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    In motion...GPR 2007

    Thanks for the update, Phil. I realize its just qualifying but what a shake-up. Heck of a good "Q" time for TR3.

    We have had two bust weeks
    That usually happens to me for one week at Sturgis. Two weeks? Lucky you.



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      Thanks Phil!

      Looks like I joined the ice skaters . . .


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        Makes you think ...

        Top five are on NSR, Ortmanns, Ortmanns, NSR, SuperTires.

        All of the top three are powered by ... the good old 23k black can.


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          Cool! Thanks! WTG DK. Looking forward to P times and race day!


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            Hmmmmmmm...did someone put those Fly tires back on my Capri well, it's good to see a shake-up in the qualifying.

            Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Kali


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              Great Q run Phil. It's an honor to run second to a local lad. The latest RAA LMP RAAce has certainly taught me a lesson with regards to Q times vs the race so there will be no crowing from this Dawg but....when do I get my T-Shirt Mike?


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                Originally posted by Phil Kalbfell View Post
                The 5.3 Slot It time is the record,average times are up around the 5.5/5.6 for most Slot Its. Fly cars with weight,18,000motors and good tyres are up around the 5.9's.
                Phil, how come your local cars run so quick but the DUPS and the GPR cars struggle to get anywhere near 6 seconds? That's a big difference. I know you managed to get my DUPS car down to 5.8 with your tyres (5.9 with it's original MJK's) but during the race it's best was 6.2 and most lanes it ran 6.4. Is the Tassie weather so cold that you get great times in Summer but half a second slower in Winter?

                Any chance of getting a photo of the chassis of one of the quick Slot-Its or would that be giving away too many secrets? And can you tell us how heavy they are? What tyres they run? What motor? What are you wearing? Oops, sorry, that's another forum.......




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                  Cold weather = lousy lap times...

                  Originally posted by Sports Racer
                  "... Is the Tassie weather so cold that you get great times in Summer but half a second slower in Winter? ..."
                  Well Paul, all I can say is that here at the Warehouse lap times are awfully higher in the Winter! This is our first time racing in the cold and we're having a big surprise with track conditions - if you can consider 8ºC cold.

                  Making a long story short, we're giving up to 1.5 sec (or more!) to our normal lap times!!! Okay, granted, it's not a small layout (39,49m/129.5'), but even though, we never imagined that it would be that slower in the cold! And guess what: it goes for both P3s and Ortmanns. The cars have very little grip and insist on dancing around the track, like some wild ballerinas - after a very long time with no chassis breakage, we had 3 break this racing weekend...

                  Just some info from another "down under" and beautiful land...

                  Thanx to all Aussies getting things done in GPR!



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                    Sorry guys the round set to run tonight has been delayed for one week,the GT cars will run next week.

                    Sports: The qualifying times were done by me,home track advantage! But I did not run the DUPR cars as I thought it was unfare to race my own car when the results were so close. There are no secrets with our Slot Its just loose motor pod,glued and trued P2 or P3's 25,000 Slot Its, standard gearing and weight around 115 to 120 grams. Tyres seem to be the answer down here and gettinga good balance with the power. I have noiticed that the some of the cars do not have the tyres glued on,this causes problems under acceleration out of the slow corners.
                    I also think that most of the race drivers tend to be a little careful with other peoples cars so the times are a bit slower during the race.



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                      Hi Phil,

                      I'm looking forward to some racing and further qualifying Way Down Under. You guys sure like your cars heavy!



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                        Hello Phil thanks for the update, we appreciate it....and as Van said...those are some heavy cars!


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                          OK boys so lets put The Hammer Down and go racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            I think Phil's car IS the hammer.


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                              Sledge, even?


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                                Prototype qualifying

                                Even thought the GT race was postponed we did manage to get the prototypes qualified!

                                The times are certainly not what I expected. I did not think and race the cars in random order and a couple of the cars struggled for grip as they followed the silicon shod cars!



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