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GPR Down Under Tassie Round

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    Wet it is pretty layed back down here. I work in the City but live 20 klms north east at Old Beach where the Shelmore track is located.



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      Shipment arrived.

      The cars are here in my office. The box looks a bit USED just hope all the cars are O/K when I get them unpacked tonight.



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        Originally posted by Phil Kalbfell View Post
        The cars are here in my office. The box looks a bit USED just hope all the cars are O/K when I get them unpacked tonight.

        Hey Phil,

        Glad to hear the cars have arrived.

        The box is the one I received the cars in, and was looking a bit battered when I got it after it came across from the UK. I unfortunately didn't have anything to re-pack them in. There's a whole heap of aircell packaging inside it, I even added more to what was there to add more protection. There is aircell packaging on the bottom, sides, and top, that should have in theory protected the cars.

        The only cars that left here with any damage were the ones that I received which were damaged, which were gascarnut's one which the windscreen had come off on, and your one which the driver had lost his head on (inside the box), as I did not get around to repairing them before sending them off.

        Anyway, hope everything made it down safely.

        -- Cyph


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          When the cars left East New York, I packed Phil's heavy Ferrari 612 in its own small cardboard box, while the other cars were wrapped in plastic bags. I used the box Phil seht with the car, which had a vacuum formed sheet inside with depressions or sockets for all four wheels.

          Sounds like the outer box has reached the end of its days.


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            I was looking at the box and thinking about packing the two class's into seperate boxes,don't think the cost will be much different.



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              So, are you going to post any pictures of the box?


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                Originally posted by Cyph View Post
                and your one which the driver had lost his head

                Too much brass and solder will do that.........


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                  Hello Phil! How are things going? When do you anticipate running the race?



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                    Gpr 2007

                    Any new news or track host changes for this series?

                    Last I knew:

                    As I said we expect to run our round on September 8 if Phil runs his race on the later date - the 29th if he runs it on the 22 we will bring our race forward a week. We are trying to give you another race in light of the 4 or 5 cancellations you have had so far and then get them shipped off to you in as timely a manner as possible.

                    Cheers Alan
                    The race still on for the 29th or ????

                    Forgive my impatience. We've had only two GPR races in the last 6 months ( since Feb. 2007) and I'm ready for more GPR action.



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                      Ya me Too


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                        I don't want to lose my Martini sponsorship!


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                          Heck, I'm okay with the delays...figure by the time I get my Capri & Chevron back they'll be legal to enter in the CPR

                          Just joking...just an excellent idea gone awry.

                          After the races Down Under do they return to the "States" or go onto Hoboken...

                          Just Having Fun - Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Kali


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                            We have had two bust weeks with the DUPR and checking the GPR cars, club racing and finishing some Group A sedans for our next series. But two of us did get a chance to qualify the GT cars today.

                            Several of the cars really struggled for grip. The cars fitted with Ortmans are a real mixed bunch. A few have plenty of grip but some like BeeJays are almost impossible to drive. It is like the Ortmans are two different compounds. I will also check the cars again as at least two had the gears touching the track in one stop. They will need new tyres before Adelaide.

                            We are still planning to race the GT's on the 29th all being well. Several of the guys thought they were playing dangerous asking for move leave passes 3 weeks in a row! So we hope to qualify the Prototypes this Wednesday.



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                              They've been ruined Phil by running with the silicone boyos....




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                                Thanks Phil! Great to see some times there.... still just ahead of "that other Porsche" heheheeee!