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    I got my GPR warriors back, thank you, Robert. And thanks to Dave K., Dr. V., and all involved with the GPR!


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      My cars showed up at the post office today. Looks like they were raced hard!

      Thanks, guys.


      • #33
        You better send my car back sometime soon, Robert. My boykid got a 312PB for Xmas and against my DUPR Flunder the contest is way too close.

        OK, he is whupping my you know what on a consistent basis ...

        Gotta hope that Mondial's superior underpinnings will help me gain some advantage.


        • #34
          OK, back to the mail room for me. The next batch of five is going out soon, and then another batch, and that should be it.


          • #35
            Makin the scene wit de bubblewrap.
            Shipped the following via USPS, parcel post:
            • Bruce Kraemer/Da Vols
            • Dave LeCount/Kazooracer
            • Dallas Dixon/BigDSonic
            • Terry Noe/Terry Noe
            I would have made it an "even" five but I had another package to mail, as well.

            Next up:
            • Two remaining Canajuns
            • Two Brits
            • One Belgian
            • One Brazilian
            • One Australio-Tasmanian.


            • #36
              And a partridge in a pear tree ...


              • #37
                Got a package today from some guy named Robert D. Livingston. The 908 is in surprisingly good shape, so thanks to those of you who raced it on my behalf. Darn car has seen more of the world than I have so I think I may have to put it on display somewhere.

                Thanks Robert, everything arrived in great shape.


                • #38
                  On the way!
                  • Brian Gledhow/TR3
                  • Paul Hodgson/Wet Coat Razor


                  • #39
                    Got my cars yesterday, the Porsche was raced hard. Have to build stronger next time. Will probably become my prototype entry for CPR 2009.

                    Thanks Robert



                    • #40
                      Robert - Received mine today - no complaints to their condition considering their round the world oddessy.

                      And thanks again to all for the prizes.

                      Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Kali


                      • #41
                        My cars arrived yesterday. Robert, did a very efficient packaging job of four cars and a resin body. WTG!

                        Looks like they were raced hard!
                        Same here. The Ortmans on my Greenwood Vette are worn to the point of the spur gear touching the track. YIKES! I hope it didn't damage anyone's track.



                        • #42
                          Hi Robert, got mine back today also, and it is in fine shape. Actually even better than when it left Montreal last year. Thanks again for the work you put into it at the start of the GPR. What is really strange is that I manage to score two mid pack places and with the other 6 being right near the bottom. Now when it gets home and I try it on my own track it is right up their with my fastest slot-it cars. I guess I have lots to learn about tuning cars to make them fast.

                          Thanks Again to all who help on this event

                          Brian G.


                          • #43

                            Any news of when my GPR Ferrari P4 will start winging its way back across the pond to the UK. Cheers.



                            • #44
                              Coming soon. I have been distracted. Sorry.


                              • #45
                                Flunderous speed

                                Mondial O'Nuttin was waiting in my mailbox today, thanks Robert.

                                Looks to be in the same shape as when it left (yeah, that ugly) and after a quick lube, braid trim, and tire cleaning it's running just as good; about the same as a Ferrari 312PB (once assembled with a lump of lead at the front of the pod added). Hmmm.


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