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    Following a nice BBQ, my fiend Mike(Dark Side Wing car racer) and myself ran Segment 3 of GT

    Results as follows:-

    WPSoko1 92.8
    Smokeio 92.4
    Phil Kalbfell 92.0
    Da Vols 91.8
    JT Previa 91.6
    Tony Kuljis 90.7
    Dave Kennedy 89.3
    PeteN95 89.2
    Terry Noe 88.5
    Robert Livingston 88.0
    Dr. Vanski 87.4
    Spirit Racer Club 87.2
    Gascarnut 87.0
    RecklessRacer 85.6
    Beejay 84.8
    KazooRacer 84.4
    Spirit Racer 83.7
    Austin 83.3
    TR3 83.1
    Attic Racer 81.1
    Abie 321 70.2

    Fairly eventful racing!.....a few comments/questions:-

    Smokieo's car lost it's shell a few laps before the end of his stint which cost him this leg. Mike I'm a little worried it's not going to stand up to any sort of contact when it gets to Aus, and will just keep flying off. What do you want me to do about it?......I suggest gluing the four prongs into the retaining cups, that wouldn't upset body movement and if I use impact glue the shell can still be removed if me.

    Phil Kalbfell's BMW came to a halt in practice. On inspection one of the lead wires was severed just as it enters the guide eyelet. I had to replace the eyelet with a one. I also noticed that one or two stray strands of wire were touching, so I separated them, now your car goes much better!...So there is no problem with the motor.

    Wayne....Same problem on your lancia with the wires around the eyelets touching, Again I sorted it out and also trimmed your braids, misfire has now gone.

    JT and Pete's cars had much better grip this evening, Reckless and Vanski didn't.....

    Incidently I did notice, tonight under lights, that my track is developing a very nice "sheen" what do you think that could be.......


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      Sector 4 Results, we have a winner

      First an apology.

      There is an error in the Sector two results, inadvertently published the results for the 5 minute split time instead of the final total. This has now been corrected.

      Sector 4 results:-

      Smokeio Capri 89.7
      Phil Kalbfell BMW 88.8
      WPSoko1 Lancia 88.7
      Da Vols Capri 88.1
      Tony Kuljis Capri 86.6
      Terry Noe Corvette 86.0
      Spirit Racer Club Ferrari 85.9
      PeteN95 Capri 85.8
      JT Previa Corvette 85.3
      Dr. Vanski Porsche 84.9
      Dave Kennedy Porsche 84.8
      RecklessRacer Capri 84.7
      Robert Livingston Toyota 84.2
      Gascarnut Cobra 84.0
      KazooRacer Porsche 83.0
      Beejay Ferrari 82.7
      Spirit Racer Corvette 81.7
      TR3 Lancia 80.7
      Austin Cobra 77.4
      Attic Racer Porsche 76.3
      Abie 321 Jaguar 64.7

      Ok this completes the GT Race and here are the final results:-

      1) Smokeio Capri 366.8
      2) Da Vols Capri 361.2
      3) WPSoko1 Lancia 359.3
      4) Phil Kalbfell BMW 356.6
      5) Tony Kuljis Capri 355.5
      6) JT Previa Corvette 354.9
      7) Dave Kennedy Porsche 353.3
      8) Dr. Vanski Porsche 351.6
      9) Terry Noe Corvette 350.4
      10) RecklessRacer Capri 348.3
      11) PeteN95 Capri 347.9
      12) Robert Livingston Toyota 345.7
      13) Spirit Racer Club Ferrari 344.5
      14) KazooRacer Porsche 337.6
      15) Gascarnut Cobra 336.8
      16) Beejay Ferrari 334.7
      17) Spirit Racer Corvette 334.3
      18) TR3 Lancia 324.8
      19) Austin Cobra 320.6
      20) Attic Racer Porsche 312.8
      21) Abie 321 Jaguar 260.8

      Congratulations to all of you....................It's been a priviledge.

      Now onto Prototype....


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        Thanks for the drive Alan. Great job!


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          Very well done, Alan, my good man! And quite timely as well, almost startled me after recent progress in this series!?


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            Yeah, it sure makes a difference when the Track Host has a horse in the race, and solid involvement with cyber-proxy racing, I'm thinking!

            A singular effort by BeeJay though without a doubt, on a beautifully landscaped circuit - not a towel in sight, even though he lives in Bath. Y'know, I thought that was quite clever.
            Gotta admit, I'm hyped more than ever now for the P-types - time for even further Wet Coast advancement.


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              Great race, Alan, looking forward to P class. Congratulations to the winners!


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                Thanks for the fast race and reports and congratulations to the winners too!



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                  I'll take a podium any time! Thanks Alan and thanks to your mates. Congrats to Mike and Bruce and all. This race was a pleasure to follow. On to LMP!


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                    Alan thanks for a timely and well reported round of the GPR GT cars. No doubt P class will be as efficient and fun to read. Congratulations to all participants.


                    • What's that line from a Neil Diamond song..."Done too soon"...excellent job on both reporting and driving, Alan

                      Congratulations Mike for a fine win.

                      Having Fun - Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Fluffs & Garfield


                      Last edited by Da Vols; 06-04-2007, 07:04 AM.


                      • Qualifying - Prototype

                        OK Gentlemen............Here we go again.....(I would say start your engines, but that sounds a bit too NASCAR for me)....See Bruce I'm getting all the Lingo now!.

                        Same format as GT....i.e 3 min Qualifying run, 4 six minute heats.

                        Weather conditions warm, (well 70F...), I warn you the track is slippery.....Bloody silicones.

                        I'll publish qualifying data as per GT if that's ok...

                        Let's Race.....(Superglue is at the ready Paul).




                        • See Bruce I'm getting all the Lingo now!.
                          Alan - Now all you have to add is: "Boogity...Boogity...Boogity...Let's Go Racin' Boys"

                          Having Fun - Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Fluffs & Garfield



                          • What's that line from a Billy Joel song..."Done too soon"...
                            I thought that was Neil Diamond?

                            I'll publish qualifying data as per GT if that's ok...
                            S'alright ... BeeJay we are tuned in to Bath!


                            • Cumulative totals for GT

                              Here are the cumulative distance totals for GT after Beejay's excellent round:

                              Name/Total distance/Position

                              Tony Kuljis/40923.374/4
                              Phil Kalbfell/40789.902/5
                              Reckless Rcr/40379.462/6
                              R. Livingston/40339.758/7
                              Dave K/40261.686/8
                              Dr Vanski/40106.082/9
                              Terry Noe/39859.19/10
                              Pete N95/39253.81/11
                              Spirit R Club/39147.572/12
                              Da Vols/38125.32/15
                              Spirit Racer/36831.954/16
                              Attic Racer/36437.868/18
                              TR 3/33826.546/20
                              abie 321/30230.056/21


                              • Oh Dear!

                                Before we get started, I'm afraid I have to withdraw my car from Prototype.

                                During qualifying the gears started to make a terrible noise and after stripping down the rear end I found this:-

                                It would appear that these chassis are not really up to prolonged running!....The bearing was fine, it was just the surround that had worn away. No way to repair it, (the one the other side is going the same way), I'm afraid the chassis is a scrapper..........I'm gutted but anyhow....the race must boggity on.........




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