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Pix of work on GPR cars

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  • Hi Alan, notice how my Avatar's gone North American spec on this forum? Cool!

    Thank you for the heads-up on the motor, I'll have to check that out ASAP... just loved the idea of pulling a Fly apart and making it run properly and not worrying about what it might be worth on FleaBay in a year or two!

    Couple of stonking Fezzas you have there though...


    • Alan, would those be the £73 motors or the £67 motors?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


      • Pics of my GT car body and P class hopefulls

        I was so jealous of everyone else posting pics of their GPR car(s), I had to add my far from finished GPR possibilities.

        Here is the body I'm using for the GT class. I have the interior and the chassis components haven't arrived yet. HRS will fill the bill and it will be powered with a motor of course. Front wheel/tire combo will need attention due to the size of the rtr wheels possibly not fitting.

        Here's a few pics of some of the four P-class cars I can choose from.
        The 917 has "Concourse Killer" written all over it. Nevermind the


        • Not having had the chance to run on many routed tracks, can anyone offer advice on whether I should stick with a guide made for plastic track or if it would be safe to use one designed for a routed track like the one Slot.It offers? I don't want to end up with a guide that bottoms out on a track half-way around the world.



          • Terry, I think you should stick with your original plan r.e. a P car. Rock on.

            Kazoo, try the screw-in HRS guide (SICH10). It works great on plastic and wood. The screw-in wood guide (SICH07) will need a bit of trimming to work properly on plastic track.

            There are no Scalextric Classic/SCX tracks on the GPR calendar so no need to worry about your guide bottoming out.


            • Track Tire Question...

              DV - Was wondering, when you get to posting the information about all the tracks on the GPR tour - would it be possible to find out what "tires" those folks run on them?

              Reason for asking, it goes without saying that probably the hardest thing to decide on for a proxy race is the right tires for all the tracks...most especially for the non-magnet class. Thought with a little foresight one could get a better idea for options - for instance, I've found Ortmann's don't mind a clean surface, but sometimes get a little too much grip if there's too much rubber laid down...then Slot.It P3's work, but not so well on a clean track.

              Or, will all the host tracks be "cleaned" before the racing begins...???

              Having Fun - Da Vols


              • Originally posted by dr vanski
                There are no Scalextric Classic/SCX tracks on the GPR calendar so no need to worry about your guide bottoming out.
                That's good to hear. My reason for being concerned was the thought of sending a car half-way around the world to run on a Scalextric Classic track.

                Now I just have to find/build two cars in about 8 weeks. To build something competetive or to build something silly......


                • DV,

                  The Euro and Australian tracks typically run only "rubber" tires, what ever that means in this day and age. According to some posts I've read on "Slot for'em" some do not consider Ortmann tires to be rubber...most do. Participating in the GPR predicated silicone tires be allowed at these rubber-only facilities. At Raceworld here in Toronto we run silicone and rubber tires. I believe they do the same in Brazil at BigDog's warehouse raceway and on Terry Noe's Targa. Bahrain will be a brand new Scalextric Sport raceway.

                  Race procedure is up to the host track. The GPR's proviso is that all cars be treated equally, and that all cars run at least 12 minutes each.

                  I'm sure that any track hosts reading this tell you what they normally race with at their facility.

                  Kazoo, not my idea of fun either. The shallow slot Classic is anachronistic.

                  Last edited by dr vanski; 09-06-2006, 08:37 AM.


                  • Dr V - Thank you for your time in relating that information...guess I'll go with O's and see what happens.

                    By the way, the Corvette is starting to become a contender - had a total rethink on the chassis.

                    Having Fun - Da Vols


                    • 936ing right along...

                      The 936 saw a trip to the paint booth (aka balcony) for a coat of Tamiya Racing White (TS7).

                      The tow hook survived a bout of testing at The Coffin with Reckless' 908, but did not survive me washing the body prior to painting. Doh!

                      These decals look pretty easy to apply, don't they?


                      • Hey Doctor, you should have made that tow hook out of Brass! Who knows how many contenders could be taken out .... from behind.

                        Nice and shiny paint job!


                        • Nice work Van......Just to show you there is nuthin' new under the sun :-

                          A four year old pic, sadly none of these cars exist today....The porsche was destroyed when it took off from a 200 degree banked turn at my old racing Club and buried itself in a concrete wall.....I know I should have added more lead to keep it on the track...




                          • Hey Reckless, the next tow hook will be made out of my strongest piece of Strontium.

                            Alan, that is a sad story! Nothing left worth salvaging? I've been looking for the definitive livery for this car. The stripes had a few different configurations, some of which had them wrapping around the sides.

                            One thing I am happy about (aside from not messing up the paint job): this is now my fastest car!


                            • One thing I am happy about (aside from not messing up the paint job): this is now my fastest car!
                              The HRS has a habit of making one say that the first time they try one - put one of Victor's excellently detailed TSP lexan bodies on one and your smile will grow even wider

                              Having Fun - Da Vols


                              • Originally posted by beejay7
                                I have one Ralph Parker, (the chassis designer) built and it is a real flyer........

                                Mmmmm.....Need more power....Need more power......
                                Well the 917K build is underway. Ralph has actually just produced a new, slightly wider version of the Can-Am chassis that is a better fit for the K, and I'm opting to try one of the new Proslot motors.

                                The 911RSR is now stripped and painted and in all honesty it's handling so sweetly on its 12-year-old internals I'm reluctant to do much more to it. It's still sitting nose-high (curse those old Scalextric banked corners!) and won't even see which way a Fly Capri went, but it's very hard to deslot it.

                                I'm waiting to try it on the BWA wheels and Patto's decals, so at present have just painted up the original wheels to match those in the photo. Very pretty!