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  • Originally posted by Robert Livingston View Post
    Shoot for 12 minutes per car, if you can. 3 to 4 minute heats in each lane. Or thereabouts.
    OK, Thanks. Racing starts at 5:30.


    • GPR-LMP Race Results
      Wayne's World Raceway
      52' Scaley Sport

      Name Q Pos Race Pos Laps
      Triggerhappy 2 1 182.8
      Spiritracer 1 2 176.4
      R Livingston 16 3 175.9
      Austin 10 4 170.7
      Gascarnut 9 5 167.3
      Big Dog 5 6 166.1
      Wet Coast 3 7 165.0
      Tony K. 15 8 163.6
      Big D Sonic 7 9 162.8
      PeteN95 4 10 161.7
      Dr Vanski 11 11 160.6
      Davols 14 12 159.1
      Bluetoes 8 13 158.4
      Kazooracer 6 14 158.0
      Nick49 17 15 156.2
      Reckless 13 16 156.1
      Beejay 12 17 154.9
      Abie321 18 18 143.7
      Terry Noe 19 19 139.9

      Sorry For The Format But The Race Was Fun. First Time In A Long Time Running Mag Cars For Most Of Us. Interesting Contrast Between Q Times And Finish In Some Cases. Remember, Rl Actually Had The Fastest Q Time But That Was The Next Day So His #10q Stood. Except For Rl, Top 2 And Bottom 2 Stayed The Same. Dr Vanski Only Car To Exactly Match Q Finish To Race Finish (except Abie And Terry).
      Gt Race Underway. T Noe Doing Better....
      Last edited by WPSoko1; 11-09-2007, 09:00 PM.


      • Wayne, thanks for posting so quick, what's your track length?


        • 52 FT. WET


          • Next Time Pay Attention. It's At The Top Of My Post.


            • I knew that. I was just testing you. Say do you think that Tony noticed this:
              Wet Coast 3 7 165.0
              Tony K. 15 8 163.6


              • Lost in America....

                Bubba wants to know where his car is....

                He has put Wets car in his pocket.

                For you non Americans the track length is ~14.5 meters +/- 2 or 3 feet.


                • Wayne, what happened to my guaranteed number one spot with the rubber band? Did somebody actually try to "drive" my car? And why all those Capital Letters In Your Post?

                  Thanks guys. I hope I can find my way up to Area 51 for the next race. Oh, but wait, did you guys race the GT cars?


                  • Robert, we tried but couldn't do it on EVERY lane.

                    We are running GT cars now. JT looks like to be in lead but WP and Smokeio on track now.
                    Smokeio is running fast times.


                    • I have leave now. Mcmannix is setting up outside lights and I'm going to cut the grass in both yards.

                      Its a good thing I took the week off work so I had the time to clean up all the "land mines".

                      You probably noticed I didn't post a lot this week because I wasn't at work.

                      OH yea , my car is a Dawg and I came out of the closet tonight. NOT....

                      I feel so wonderful now....Lost by a couple of laps.
                      Last edited by WPSoko1; 11-09-2007, 06:35 PM.


                      • Wayne,

                        The suspense is killing me and your last post reads like James Joyce!



                        • Kazooracer 6 14 158.0
                          Nick49 17 15 156.2
                          Reckless 13 16 156.1
                          Beejay 12 17 154.9
                          Abie321 18 18 143.7
                          Terry Noe 19 19 139.9
                          You guys wearing the beads? If you are take them off! LOL!!!!!

                          Back to tuning a Fly Capri for club racing.



                          • I was going to change my name to Joyce..

                            The boys call me DAWG MAN now, figuring I'm gonna have to change my identity to protect the family....


                            • Come on Wayne... Post the results, will ya? Hurry up and finish the grass too.


                              • GPR-GT RACE RESULTS
                                WAYNE'S WORLD RACEWAY
                                52' SCALEY SPORT

                                NAME Q POS RACE POS LAPS
                                SMOKEIO 1 1 136.9
                                JT PREVIA 2 2 134.6
                                WPSOKO1 5 3 134.4
                                R LIVINGSTON 4 4 133.4
                                SP RACER CLUB 6 5 132.9
                                TONY K. 8 6 130.6
                                DAVOLS 9 7 127.2
                                DR VANSKI 14 8 126.6
                                RECKLESS 15 9 126.4
                                PETEN95 12 10 125.5
                                D KENNEDY 10 11 125.2
                                T NOE 11 12 125.1
                                GASCARNUT 7 13 123.1
                                SPIRIT RACER 3 14 122.4
                                KAZOORACER 16 15 121.8
                                ATTIC RACER 18 16 121.7
                                BEEJAY 17 17 121.5
                                TR3 13 18 117.8
                                AUSTIN 19 19 111.4
                                ABIE321 20 20 63.5

                                Abie lost a wheel in his last heat but was struggling badly at the time. Spirit Racer fell the farthest from Q time and Dennis fell off as well. This points to his last Q lap being by far his fastest (power surge?). Mike was smooth and JT was as well. I think I held on to the top overall GT spot by only losing 10.4 feet to JT. Mike continues to move up and Area 51 is shaping up as quite a finale. And finally, I hope everyone knows that this post and the LMP results post were my ONLY posts this evening. Those 2 dirty rotten scoundrels Bubba and Mongo tried to drag me through the lawn mines tonight. Peace!


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