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    Originally posted by attic_racer View Post
    Hey Hoffy, I'm not sure why the notes on my car indicate silicon tires. I listed on my entry form they were locally made urethanes.

    Thanks to the Adelaide crew for getting my little Porsche its highest finish. Fifteenth is a move up for me. Hooray!

    If you have a look at the spreadsheet that is the attachment on the official entry list thread it states Silicone. Thats where I got my information from



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      I know, I know, I did that. I found out later they were home-cast, but not what they were made of. The info never caught up with the spreadsheet. So, Dennis, please change the next issue of the spreadsheet to "Ur" for Attic Racer's tires.

      I PM'd the shipping info.

      Great race, I really appreciate the way you have done this. Many thanks.


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        In case anyone is wondering, the cars are coming back to me, so the Shoreliners can run them on Bart's track and on Steve's Area 51 track. After that, we are done!

        I will be looking over the cars when I get them, and will be making a status report.


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          Howdy Guys
          Just a quick message to say that the global cars are all packed up and in the post on their way back to Robert.
          cheers Alan


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            You have had a busy Monday morning, Alan! That's a whole lotta cars you just sent back around to points on the planet.

            I'll be looking forward to the last two events. Got a lot of catching up to do. May the downforce be with me. Robert, you do remember how to use Mongo Pads now don't you?


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              Congrats to all - looks like some of the mighty took a bit of a fall down under...

              And the GT cars seem to have worked a whole lot better than the overpowered P cars. Even my narrow little Cobra ran more laps than my Lola T70. Just hope the gears hold out on that Lola. Next time, proper bushings not just a piece of tubing!

              Well done to the boys in Adelaide for a good event, well run and nicely reported, cool photo's too!

              Cumulative results will be up on the results thread momentarily.

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                Well done

                Well done to all the guys in Adelaide it must have been another long night! I know and we did did not stop for Pizza! Thanks for the report,no great surprise after driving the cars here. Well done to all.

                Thought the motor in the BMW was getting tired in the last bracket down here! Too bad,i intend to repower it for our Gt series.

                Thanks to Lenny for sending it back home to me. Please note that will now be both my cars returning home!



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                  How's the water in Adelaide this week? Still looks like flat beer when you turn on your kitchen tap?



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                    You could probably export it at an exotic price with the right marketing ...

                    ... but I'm not convinced that Adelaide is in Tasmania.

                    Don't you lads ever take geography classes in school?


                    • Hi Paul SR
                      are we talking about flat Tooheys new here?
                      by the way hows the Cryptosporidium levels in Sydney water this year? if you have any with the drought that is.


                      • Mate, I have to concede. Anyone who knows how to spell crypto is a better man than me.


                        • Word from my local post office that a package from Australia is here . . .


                          • Yes! Good news.


                            • Yes, here they are. New thread started.


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