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Pix of work on GPR cars

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  • The NSR Shark has 310 g/cm of torque and revs to 30k at 12V vs 205 g/cm for the at 14V.
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    • I am using a 25k Slot.It, old school type V12/2b, with 122 g-cm torque, in my P class car. I bet you can't catch it!

      I've had it with overpowered Proxy cars.


      • Hey Robert,

        I've been thinking about this place:

        and this place:

        It'd be nice to carry some speed at these tracks. The shark was going pretty good. The Martini 911 has an NC6 so it was odd running that car after the 936 as they are geared each in the totally opposite direction. The NC6 is geared fairly tall. The shark powered 936 has short gearing to tame the revs. Thanks to Chris at Raceworld for taking a test drive and offering a few pointers.

        Time will tell. Be Challenged!


        • Days of Flunder

          I've had it with overpowered Proxy cars.
          What if we get Kurt to travel from track to track to drive them?

          The difficult issue would seem to be balancing sufficient gut motive power to drag the magnet around with a car that also works on non-mag tracks without flying into the scenery all the time.

          Now that Dr V has offered that oh so nice Fly 917K 10th Anniversary car as a prize, I have had quite the change of heart; previously I had been thinking in terms of a GT car but not no more.

          So as I look at my limited options (cause I don't have that many bodies appropriate to the era in my collection) a 908 Flunder on an HRS chassis (sound familiar Eric?) entered in the Prototype Class has to be the way to go.

          And while Dan, Eric, and Van may be installing them there high revving Shark monster motors in their cars, I'm quite sure that nice little V12/3-21 orange endbell with a meager 170g/cm of torque - in a nice lightweight car - is all that should be needed.
          But best of luck to the rest of you, anyway. Competition is good.
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          • Days of Flunder

            Best title for a post evar!!!!11!!! Many are challenged, Paul. Few rise to the occasion.


            Brad's (triggerhappy) is the only other Flunder so far.

            Reckless is running a 908/3 avec v12/3 21k.

            At least that's what he was running before he was challenged! Nick from Bahrain was saying somehting about entering a 917, and Terry has his flower-power mobile:

            Why dontcha ask them what they're running?

            Peace - out.


            • I've had it with overpowered Proxy cars.
              Words to live by, Robert, in fact I'm running GT legal motors in both my entries. Which doesn't really mean much considering my psycho Dallara LMP in the current RAA is also running a GT legal motor!?!

              Van, Wet's Flunder is still the only one, as Brad's car is a standard 908/2, not a Flunder. Note the lower body curve between the wheels and wrap around wind screen.

              I also like the "Days of Flunder" title, I started seeing Wet's entry doing some of the crashes from "Days of Thunder"!
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              • Earlier today I unearthed the remains of an old 908/2, that time permitting I may try and turn into a GPR car.


                • This is going to be fun.


                  • Pete, thanks for corecting my flunder. With any luck, Paul will get pulled over by the "police" going to one of the races.

                    Milo: be challenged! Cars have to be at the ENYR in 39 days and counting.

                    Chris Walker showed me a 908/3 he was preparing as well so it should be quite a scrap!


                    • hey Guys

                      Thanks for comments....

                      yes I am the one organizing tha SA portion of the GPR....

                      The track is a fast swoopy track with a series of ess bends. The track has magnabraid, and thus magnets will work. The best tyres on our track are silicones - by far. The best motor on our track is the Fly racing (or equivalents), has good top speed and tractability in the corners.

                      Bit embarassed to show th chassis of the Cooper at the moment as it still has to be cleaned up and painted after trials, but here goes........


                      • Interesting work, youse guys. Now, If I can only get the third eye to open up on East New York Raceway!

                        Van, as far as straightaway speed goes, my strictly non-mathematical analysis of the tracks we face is that all in all, more time and distance is spent cornering than whizzing down the straights. So I have learning ways of building in cornering force, here on the ENYRaceway. I learned some valuable lessons this summer from Dennis P Gascarnut, who set the track record here with a foam tire equipped 917/30. Wowzers. No, the solution is not foam tires, nor is it brass plates. It's . . .

                        Oops, gotta get back to dem LTP ports, or whatever they are.
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                        • No, the solution is not foam tires, nor is it brass plates. It's . . .
                          The traction goo on his tires..... YUCK!

                          All kidding aside. Dennis makes some fast cars.


                          • I learned some valuable lessons this summer from Dennis P Gascarnut
                            And he did pretty good at that recent proxy race on your track too!?


                            • Pic of the interior of the Cooper ... now tidied....

                              And the Ferrari have the decals and a clear coat of paint.......


                              • Looking good, Anthony. Nice to see a Ferrari in something other than red. Now if that Cooper had a Porsche engine it'd be a...