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Pix of work on GPR cars

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    Originally posted by Smokeio
    OK, but thanks for making a racing series for my Maverick. Can I make/add some fender flares and front air dam for it.
    I'd like nothing more than to see a Maverick open a can of whoopass on some Euro competition.

    Smokeio, how does this machine grab ya?

    Find out more on this page. You'll still need to do research into exactly when the car was raced, and what body configuration it may have run during the GPR time span: 1967 - 1979.


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      Jeeze, that's actually kinda cool.
      "Shelby of Mexico did produce 300 1971 Shelby Mavericks."
      Whoa, there was a Shelby of Mexico?


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        I meant the brand of 1:1 car, not slot, Dave. I think it begins with a P...
        Wot? You mean Dave's gonna enter a Peugot?


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          Can you show us a pic of the Maverick in competition? I know they are out there . . . I'd love to see those flares and airdam.

          This would not be a race series without a Maverick! I can see it lined up next to Dave's pppppppPeugot. Imagine the look on Barbie's face (or will it be Ken this time?).
          Thanks dr vanski


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            Originally posted by Smokeio
            I am looking for a resin Pinto. That car had a colorful history in the SCCA.
            Yeah, but resin stinks when it's on fire....


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              SpiritRacer's gt car after paint, strips going on tonight. Slot-it motor waiting at local hobby shop. No it's not a Toyota.


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                Looks good, Austin, those are some big exhaust pipes! Must be a stroker motor in there! That is a '66 body, but I'm sure they kept on racing them through at least the end of the 60's.
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                  Sebring 12 Hours 1967

                  Daytona 24 Hours 1967

                  1966 Shelby GT350 – Ford V8 4700cc
                  Ring Free Oil Racing (USA)

                  Driven by: Paul Richards (USA)/Ray Cuomo (USA)/John Norwood (USA)

                  Result: did not finish (Engine) - 22 laps

                  Grid: 43rd(3:38.0)
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                    Also this one that I am working on but may not see the race


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                      Originally posted by Austin
                      Also this one that I am working on but may not see the race
                      Fantastically realistic-looking! You'd swear it was the REAL car!

                      Pick a smilie ____



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                        Prepare for battle

                        My GPR prototype showed up today. The 917 will get a repaint, #'s and fantasy livery(if I can figure out how to do it). Wheel inserts are nearly identical to what came on this Porsche and will be painted to match. The car didn't come with a driver, so I robbed one out of Saleen Pete's Fly Saleen (he has two).
                        Chassis will be a tsrf club racer special with a Fox II motor, ohrtmans, little bit-o-lead and a big ole honkin magnut.
                        The 917 will go to the paint shop on Saturday and get sprayed with something other than green.
                        This is the first Fly car for me and I must say do all Fly car bodies, interiors and light covers come apart so easy? The cars body pieces pracically fell apart just handling it.

                        I also have a gulf 908/3 on its way and it will be set-up the same as the 917.
                        No repaint for the 908, the livery on this one rocks.

                        Which ever one performs the best on my track will be sent to battle in the GPR.

                        GT body was picked but may not work with the chassis/motor combo I want to run. Waiting for the dimensions from Mr. Fly Classic himself (Van) then I'll make a decision.

                        btw - The Lola and the Cadillac are rentals.

                        Total Domination Motorsports (TDM)

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                          Currently I am considering a Porsche 917K (modified Fly body on an AW brass plate) for P class, and a Toyota Celica LB Turbo (MRRC body) for GT, with a Slot.It based SW motor pod. A variety of power plants are under consideration in each class.


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                            Have a R-M Greenwood Corvette body and chassis coming soon (would miss my Banzai Capri too much for that length of time), chassis will be modified - probably going anglewinder - with a NC-2 or above for power, Slot.It wheels, and some type of non-silicone tires...all done up in Hooters colors since I can't find those UT decals anymore.

                            Will Be Having Fun - Da Vols


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                              I'm not entirely sure if this is the body I'll use on my GPR-P racer, but I'm fairly certain that the TSRF chassis will be under my entry.

                              I've fiddled a bit with the guide pin, but find it to be unsuitable for Sport track and my driving style, so a more traditional guide flag will find it's way underneath the Porsche 936/TSRF combo. A proxy car should be easy to drive "cold", without the driver having to learn a new driving style, and I don't think the pin guide is conducive to this.

                              Martini decals are on the way from Pattos, though the livery will get a little "doctoring" before I"m though with it.


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                                Originally posted by dr vanski
                                I'm not entirely sure if this is the body I'll use on my GPR-P racer
                                Yo, b'wana --

                                Where you git dat 936 body?