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    Well it's been nice visiting your sunny shores (and hearty congrats to the lads at the top) ... thanks for an interesting round at Six Pines, Hoffy!


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      Great job, guys, what happened to my Ferrari?! Fell 6 spots and got beat by Austin's Chappy which was 7 tenths slower per lap?!?


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        Reports from Adelaide

        Morning all,

        Well, what an interesting nights racing we had. We managed to do 40 3 minute heats of racing with a Pizza break in aprox 4 hours.

        OK, time for a bit of a postmortem. Lets start with the mechanical issues from the night:
        • Peten95 - Prototype Ferrari - At one stage the guide jammed up. Not exactly sure why, because it unjammed pretty easily, but this did cause a secondary issue. It appears that the loose strands of wiring in the guide eyelets decided to meet. This caused a short. Repairs were done during the heat effected.
        • BeeJay - Prototype Ferrari - Crown Stripped. This one was a bit weird. There was pretty much no warning. One lap it was going exactly like it was before. The next lap the crown was stripped. Lenny has the cars at the moment (before shipping) & will make contact to those in the know to determine the best course of action
        • Smokieo - GT Capri - The body popped off a couple times in the heat of racing & one of the front tyres rolled. Was a bit of a shame, because this was the second fastest car (in my hands at least) when it came to race conditions.
        • Abie 321 - GT Jaguar - Lost a rear wheel. We attempted to re-attach the wheel, but it parted company again. There really isn't much in the way of usable hub left.
        Onto the cars, firstly the prototypes.
        • The clear standouts of the field were Robert Livingston, Reckless Racer & Big Dog, with the big surprise being Tony K.
        • In practice & qualifying, Tony's car was chattering all over the shop & quite hard to get the power down smoothly. Come race day & as the track Gripped up some more it faired much much better.
        • This was the first time that many had seen a TSRF chassis & the first time (or the case in some of the drivers, the first time in 30 years) that many had driven a car with a pin & not a guide. Trigger Happy's car was probably a bit of a handful for most to start off with, but once the guys got use to being a bit more smoother, it was certainly a reasonably nice car to drive
        • Most were quite impressed with the work on Gascarnuts Lola. BUT it was agreed that the lack of suitable bearings in the rear end (you could see it effecting the mesh) didn't help its performance
        • There were 2 cars that were described as a handful. Dr Vanski's Porsche & BeeJays Ferrari. Once the Vanski Porsche hit the track, people were scrambling for different controllers....& the same thing for BeeJays Ferrari. You could have just about used a 7 ohm on our track with BeeJays car.
        • The most interesting car of the night (& the series?) is BigDsonics Porsche. That my slot car friends is definately a different approach (its funny, that was the first car I eyes just about popped when I saw what was underneath). On my track, the thing was lifting wheels left right & center. If there was a bit of torsion to prevent the pivot by moving so much, this car would have been a rocket
        • Finally, all the silicone cars..I have to lump them all together because the performance from this group was similar. Like I said a few days ago, think Top fueller on an ice rink. We tried to help them out, but they simply do not work on the type of surface that we have used. I tried the swiffer rags on the track, but all that seemed to do was rip the crap out of the rag & cause a big lint problem, with no real gain. I think it has a lot to do with the texture of the track. I think rubber (or urethane) tyres "Key up" to the track, where's silicones just slide accross the top.
        OK, the GT's
        • The GT's just loved my track. The cars were a lot more consistent & as you will see by the times, quite a bit quicker. Like Robert said, kinda like LeMans in the mid 70's!! The clear standout for me was Wayne's Lancia. That thing was as smooth as silk & just hung on like you wouldn't believe. That car would go down close to being one of the best cars that I have ever driven (well, certainly in the same league as Phil K's DUPRS McLaren). The fastest lap was done by me on Green, being the 4.703. This kind of pace on the green lane (known to be the slowest on the track) is very much unheard of!!
        • Not saying that there were no other stand out cars. JT's Corvette is a work of art & a pleasure to drive as well. Vanski's Porsche the same. Really any of the cars in the top ten were worthy of praise. Interesting to note, that once the GT's were on, the track was improved substantially. Those cars with a bit more omph could use it & this made the big difference
        • I have to make one admission, though & that is I have become a bit of a Smokieo fan. This is the second time that I have raced one of his cars on my track..& seems to build them just about perfect. If it wasn't for the body & rolled tyre I think it may have been a top 3 finish
        • Phil K's BMW was like driving a brick. Even though my track is only 55 feet, it still is a bit of a power track. Phil's car was slow in a straight line & had lots of run on under brakes. The good thing about this one though, is that it just doesn't de-slot. We did get the times down compared to qualifying, but it was just lacking punch
        • everyone knew when Kazoo Racers car was on the track. As you released the trigger on the controller in the braking zone it made the all familiar brrrrtttttt sound as it bounced & rebounded of the suspension. The ideal way to race it in the end was to turn the brakes right down or (in my case) if you didn't have adjustable brakes, hit the brakes & ever so slightly onto the power very quickly
        • Again, as above, the silicones were simply outclassed here. One comment I will make, Attick, does your car really have silicones as per the entry list? If they were, these were the only silicones that seemed to work.
        OK, I am going to post some fastest lap reports shortly


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          Fastest Laps

          Howdy all,

          Below are the fastest lap times for all cars on all lanes.

          Finally, thanks to the organisors (or should I say thanks to the Queenslanders for pulling their rounds) for letting me run a race of the GPR on my track. As per always, these are highlight slot car nights for me & last night was no exception. I also think that the members of the South City Raceways would agree that it was indeed a fun night (if a tad long)

          Cheers & now let the bragging begin


          PS, sorry, I think it was asked above. The timing software that we use is Slot Race Manager (SRM 2.3)


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            Hoffy, that is one of the best Proxy Race (and postmortem) reports I have ever read!

            Many, many thanks to you lads for all your efforts. The GPR hasn't been the smoothest running series, and between all of you down there you have given all of the entrants a huge boost.

            Hell of a job fellas. First rate.


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              Thanks for the podium drive Hoffy, great report and feedback from Adelaide!

              congrats to all the other Jeeper's too, exciting round!


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                Well great job to the boys "Down Under" Looks like I did it again Go Club FW


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                  Hoffy, what can I say? To sign on and see a win was a thrill but the comments about my car....well, now I know how Smokey feels most races. Your post race comments are a model for all future proxy events. Thanks to you and the crew Down Under for a great race and congrats to all the podium finishers. Well Done.


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                    Great report (and thank you for the second place drive!)! I must agree with the others who've noted what a professional job you and your group did with this round of the race.

                    Way to go GTs, showing the P class how its done! (Love Hoffy's photo of the P-class podium cars though, and congrats to RL on his (first?) win in the series.)

                    Things are tightening up at the top of the GT overall! I'm sure glad my projection of performance based on the last race was WAAAY off, but did first place have to go to the Nutmegger in second place in the GT overall? Hey Wayne, congrats on the win and Hoffy's praise of your Lancia:

                    That thing was as smooth as silk & just hung on like you wouldn't believe. That car would go down close to being one of the best cars that I have ever driven
                    Cardboard will do that to a car........




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                      I was just looking at how slim my GT overal lead was, and guess what - I don't thinks it's a lead anymore! (Maybe Dennis can get creative with his spreadsheet... )

                      Hoffy's track:

                      Average lap length - 16.8 metres or 55.118 feet
                      My former lead on you was around 55 feet!

                      You won this round by 1.2 laps!

                      So, I think you're 10 feet ahead!




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                        Thanks JT. I'm in some pretty good company no matter what the score eh?
                        I think we both got a little lucky with Mike's body and wheel problems and RL had fast lap a couple of times I think. Whew!


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                          Excellent feedback Hoffy! Thanks for the awesome run with my 911. I'm sorry my 936 is such a handful. At least it was tied for fastest lap so I know you guys were pushing!

                          Your crew really put on an entertaining show here for us.




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                            Hey Hoffy, I'm not sure why the notes on my car indicate silicon tires. I listed on my entry form they were locally made urethanes.

                            Thanks to the Adelaide crew for getting my little Porsche its highest finish. Fifteenth is a move up for me. Hooray!



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                              Thanks for the kind words Hoffy and congrats to all!


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                                Hoffy, first of all thanks to you and your fellow racers for hosting one of the best GPR rounds so far.

                                Enjoyed reading the feedback on my car. This is my first scratchbuilt for running on non-mag tracks. My big boo-boo of gluing in the magnet before doing any non-mag testing has really caught me out performance wise on the non-mag tracks.

                                I am really surprised the car got a top ten finish on a non-mag track, I will put that down to some really great driving by the racers. Once again Thank You!!!



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