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2007 - Global Proxy Race

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  • 2007 - Global Proxy Race

    I'm pleased to announce the launch of a new and exciting Slotcar Proxy Race: The 2007 Global Proxy Race (GPR). This race will feature cars from the GT and Prototype classes as raced between 1967 and 1979. Host tracks are located around the globe, and there will be approximately 9 rounds throughout 2007. The race has been organized by the Slot Car News staff: Dave Kennedy in the capacity of Sporting Director, Robert Livingston as Technical Director, and myself, Van LaPointe as Race Director. Official WPR news will be released on the Slot Car News blog, with discussion of this event taking place on boards around the globe. The home for discussion amongst North American race hosts and racers is right here on SCI. A big thank-you to Alan Smith providing this home, as well as gallery space for photos from this event.

    Tracks confirmed for 2007 include:
    • USA: Robert Livingston's East New York Raceway (MDF/copper tape)
    • USA: Terry Noe's Targa (MDF/copper tape)
    • UK: Alan Tadd's Midford Combe Circuit (MDF/copper tape)
    • Australia: Martin Phoenix' San Phoeno Raceway (MDF/copper tape)
    • Canada: Van LaPointe's LeMans (Scalextric Sport)
    Hosting arrangements are in the works for tracks in Brazil, France, Slovenia, and Italy. More detailed information about the host tracks will follow once all tracks have been confirmed.

    Cars are to be built to our comprehensive rules package. GT cars will run plastic based non-magnet chassis, and builders will be able to select from a range of 24k/12V motors to power their machines. Reflecting the spirit of the era of sports car racing represented, Prototypes are unlimited in terms of chassis construction and motor selection. The Prototype class entries are allowed one traction magnet. Motors must be used as manufactured in both classes, and bodies must be cast resin or injection molded plastic. Comprehensive motor and body lists as well as race rules and procedures are in our rules package. Scrutineering begins mid-Novemer with racing commencing in December 2006.

    Entry fees are $29US per car. We are offering a club discount with an entry fee of $100US per 4 cars entered. Contact me for PayPal instructions and include "2007 WPR" in the subject line. Come and join us in a celebration of the golden era of sports car racing that will pit your car against those from constructors around the globe, racing on tracks from around the globe. Enter your best classic GT or Prototype racer in the 2007 Global Proxy Race!
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    Excellent! You Know I'm signing up!
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      We're in with the Italian track, and may be in with the Slovenian track. Dr. Vansk has the details (I'm only the technical guy).


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        Wpr #1

        Wow, my tracks a host. Oh wait, I already knew that.
        My prototype car should be here any day now. Time to get started.
        btw I just wanted to say thanks to Van for letting me be part of the World Proxy Race.


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          "A ground breaking event"?

          Not quite - it's been done before, twice:

          2005 CanAm World proxy

          The 2004 event was similar, but for Touring Cars and IMSA sedans.

          Nonetheless, a great idea - the more the merrier.

          Good luck to the organizers and entrants.


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            Let The Games Begin!

            Hey Terry,

            Without tracks, there's no racing. So, thank-you!

            I busted out a bunch of potential GPR cars today.

            Luckily Mrs. Dr. Vanski and I are house-sitting a place with a big enough basement to build a track in. There were some awesome race cars built in the era covered by the World Proxy Race. Some of them are my favourites. I'm looking forward to seeing what guys come up with for this race.

            Looks like the Carrera 935 is barely legal. I'm interested to see which GT car works best in stock form with no mag. It makes choosing a race car that much easier.

            Slovenia and Italy are confirmed today. I'm working out a few more track details and should be able to announce the full schedule in the coming weeks. I can say that there are 3 plastic tracks in the WPR: Scalextric Sport, NINCO, and Polistil (very much like Carrera). The rest are MDF/copper tape. Build your cars accordingly!
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              A proxy race with up-front, comprehensive, logical, and clearly-written rules? You boys must be CRAZY!

              Count me in.

              One body not specifically mentioned that I'd like to have a ruling on is the Carrera 1/32 item #25776 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo. By measurement, this car is 1/32 scale in every dimension but width at rear fenders, where it's an actual 1/8" (4" scale) too wide. If this body was brought into scale and/or max width by the rules (I think that even in exact 1/32 scale, the width still might exceed 2.6"), would this body be allowed?

              Thanks for putting on a series with rules both well-considered and actually worked out before the first wheel turns. I think that's a concept that will go far to guarantee success.



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                Bart, if the model (any model) can be cut down to 1/32, or even 1/30, and it falls within the 2.6" max width, it can run.

                Welcome aboard!


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                  World Proxy race title is in use Guys

                  The organizers in Tasmania have been at this for some time. It is at this time for Scratch built cars and has been quite sucessful.

                  There probably is room for another such type race for your cars of choice, but I think a name change would be helpful to not confuse folks with which one is going on.

                  Check out the last one here on SF.

                  The last race happened to be a Can-am class but that will change from event to event depending on car type chosen to be run by entrants/organizers.



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                    Not to get nit-picky, but the thread you pointed me toward is entitled "World Proxy Can-Am Series". The official "World Proxy Can-Am Series" website lists their race as "2005 Can Am Proxy Race". It is also referred to as the "2005 World Proxy Race for Can Am cars". So which one is it? Our race is referred to here as the "World Proxy Race" for the sake of brevity. Our poster, as you can see advertises the "2007 - World Proxy Race - GT & Prototype Challenge - 1967 to 1979". Circumstances beyond my control prevented us from calling it the "Slot Car News World Proxy Race".

                    Unless HSARC has bought enough vowels to corner the market on the exclusive use of the words "World", "Proxy", and "Race" in any combination or context I'd say the events are different enough that people can make the distinction. We are obviously not trying to impersonate HSARC. I'll make sure I refer to our event as the "2007 - World Proxy Race - GT & Prototype Challenge - 1967 to 1979" in perpetuity. If one of the mods could relable this thread by that moniker would that make you happy? In the mean time, let me know what the HSARC race is actually called so I can correctly refer to it in the future.

                    By the way we better get in touch with Chris Briggs in case he owns the exclusive use of the words "World", "Proxy", and "Race" too! Likewise for Old Weird Herald, not to mention the World Proxy Race dragon boat championship held in Poland in 2003.

                    Race ON! (to the "buy-a-vowel" stand)
                    Last edited by dr vanski; 07-02-2006, 01:32 PM.


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                      I think a quick note to Phil Kalbfell, might stop any potential problems, and the comments in your last thread are very sensible.




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                        Great idea Alan. I've emailed Phil and asked the mods to rename this thread.


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                          HMCC, not HSARC

                          HSARC was only one of the many clubs and tracks that hosted a round of the last World Proxy series. The organizers of both the 2004 and 2005 events were the Hobart Miniature Car Club - not HSARC.

                          For 2006, the HMCC organized a more local Tassie Targa Proxy series, and as far as I know, they are planning to revive their World Proxy series for 2007.


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                            Thanks for the links Gascarnut. Like I said, I've emailed Phil. If anyone would like to discuss the matter of the nomenclature of this or any other races further, then email or PM me. I'd prefer to use this thread to discuss the "2007 - World Proxy Race - GT and Prototype Challenge - 1967 to 1979" or as some would say 2007 WPRGAPC 1967 to 1979 itself if that's ok with you guys.

                            In the mean time, I've discovered that all vowels save for the letter "o" with the umlaut over it have been purchased, sö löök öut Wörld: that's MY vöwel!
                            Last edited by dr vanski; 07-02-2006, 03:34 PM.


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                              I would like to buy a Polish Dragon Boat ...

                              ... except I wouldn't be able to enter it in the: "2007 - World Proxy Race - GT & Prototype Challenge - 1967 to 1979"

                              Now, would I? (He said, with Moderation).


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