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GPR - lets have patience

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  • GPR - lets have patience


    As we get further and further into the GPR, lets all have some patience when waiting for the next race, or the cars to be sent or arrive - or for whatever reason.

    I have noticed that some of the WORST bad blood generated on forums is via proxy races and the competitors impatience surrounding these races.

    I remember the severe bad blood generated a few years ago by the F1 proxy, and led - ONLY in my humble opinion to one of the most knowledgeable and venerated people in slot cars short history, to stop coming onto all 3 forums.

    For me - when I sent the cars into the race - in my mind i accepted they might not getback to me, or there could be delays.

    A lot of clubs think that proxies are a crock of ****, and we have to respect that, and they will not change their raceformats or timetable for a single race that in the end will bring virtually no $ into the bank , and in effect stop racers who pay and keep their doors open, ...

    So - lets keep it easy and accept that hiccoughs will occur.....

    Please note - there are NO digs at anyone here, more a plea as a result of discussions I have been having ,around the bad blood point, with a Mod on another board....

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    Well said.
    I can wait for my win ...


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      Well, since it'll be near a decade before my Capri or Chevron become CPR "eligible"...I got the time

      A slight aside to perhaps have an interesting fill during the lull in the action...

      What do you think a slot car will be 10 years from now...

      Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet


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        The GPR and all proxies function under the control of the track hosts. These guys usually do the best they can to get the cars run in a timely way.

        Bad bld? Wht's that?