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GPR Down Under Tassie Round

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    Don't forget the Adelaide round will be on the dreaded ferrodore and you know how much you love that stuff.
    Made me laugh, it sure wasn't good for my DUPR car on P3s! But the whole Down Under series was a great experience, and all of us who participated learned a whole lot about rubber and urethane tires. Oh, and Australians, too.

    Has anybody ever run SuperTires on Ferador, or any silicone for that matter? Have you ever considered routing a slot into the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

    For participants in the Global Proxy, it has been a bit of a slow year in some ways, though our hosts have done a great job in Connecticut, Iowa, Italy, and the UK once they got their hands on the beasties. I swear BeeJay never moved so fast in his life; certainly not on the race track.

    So it's worth bearing in mind that these southern hemispherics (and we all know which side of the brain they work from) have had their share of difficulties, along with massive slot car volumes recently. I really applaud Phil and his cohorts for making such a huge effort in taking on this GPR round on top of everything else. Hang on, I have a thingy for that, too:

    Lenny, good to have you back in the action mate.


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      we intend to try and run both races tonight!!
      What does "tonight" mean in the ANZAC world: today, yesterday, tomorrow... (I get confused by this International Date Line stuff. )

      Thanks and good racing,



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        By my reckoning, they just finished lunch.


        Unless they live in Perth in which case it doesn't really matter.

        Hope this helps eh?


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          Tonight meant last night!

          After a very long night running 41 cars the Tassie Round of the GPR is now completed.

          Now for a couple of small repairs and then on to Adelaide. Abie Jag needs one rear wheel glued back on! Others are only a couple of mirrors and one exhaust.

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            What the heck is in the water down there! And stop feeding it to Paul's car, he beat me by .4 of a lap! Wow! Thanks for the great race and congrats to Phil, Tony and Robert.
            British Columbia comes up with a 4, 5, 6 finish. Way to go guys!


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              Well well well how about that? Thanks for the post, and all the results.

              I have to confess, it's the LMP cars that I'm tracking in this particular proxy (cause I don't have no horse in the other part of the race) so hearty congrats to:

              Phil (You guys down under may think you're ahead, but actually that just means you'll die sooner than the rest of us!)

              Tony (You may be new to this proxy thing but geez you're worrying the rest of us here, and with a Fly chassis under your car you rascal!)

              Robert (Cause heck you deserve it, particularly in this series. One of these days you might even win something my friend!)

              And being as I'm your Friendly Canadian Super Moderator, you'll all appreciate that honourable mention must go to these fellas, even if they don't get a cup or champagne or anything; we'll just have to settle for the pit babes ...

              Moi (hey, I can be humble, almost ... )

              Milo (you deserve it my friend ...)

              Eric (you too eh and great job of completing this part of the grid - now we have them all seriously worried ... )
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                Well Done Phil....Nice job you and the guys are doing.....

                I see my Prototype performed well above expectations...but Oh!..the shame of letting "Won't win Nuttin' beat me..(in fact the whole field beat me...), is this "pay back time" because I broke the motor lead wires on your car during my round of the GPR?....

                Look forward to seeing how far behind the rest of the field I can finish at Lennie's Round...

                Don't you just love Proxy Racing.........

                PS I'll email to fix up a date to meet in Tassie for coffee or somthing.


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                  What a pleasant surprise! I had no idea my Ferrari 512S would do so well running upside down. Ortmann tires, in a light car, seem to work OK. I wish I could say the same for the Toyota in GT. The Toyota was more tail happy on my own track (and many other tracks), so maybe that is the problem. I think the weight bias is too far to the rear.

                  Thanks for the race, you guys, and congrats to Phil, who won by a very large margin, and Tony, who won by a smaller margin. Amazing what a heavy car can do. Now we need to go wake up Dennis . . .


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                    I'm glad today meant last night.

                    Thanks and congrats to Phil, (and the other podiums placers) those lead sleds are certainly in their element.

                    Some close racing in the large mid-pack in each class too.




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                      Phil put one heck of a gap between first and second in both classes. Nice job. How about that Vols character? He's right there running with the big dogs. Must be a good set of tires on that car.

                      Now we have GPR momentum again. Lets keep it rolling, boys.



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                        Excellent! Thanks Phil! Here's looking forward to the next race!


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                          Congrats to Phil and his team for getting through all these cars in a single evening - that must have been a marathon session.

                          Good racing and a nice shake-up in the top positions!

                          Horses for courses, or cars for drivers? Looks like all the locals know how to drive the heavy stuff!

                          11 cars went faster in the racing than their qualifying times, so congrats to the drivers for running them hard and fast!

                          Cumulative results will be up in the Results thread momentarily..



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                            Great race Phil!


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                              Great racing...congratulations to all those standing on the podiums

                              Seems like my pair had a reversal of fortunes from qualifying

                              Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Kali

                              The Forums Cup - proxy racing the way it ought to be...


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                                Rats! Faster than Smoke in 3 of 4 lanes and still ate fumes. Great race Phil and all your highly skilled drivers. Congrats to the LMPodium guys too. As they say at the barber shop..."Next"