be cleaned, and each cars tyres will be cleaned before the start of their three minute run.
                                Cars will be run in random order (as they came out the transit box).
                                I will provide feedback info on each car and I'll also provide the weight of each car as I don't think this has been published before, and I've just got a new set of electronic scales to play with.

                                Good luck to you all.....




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