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    Were Off!

    Lets get started........

    Qualifying will be held on Lane one, (inside lane) and each car will be run for three minutes, best lap to count as qualifying time.

    I'll post results after each batch of three cars have run.

    Weather conditions:-

    Light rain with thunderstorms later...(Oh good)
    Temp. 15 C (59 F), Humidity 81%, Windspeed 12 knots (SE)
    Visability - Good, Pressure 1006mb, Pollution Count - Low.



    PS Anyone up?....Feel free to jump into the thread at any time.


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      Alan, I am pretty sure the weights are included in the spreadsheet maintained by Gascarnut, along with other mechanical attributes. But a re-weigh is a good idea.

      That is a fine looking track. I like the model railway scenic vista backgrounds, and the stone walls, which look like New England (of all places!) where I live.

      I am curious if my Ferrari 512S is intact, as it finished last in Italy. It may have suffered a mechanical problem, or the magnet may have been too strong.


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        Qualfying - Batch One

        PeteN95 - Ford Capri - 3.860 sec - 88 grms

        Very good car, perhaps a little "skiddy" on the hairpin, but otherwise handled well. It deslotted a couple of times and maybe a little light on the front.

        Spirit Racer Club Members - Ferrari - 4.044 sec - 83 grms

        The youngsters have put together a good car, tyres are too square on the sidewalls for smooth cornering which makes the car hop on tight bends. the car went faster as the session proceded.

        Terry Noe - Greenwood Corvette - 3.820 - 93 grms

        I love this car!...Terry can I have it?.....Very smooth with great tyre grip. Very easy to drive.




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          Qualifying - Batch Two

          Abie 321 - Jaguar E type - 4.711 - 83grms

          Difficult car to drive consistantly fast. It runs on Ninco 7mm Classic tyres which don't really hookup on my track. Car has a high COG and hops on acceleration. Ortmans and some low down weight would help.

          Robert Livingston - Toyota - 3.828 - 87grms

          Great looking car with an excellent chassis. Very smooth and easy to drive. Everything you would expect from one of Robert' cars.

          Beejay - Ferrari - 3.988 - 123grms.

          Shame about this is way overweight and needs to loose about 40 grms. Chassis is too stiff and the engine isn't good enough.... It goes better on the outer lane...honest.




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            Qualifying - Bacth Three

            WPSoko1 - Lancia - 3.668 - 81grms

            Very fast car which today beat the old lap record, (but not the new one). Car has limited brakes and doesn't like the adverse camber on my downhill descent, but if you get it right it's superb.....A contender.

            Dr.Vanski - Porsche - 3.787 - 105grms

            Another very quick car. It does seem to have a problem with it's rear end, (if you pardon the expression), in that it hops on acceleration and tends to jump around the hairpin in a very strange manner...but it is very quick. I suspect loose rear bearings may be the problem...but what do I know......

            Phil Kalbfell - BMW M1 - 3.831 - 124grms

            A real heavyweight from Phil and very smooth. Almost impossible to deslot. Front wheels sound like they are made of wood. I'm alittle worried about the motor in this one as it started to slow down half way through the session, but picked up speed again towards the end. Perhaps it is protesting about carrying all that weight.




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              Good work Alan! Keep it coming.


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                Qualifying - Batch Four

                JT Previa - Corvette - 3.837 - 84 grms

                Fabulous looking car, which I know has run very well on other tracks.but I'm afraid it struggled for grip right from the start of the session.

                Tony Kuljis - Capri - 3.771 - 85 grms

                I couldn't get this car to hook up at all yesterday but today it went really well. It's a difficult car to drive with any consistancy as it deslots at random points and for no obvious reason, most frustrating. It seems to need additional weight and perhaps the guide height adjusted.

                Kazooracer - Porsche - 4.037 - 92grms

                This car uses the Ninco rear shock absorbers which don't work on this track, (I have an identical car), I'm afraid the car hops very badly on acceleration, jumping right out the slot at one point, and makes an awful "graunching" noise on cornering. Sorry!




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                  Big Brother

                  I hope the IT guy does not catch me on a non-business site during working hours while I watch for the results.


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                    Good thing I am the IT guy...


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                      Qualifying - Batch 5

                      RecklessRacer - Capri - 3.771 - 96 grms

                      Stunning looking car Eric....Very fast and smooth but tyres seemed to slow the car down as the session progressed making for a lot more sideways driving....Great stuff!.

                      Gascarnut - Cobra - 3.973 - 79 grms

                      Dennis really does now how to build a great car.....I don't think I've ever driven a better Cobra. Handles well, has great brakes, my only comment would be that the tyres could give more grip with perhaps a change of make....but hey I'll take it just as it is....

                      Spirit Racer - Corvette - 4.013 - 85grms.

                      This car reminds me of Michael Knight for some reason, it goes very well, better than qualfying times suggest. The problem with the car lies with the Carrera Guide fitted which is very floppy causing lots of deslots. With a decent guide this car would really fly. Great work from Austin's boy.




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                        Fabulous reporting there Beejay, great production values from Midford Combe!
                        This is way better than that forum about slots, eh?


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                          Qualfying - Batch Six

                          Smokeio - Capri - 3.546 - 77 grms

                          What can I say about this car!....It is held together with hot Glue and tape yet it smashed my lap record yesterday (together with the Pieman!), and it goes and does it again today....
                          Congratulations Mike, Fabulous car. My only comment would be that perhaps it is a little light on the front end.

                          Austin - Cobra - 4.211 - 107grms

                          Another great looking Cobra, this time complete with weathering.
                          The car could be made a lot faster if a little superglue was added to the axle to stop the lateral movement, which in turn causes the hops.

                          TR3 - Lancia - 4.021 - 113grms

                          Good looking car once again..........The car is losing out on laptimes due to the straight sidewalls on the tyres and the Orange enbell doesn't seem to be performing as it should. Either that or the Gearing may not be right?.




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                            Qualifying - Batch Seven

                            Attic Racer - Porsche - 4.256 - 96

                            This car had everything, good speed, smooth, good handling. The only thing it didn't have was grip...those Slot.its would just not hook up at all. This car will do much better in the race than in qualifying. Very solid driver.

                            Da Vols - Capri - 3.817 - 79 grms

                            Another great Capri....(I must get one!), this one also went faster in practice yesterday. Car got a little "loose" towards the end of the session.

                            Dave Kennedy - Porsche - 3.780 - 90grms

                            Very nice car.....these little Porsches are going to do very well on the ouside lane of my track, when the larger cars start struggling for grip.....It ain't over till Fatty O'Nuthin sings!. This car certainly makes the most of the NC5 fitted.

                            That's it Folks.....I'll get back to you when I've collated the times.




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                              Great coverage!

                              Intersting that the Kuljis and Reckless Capri Turbos turned precisely the same qualifying time down to the last 1/1000th of a second - 3.771 each. Just shows that the Smokeio Capri Turbo's time has to be an aberation and should be discarded as statistically irrelevant....


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                                It is held together with hot Glue and tape
                                Hey. Stop giving out my speed secrets!

                                Nice work Alan. Thanks for the drive and feedback!


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