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Pix of work on GPR cars

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  • That is a tough question. The actual 330 P4 measured 71.3" across the fenders, widest part, according to my source. In 1/32 scale, that is 2.228". In 1/30 scale, which is our maximum allowable over scale, it would be 2.377".

    If the Ocar body is on the GPR list, it is "in". I have neither an Ocar body nor a Racer body to measure, so for the Racer, I would have to go with the 1/30 scale maximum of 2.377" for it.


    • I could be in trouble, my P4 measures 2.625" across the rear fenders! Is it still "in", or should I start over?


      • Originally posted by PeteN95
        It's an Ocar resin body, which I think is "based" on the Racer body, mostly because it seems a bit big like the Racer. I'll have to get measurements on it tonight, but it's sitting on a Ninco Supra chassis, which only needed the wheelbase stretched a smidge. My team mate is considering entering a Racer, would this be legal if it's identical to the already approved Ocar?
        The OCAR body is on the GPR body list. So long as your car meets our other regulations then you are good to go.

        So, the OCAR is a re-pop of a Racer body then?


        • Ocar Ferrari 330 P4 is eligible for GPR.

          Racer 330 P4 is in if within scale limit in width.

          Scalextric 330 P4 is going faster, with old Slot.It 26k taken out of storage. 3.6 gears give it good brakes. A screamer on Jel Claws. 5.150 sec laps.


          • 917 wheels

            Porsche 908/3 wheels turned down to fit as inserts in wheels.
            Super easy to do thanks to WCR.
            Now if I could only get ambitious enough to paint the dang car.

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            • Hi Doc, yes, I think the Ocar is a copy of the Racer. I bought all the Racer etched metal P4 detail parts for it from Prof Motor and they fit perfectly. I wasn't sure about the statement that says "if it's on the list, it is OK, regardless if it doesn't meet the scale rules from 1A" (or similar words). Obviously it is larger than 1/30 scale, but is it still OK if it is over 2.6" wide? The tires are well within the fenders and it is no lightweight! But I really don't want to cause any problems and would have no problem whatsoever building up a different car. Trust me, I have a lot of cars that would fit this class, in fact to be honest, probably way too many.
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              • Hi Pete,

                I'll defer to Robert with regards to the .025" over width measurement of your car.

                Trust me, I have a lot of cars that would fit this class, in fact to be honest, probably way too many.
                Sounds familiar.

                Nice job on the inserts, Terry.


                • Forgive me if I seem facetious, it's Friday night eh?

                  Ocar Ferrari 330 P4 is eligible for GPR. Racer 330 P4 is in if within scale limit in width.
                  So would this mean that the Racer 330 P4, even if (for the sake of argument) only 2.620" wide, would be illegal?

                  Scalextric 330 P4 is going faster, with old Slot.It 26k taken out of storage. 3.6 gears give it good brakes. A screamer on Jel Claws. 5.150 sec laps.
                  That's hilarious. Slot shops around the globe must have these 26k motors gathering dust on the shelves, while slotsters have consigned them to the parts box - or worse - in favour of the more recent power plants.

                  Super easy to do thanks to WCR. Now if I could only get ambitious enough to paint the dang car.
                  I have a trivial mind, or something. So oddly enough, I can usually recollect all the SCI Magazine articles even from a few years ago. There's actually a bunch of useful information assembled there; that said, I know I'm one of the worst for hanging about in these Forums and neglecting the other stuff in the Magazine - I only bumped into Vanski's illuminating article on JGTC cars several days after it was published.

                  I'll do you a big favour Terry with regard to painting tips. (He said, remaining strangely silent ... )


                  • Ocar Ferrari 330 P4 is eligible for GPR.
                    Cool, I'm sure I'll get seriously dinged in the concourse judging, but it runs good.

                    On another tack, one can only imagine what new member of the O'Nuttin family we're going to be meeting and what vintage contraption they'll be piloting?!
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                    • Seems I've found a use for all those traction magnets:

                      I needed to clamp the interior of my 911 to a sheet of styrene. I put the interior on some metal tools, and used Scaley bar mags to hold everything together until the glue set.

                      And then I finally got around to this:

                      A couple hours later:

                      Micro Set and Micro Sol are my saviours. The Micro Sol took the wrinkles on top of the fenders right down. Amazing stuff. A few exterior details to paint, and then on to the cockpit.


                      • Nice work.

                        Is the car going to get a coat of clear now that the decals are on? Did you use Tamiya Spray Lacquer rattle cans on the body?

                        I have (Tamiya) paint and clear for the 917 and will attempt to paint it today.



                        • Nice. Very nice.

                          And then I finally got around to this:
                          You sure did eh?

                          The car looks stunning, even without the interior and other details.


                          • Wow, clean job on the 936, Van. Now, what mechanical parts go inside? Is that the Boxer 24 in the HRS you showed us?

                            I finally finished the inserts on my Fly Ferrari 512S, which will be the GPR P-class entry. Lots of turning in the drill press, with a large flat file. Only a thin piece of rim, and spokes, remain of the Fly Classic wheels, residing inside TSRF/BWA aluminum wheels. I had to drill the centers of the inserts out, to clear the C-clips on the front axle, and the protruding axle stub on the rear.

                            The 512S was intended for direct engagement with the Porsche 917, in 1970.

                            I think the 330 P4 will be the reserve car, in case I can't get a magnet into the 512. I turned down the Scalex wheels to make inserts, which won't fit at all on the back of the P4. The huge hub of the Stronium wheels projects outboard too far, and the inside dimension of the rim is only .400", leaving precious little space in there for an insert. I may order up some BWA medium-width wheels, which have a clear space for an insert.
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                            • Thanks for the kind words, guys. I'm just glad I didn't get into HO when I got into slots or I would be going mental trying to decorate a car. Paul, I think that some of the best looking race liveries were Martini liveries, and this one is one of their finest. I read in one of my Porsche books that the Porsche race management enjoyed dealing with the Martini folks. They were described as being very classy. It was a matter of timing that Martini was not involved with the 956 program. Earlier in this thread when we were discussing the air intakes, it made me wonder if the splitters were put into the airbox to divert airflow to different systems of the car as well as the induction system. By the way, the front brake ducts were split off from the oil cooler intake in the nose of the car.

                              Terry, the colour is Tamiya TS26 pure white rattlecan. I'll use Future and a sponge brush to seal the deal.

                              I was thinking of weathering this car, but it looks too nice as-is. The decals are a combo of two different Pattos sheets plus a couple of colour Dunlop decals from the Monogram set as well as two white meatballs for the side numbers. My reference photos showed white meatballs on a white car, so that's what I did. Oddly enough, none of the decal sheets come with the race winning number 4. This car DNF'd at LeMans. I'm hoping for a better result.

                              Robert, so far I've left the Boxer 24 in. I have an NC6 standing by as well as some boxer motor pods at the ready for a little bit of quick-change action.

                              I'd like to see what you did to your P4, Robert.


                              • GPR Prototypes:

                                Fly Ferrari 512S (left), Scalextric Ferrari 330 P4 (right). P4 has added black border around hoop of windshield, relieves lowbrow look:

                                P4 has MMK wheels and tires on front, with turned-down Scalextric wheels as inserts. Rear has Fly Racing wheels, no inserts yet. Wheels and tires are true 1/32 scale.

                                P4 has original Scalextric chassis/lower body, with saw cuts across pan at rear, and along sides, which allow chassis flex as if it has a sprung motor pod. A few things were cut inside to allow free pod movement. All screws are backed off, except two rear screws hold tail pan tight. Handling is excellent, far better than before the cuts:

                                Additionally, P4 has old Slot.It 26k which works well with 3.6:1 gearing. Car uses cast-off parts, except for Jel Claws rear tires. Without the flexible frame, it could not have handled the power of the Slot.It motor.
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