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Pix of work on GPR cars

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    Hey Bart,

    That would be an Airfix/MRRC body. I picked it up in an online auction. Unbeknownst to me, I was bidding against another SCI member: Monquispot, I believe. Apparently, the kit was part of a California fellow's estate. The virtual gavel fell at US$21.50. The handwritten price on the hanging card of this NOS piece is $5.90.

    The 936 has always been one of my favourite racing prototypes.

    I'm not sure if I have what it takes to send this one around the world. Maybe one of those 908s in my boneyard will do in its place? Then again, there's always the Eldon 906:

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      Are we long lost brothers?

      Now you sound just like me. I'm not sure whether to use the 917. My 1971 908/3 Targa Florio just showed up. drool, drool, drool!

      I talked to Saleen Pete about leasing the 917 body and he can put whatever he wants to under it (Ijust want the body back after the GPR). I'm not sure what his plans are, but repainting it is my end of the deal.

      btw-did you get the measurements of the "GT" Porsche for me? Just pressure.



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        Hi Terry,

        I feel for your anticipated loss! You'd carve up a Targa Florio 908? Which one did you get? I like the Fly Classics with the separate motor pod. A motor is a drop-in replacement.

        A NINCO 356 Coupe is 2" wide, 4 5/8" long, has a track of 1 7/8", and a wheelbase of 2 5/8".

        The HRS rolling chassis in stock form is 2 1/2" wide, 4 1/2" long, has a track of 2 1/2", and a minimum wheelbase of 2 12/16".

        An extensively reworked HRS might work for this application with narrower wheels and a re-engineered front section. Probably more trouble than it's worth.

        Pendle's PCS chassis is the only plastic production aftermarket chassis that's narrow and short enough to fit. Not as sophisticated as the HRS though. It's available at Professor Motor and Pendles and fits an S-can in stock form. Unfortunately it is not available at site sponsors' stores.


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          just like carving a turkey.

          You'd carve up a Targa Florio 908?
          You say that like its a bad thing? Shouldn't be much carving though. Just 2 little holes/side.

          I just put the car on the track and its fun to drive in rtr form. That short wheelbase doesn't have time to slide through the corners, it just flys on by.
          I have a bunch of R&D parts on the way and would be curious to see how it handles with a change of rear tires.

          Is the Ninco 356 an in-line or a sw?

          Thanks the measurements on the 356. At this point GT class is a pipe dream for me. I'm going to concentrate on finishing the track and my GPR "P" car then start back on the GT thing again.



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            Do your best with that one, Terry. The #40 and #12 cars fetch a premium. I managed to luck into a set though...emphasis on luck.

            Now, if only Fly would do the #36 car...

            ...but I digress.

            The 908/3s and Flunders are great cars. Loosen that motor pod screw half a turn or so and then check your lap times. It helps to loosen the body a bit, and either snug up the stub axles or replace them with a solid front axle. The GBTrack Chevrons sport a similar design and overall dimensions. The Chevron was the first car I raced in a club environment, and how I learned my Fly Classic tuning chops.

            The NINCO 356 is an inline. Parma makes a great brass replacement chassis for them called the Excalibur. Illegal for GT class though. If you're trying to reign in some of the guys who race at your track, set up a trio of NINCO classics for them to race. They are tough little cars and are a blast to run even with NC1 power.
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              Originally posted by dr vanski
              The HRS rolling chassis in stock form is 2 1/2" wide, 4 1/2" long, has a track of 2 1/2", and a minimum wheelbase of 2 12/16".

              ...The GBTrack Chevrons sport a similar design and overall dimensions.

              The #40 and #12 cars fetch a premium.
              I've managed to get an HRS chassis under a GBT Chevron, but not without some major front chassis surgery.

              How much of a premium are #12 and #40 Targa 908/3s getting? Too bad Patto's doesn't make decals for the #36, but it shouldn't be that hard to do -- carve up one of the Tergal or other less-desirable 908/3s, get out your ICI "Powder Blue" and "Marigold" and have at it (he says with 50+ project cars in all states of construction EXCEPT "complete").



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                I'm poking along with a Fly Classic Lola T70 Mk IIIB coupe, currently approaching competitive speeds with a Slot.It 25k in the loosened Fly motor pod. BWA wheels, Ortmann tires (Fly Classic size), Slot.It axle and bearings, and Slot Car Heroes 36t spur gear (purple plastic). The gear is a press-on, which spun on the axle, so I drilled and tapped for two 2-56 machine screws from the gear to the back of one of the BWA wheels. It works!

                Guide is a cut-down Parma, riding in a brass tongue screwed to the front of the plastic pan. Although the body is P class, the technical aspects of the chassis are consistent with GT. I guess I'll be cutting a magnet into the motor pod eventually.


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                  Were you able to make the SCH 8t pinion work with that, or did you use a 10t?


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                    The SCH gear was chosen because I did not have a 19mm, 36t Slot.It spur on hand. The SCH 36t gear is 19mm diameter, and meshes perfectly with the original 11t Fly pinion which was mounted to the Slot.It motor. Ratio works out to 3.27:1, which is stock for Fly Classics.


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                      Current progress on my Prototype car :-

                      The wheels are BWA and rears are currently standard Fly Classic Ferrari, (awaiting new Ortmans). Fronts are currently Scaley GT 40's. I do have a question, is it OK to use these front tyres are do you want me to use the Fly ones?....The diameter is the same for both, the GT 40 tyres are a slightly smaller overall width but fit the chassis better.

                      The Falcon is way too much power and I'm currently looking at different motor options. The guide tongue has yet to be added, I will use a TSRF Guide.




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                        Originally posted by beejay7
                        . . . Fronts are currently Scaley GT 40's. I do have a question, is it OK to use these front tyres are do you want me to use the Fly ones?....The diameter is the same for both, the GT 40 tyres are a slightly smaller overall width but fit the chassis better.

                        It's OK with me!
                        A scale-ish look is all we are after. They look OK to me. Anyone?


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                          I think the tires look fine, but the chassis is way too nice you shouldn't be allowed to run that Alan, must be a shelf queen! Just kidding you, what a great looking entry! What's the story on the body?


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                            Thanks Robert, you have answered my question, and saves me cutting the chassis too much.

                            Eric. The body is a resin shell made by a Company called TKP in France. I belive TKP is part of the MMK setup. Doc P is the best man to give the lowdown on the Company. The shells are supplied pre-painted.
                            The 312P Ferrari (IMHO the prettiest Ferrari ever), is also available as the spyder version, which one of my friends has just finished building.
                            The shells are not too heavy for resin, although I may do a little dremmel work on the inside to reduce weight.
                            The chassis is one of Milan Tomask's and is superb. We think they are made from PCB. They are certainly very lightweight, and seem to go well.
                            I really don't know what motor to use at this stage. I would like to try one of the new Proslot Euromotors, but I'm not sure the current release would be quick enough.

                            There is a big gathering of the slot faithfull in the UK in August, at the superb Pendle track, to celebrate the life work of Charlie Fitzpatrick, (Betta Lexan, Classic Fibreglass Shells), so I'm hoping to run this car is the Sports GT Class, (The rules are very similar to the GPR). If I can keep up with Russell Sheldon's car then I will know it's OK....



                            PS I don't have any shelf queens. If they don't run they don't stay.........


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                              Tired Campaigner

                              Lola T70 Mk IIIB, Fly Classic, aspiring to competition in the GPR P class:

                              BWA wheels at rear, with turned down Fly wheels as inserts, Ortmann Fly Classic tires:

                              Veteran plastic chassis not really up to the job, is twisted. Motor pod rides on a single screw at rear, tab at front, floats like a Slot.It. Brass tongue carries cut down Starburst guide. Magnet will go just ahead of motor in pod, where Fly intended.

                              Slot Car Heroes purple gear (36t) driven by Fly pinion (11t). Gear fixed to wheel by two 2-56 screws, seems bullet proof. Slot.It bronze bearings filed flat on one side to fit large FK motor case. Pro Slot Evo 4 motor is a handful, straightaway speed is good, but goofy plastic chassis and Ortmann hop limits cornering speed. Best lap around 5.380, not fast enough.


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                                Lowdown Lola

                                Looks like a hot setup to me RL, too bad about the hop! Looking at your fine photos ...... do you have 1.5mm clearance under the chassis? Just curious, cause I started measuring my chassis' for both GT and P, looks like I'm going to have to jack them UP from stock height in order to meet the rules

                                like that particular Lola livery too!