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    What can I say Mongo, you simply out did anything I expected... Awesome!!

    Look for this to show up on the NESC board...


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      artist Mongo

      Mongo, You da Artist Delux.


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        This is to all " The old men" in GPR........ Its getting to the end of the road for this Old Boy from the other side of the tracks to come home a winner
        Good luck to you all....
        GO Club FW


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          Men And Volts

          Hi guys,

          What are the chances of cranking up the volts a little and racing the finale like men? If even 1 car has to be rubber banded then that is 1 too many. You may as well turn down the volts and rubber band them all, collect lap totals and be done with it. Ten volts is fine for lead sleds, but mag missiles need volts to race. Let's get real for the last race so the mag cars can race to their full potential. Let's give these cars a great final send off for their trip around the

          Let 'er rip!


          (11 or 12V please)
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            What are the chances of cranking up the volts a little and racing the finale like men?
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            Besides, I whupped Van and Tony in the last race, and I'll be doing the same in the next one.

            Turn it up, Steve. Let's see if they can really handle it!


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              Your all washed up Mr Wet... No chance in hell that your going to beat up on the
              over-all leader... Me... Good luck to you
              GO Club FW


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                The track voltage on Area 51 will be 10v, as per the long experience of Steve S. and company on that track. More voltage with magnet cars will result in more crashes, at higher speeds, and more car damage. It is doubtful that the cars can run at full throttle, all the way around, in all the lanes. There is less magnetic downforce on Area 51 than on most other magnetic tracks.

                The best racing will result from each track being run according to the experience of the track hosts, and the customary drivers on those tracks.


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                  Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
                  Turn it up, Steve. Let's see if they can really handle it!

                  We'll put it up to 15V and try Turn 1 with the WCR Porsche. We will keep trying for higher and higher cornering speed until the limit is reached. Once that happens we will box up the remains of your car and ship it back to you by Dawg Sled so you can glue the tiny pieces back together in time for the next GPR. Seeing that there is unlikely to be another for quite some time, if ever, you will have plenty of time. We'll keep you posted..... And I still think that little red guy is giving everyone the double bird...Where is a Moderator when you need one???


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                    GT Qualifying Results (Partial)

                    GT qualifying (best of 10 laps on "blue" lane) results thus far:

                    1. Smokeio - 10.473
                    2. Wayne - 10.475
                    3. Brian G. - 10.573
                    4. Spirit Racer Club - 10.607
                    5. JT Previa - 10.711
                    6. Tony K. - 10.739
                    7. Spirit Racer - 10.801
                    8. Dennis Samson - 10.850
                    9. Kazooracer - 11.211
                    10. PeteN95 - 11.338
                    11. BJ - 11.805
                    12. Austin - 12.515

                    I plan to finish the GT qualifying tomorrow evening.



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                      Alright, news from the final GPR round starts to filter through ... good idea to start with the slower cars Steve, then work your way up to the serious machinery.


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                        Brian G/TR3 is up in third place, which is a very good showing. This car is a red and white Lancia, isn't it? If so, many of us struggled to get that car to perform. I recall some rebuilding just to get it to stay on the track. Good to see that it works!


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                          GPR Video - GT Qualifying @ Area 51 - First Session (Part 1)

                          Dennis Samson



                          BJ (Beejay?)

                          Spirit Racer


                          More to follow...

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                            1. Smokeio - 10.473
                            2. Wayne - 10.475
                            Neener, neener, neener..... .002, gotta love it!

                            Nice footage Steve.


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                              Great to see this track in action. How long is the main straight? Excellent videos!


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                                How long is the main straight?
                                26 ft. for the main straight. Unfortunately I don't have a wide angle lens on the video camera so I elected to catch as much of the layout as I could. The pic below will give you a better idea where the cars are disappearing to when they are off camera.



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