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  • Qualifying - Batch One

    Spirit Racer - Porsche - 4.037 - 94 grms

    The car has a nice older style TSRF chassis, with the peg guide. It handles very well but if you push it too hard it will spin out and the braids lose contact with track tape. Tyre traction was pretty good, but the main problem was lack of available amps at my track.

    Dr.Vanski - Porsche - 3.758 - 102 grms

    Very smooth and very quick....Excellent grip from the tyres at the start of the session, but became looser towards the end. Very easy to to do consistant fast laps.....Possibly a little light at the front...but what do I know...

    Nick 49 - Ferrari - 3.798 - 75grms

    A Brit car....Great repaint from Nick and superb work on the chassis. The car is a great performer and I'll be carrying out the Mods Nick has done on my own P3. This car has almost standard components but it has superb grip on my track, it possibly could have taken FTD but it didn't like the "Esses" section of the track, so I had to slow down to prevent deslotting.

    Terry Noe - Porsche - 3.938 - 81

    Another very smooth and well put together car from Terry. It's only problem is lack of grip from the tyres. Capable of consistant high speed laps, but if you push it just a little too far you lose the back end.




    • Alan, that's sure bad luck with your breakdown - but hey, take time to try and fix it even if only a bandaid solution to get it through this GPR round! Throw another chassis under it, even? You can always fix it properly then airmail the beast to Oz after the other cars have left!
      Looking forward to Batch Deux ...


      • Batch two

        Big Dog - Ferrari - 3.808 - 79grms

        This car is a monster to drive!......It's either flat out or stop....Not my preferred style of driving, but it does make for a good challenge...
        Very smooth drive train and a very well balanced car, (it needs to be!). Very good grip up to a point and then it will let go suddenly....a bit like a magnet car.
        I need more practice with this one.

        Austin - Chaparral - 4.161 - 84grms

        Good Solid car, very consistant handling with fair grip from the tyres when clean, but goes off when dirty. Possibly needs a little more weight?.

        Triggerhappy - Porsche - 4.039 - 112grms

        Lovely looking Porsche with TSRF chassis complete with later style pin guide. good grip from the tyres and handles very well. I'm afraid the motor suffers from lack of available amps powering my track.

        Tony Kuljis - Porsche - 3.749 - 97

        Very rapid little Porker!.....Handling is superb and tyre grip is excellent. Easy car to drive at a good pace, slight problem with car "digging" it's guide into slot in the "Esses" section, (similar to Nick 95's car).




        • Batch - Three

          Kazooracer - Chevron - 4.102 - 81

          The car tends to hop on the sharper corners on the track and also under acceleration at the start of the main straight. Possibly a little light on the front, but a nice drive that was getting faster towards the end of the qualifying run.

          Abie 321 - Ferrari - 4.093 - 121

          A heavy car and the car looks really big.....Is it a Racer shell?. Superb handling with excellent grip levels. It's weight might count against it or maybe not...I enjoyed driving this car.

          Da Vols - Chevron - 4.159 - 90

          This car had a tendency to deslot on the downhill section of the track, slowing down it's overall lap time. Tyres have good grip.

          WCR - Porsche - 4.015 - 88

          Nice handling car with good grip levels from the tyres when clean, grip does drop off as the tyres "dirty up". I'm sure the straight sidewalls on the tyres don't help. Smooth car and fun to drive.




          • Thanks for the solid GT run Alan. That midfield is looking pretty bunched up. Congrats to the winners! Looks like Bruce is making a bit of a comeback. Nice run with the 936.


            • Batch Four

              Gascarnut - Lola - 3.774 - 101

              Superb shell and magnificent chassis. Great offering from Dennis.
              Ultra Smooth drivetrain with fantastic grip, I think the only think keeping this car from going even faster is the level of amps available at the track. I know my car with a similar motor thrives on amps.

              Reckless Racer - Porsche - 3.761 - 90

              Another very nice little Targa Porsche. Great Handling and excellent grip from the tyres.

              BigDsonic - Porsche - 4.349 - 71

              Great original chassis that has tremendous potential. Too much body roll at the moment to get decent lap times. I tried an experiment with this car, by placing two Ninco classic tyres in the chassis to restrict chassis movement.....the car then recorded lap times in the 3.9's!....Please keep developing this chassis.

              Bluetoes 591 - Porsche - 4.056 - 108

              Beautiful car, really nicely finished. Excellent original chassis.
              Car has limited braking and grip faded badly towards the end of qualifying.




              • Batch Five

                Robert Livingston - Ferrari - 3.746 - 82grms

                My, my, my what an excellent slot car!....excellent grip and handling and just got faster as the qualifying session proceded..Superb

                PeteN95 - Ferrari - 3.826 - 99

                Superb car, very smooth and easy to drive. The NSR tyres were impressive and held their grip levels well. Another Racer shell?

                Phil Kabfell - Ferrari - 3.928 - 161 grms

                What a heavyweight...161grms....but it's another great car from Phil. It runs like a train, (sounds like one as well with those deafening front wheels!), almost impossible to deslot. Not the fastest car in this Group but it will be in with a shout at the end of racing..




                • Qualifying Data

                  Well that completes the Photo call, here are the results tabulated:-

                  Robert Livingston Ferrari 3.746
                  Tony Kuljis Porsche 3.749
                  Dr. Vanski Porsche 3.758
                  Reckless Racer Porsche 3.761
                  Gascarnut Lola 3.774
                  Nick 49 Ferrari 3.798
                  Big Dog Ferrari 3.808
                  PeteN95 Ferrari 3.826
                  Phil Kalbfell Ferrari 3.928
                  Terry Noe Porsche 3.938
                  Wet Coast Racer Porsche 4.015
                  Spirit Racer Porsche 4.037
                  Triggerhappy Porsche 4.039
                  Bluetoes 591 Porsche 4.056
                  Abie321 Ferrari 4.093
                  Kazooracer Chevron 4.102
                  Da Vols Chevron 4.159
                  Austin Chaparral 4.161
                  Big D Sonic Porsche 4.349




                  • Great coverage Alan! it's so cool to see the cars and get the individual comments - very helpful to all of us!


                    • Well Wet What Happend ? Go Club FW Great race reports Alan


                      • Oh, Mondial was out at the pub again until late last night, so his throttle control was off a bit during qualifying. No doubt he'll do better in the race, yeah?


                        • Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
                          Oh, Mondial was out at the pub again until late last night, so his throttle control was off a bit during qualifying. No doubt he'll do better in the race, yeah?
                          The truth is, Mondial was so out of it he had to get his cousin Dunn to do the driving, and we all know what happens when Dunn O'Nuttin gets behind the wheel...... like the streets of LA every day.
                          Last edited by gascarnut; 06-04-2007, 01:45 PM.


                          • It's been a while since I saw the top of the list. Thanks Alan!

                            Ortmann tires from TSRF provide good grip here, with a little extra width and diameter, compared to Ortmanns "for Fly Classics."

                            Looks like my car survived Trieste.

                            Just a few thousandths of a second separating the cars at the top, so let's go!!!


                            • I thought maybe Mondial had let his other cousin, Goodf, drive?

                              Very well done, Alan, really enjoying your reports! It seems a Ferrari has pipped the 3 Pooches this time, but just barely. And there are 4 more Ferraris close behind. Go Club Fantasy World!!!


                              • P class

                                Nice job Alan. No big surprises with my 917k but I'm learning.



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