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    Two more packages going to the PO tomorrow:
    • Nick Lyon/Nick 49
    • Alan Tadd/Beejay7

    We are getting to the bottom of the heap.


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      Last of the Many

      Packed and going to the Post Office tomorrow:
      • Anthony Bartlett/Abie 321 -- Belgium
      • Phil Kalbfell -- Tasmania, Australia
      • Fernao Carbonar/BigDog -- Brazil

      An extra Artin Porsche GT2 from our prize pool slipped into Bigdog's package, and a spare, unused Professor Motor Hot Rod Pro motor, 27k, not a lot of brakes; should be good for The Warehouse.

      This has been a long road. The GPR is now officially over, as the last car leaves the paddock. Thank you for your patience.


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        My Ferrari P4 and AB Slotsport chassis received today and I'm quite surprised how well my car has stood up to its travels around the World.



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          Nick, that was fast. I think someone replaced your black Scalextric body screws with flat head, Slot.It screws. Unless that was you!


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            We ended up with $82.47 in the paypal account for the GPR, after all shipping costs were deducted. We also have three unclaimed Artin F1 prize cars left over.

            Pretty close, slightly in the black. Now, what to do with 82.47 GPRDollars?


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              Originally posted by Robert Livingston View Post
              Now, what to do with 82.47 GPRDollars?
              If it was up to me, I would say you need to take your wife out for a slap-up dinner on us for all the work you did and what she had to put up with while you were organizing the whole thing.


              • #52
                Take the Ferrari ...

                Sounds like a plan ... how about something eclectic and Italian?


                • #53
                  Hmmm, right down the street. We have eaten there once, and Kathy really liked it.


                  • #54
                    I think you need to get a shirt made that says something like "Official slot car inspector" on it.


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                      Ferrari's return home

                      My cars arrived this morning Robert, thanks so much for packing them so well, and those little boxes will be great for sending the next lot of cars to you for whatever competition your Teching for....if you see what I mean.




                      • #56
                        A note on finances:
                        I had forgotten that Terry was never reimbursed for his shipping expense to Italy, so I paid him back, so now we are down to $27.47 in the Till. Then there are my own volunteered, unreimbursed shipping expenses from here to Terry's, at the beginning, and unreimbursed, donated expenses incurred by volunteer shipper Alan Beejay7. So you see, we really are in the hole with the GPR, but I declare it a Wash. In short, we managed eight races in four countries (on three continents) on the money we took in, supplemented by donated shipping here and there.


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                          Hmmm maybe you could get Kathy to take you out to Antonio's ...


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                            I don't rememer claiming any postage,but never intended to when it was only a small amount to send them on to Lenny in Adelaide. At least the $27.47 might buy a bottle of wine to go with the meal. It is very hard ti guestimate the cost of running these events. The first two we ran both finished in the black but the 2005 event would have been well in the red had it not been for some very generous event organiseres that sent the cars on at their own expense.
                            I am sure that i can speak for all the entrants when I say THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED.

                            Last edited by Phil Kalbfell; 02-06-2008, 03:46 PM. Reason: grammar


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                              Thanks Robert

                              Cars came in yesterday.

                              How can I contact Austin to say thanks of his car - and that when he wants it - I will have it for him!!!!


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                                Prize arrived.

                                My package arrived on Friday. Thanks to Austin fot the Chappy,it will make a nice addition to the stable,needs a little attention after all the races. Also thanks to Resiliance for the resin body, it will go well with the Proto TR I an building.



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