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Pix of work on GPR cars

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  • What?????

    an anglewinder V12/3 Orange Endbell motor
    I'd like to see a picture of that.
    Is it a SW with a v12/3 or an AW with a boxer?



    • Well observed, Terry - I didn't notice that. I figured the anglewinder pod was only made for the Boxer size motor. Methinks Robert may have mistookenly said that. Or, with all the spare time he has these days, Van has decided to fabricate the appropriate part out of carbon fibre?

      It would look like this, only with a smaller hole eh?

      $14.99 for that kit from 132Slotcar is a good deal, by the way.

      But you know what Wet Coast Chief Engineer & Bottle Washer Alfred O'Nuttin says?


      • That offset AW pod needs very tall tires/wheels to not scrape the track. I doubt that it would work with the stock wheels/tires?

        Vanski, "customer car"? I've never even see your price list, I might have not wasted all this time building!?


        • You guys. This is basically an RTR car. The 312 features a regular sidewinder motor pod, not offset.

          Fernao aka BigDog had gone to a lot of effort to get an entry together and it didn't work out for him. I'll spare you the gory details suffice to say I stepped up to help him out, and this seemed like an easy solution. Plus, it was the only basically RTRish car that I could get my hands on within short notice that met GPR eligibility criteria. He did spec a few parts different from stock, though the stock motor, guide, chassis, wheels, axles, body, etc. all remain. It took me less than an hour to assemble the car and it will receive minimal tuning.

          Rock - me - hard place. The PMs have already started over this. Fortunately my email is not working properly so I no longer get the alerts.

          That'll be fixed shortly, so in the mean time think about this:

          What would you guys do to help out a slot-brother in need? Talk is cheap - deeds not words - those are my maxims. I'm not the fastest guy at the track, but I will be the first to offer spares or tools or even cars out of my own pit box to my competitors. Now if you guys don't mind, I will literally send the Ferrari up the track.
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          • Ah ha, it's Livingston's fault just like I said!

            That's all well and good, but try and justify that tablecloth.


            • Nice work Guys and great that BD has an entry........and it's another Ferrari.....

              It will be very interesting to see how this car performs on the various tracks, although I don't have one myself yet I have heard good reports about it's performance.

              Are you going to repaint it in Brazilian National Colours?



              PS Are we STILL waiting for "Won'twin Nuthin" ?.......... Can't wait to put the Flubber through it's paces.


              • Waddaya know...

                Originally posted by Master Yoda
                "Quite a stirr up, the Brazilian entry to do managed..."
                Yo Guys,

                First of all I can't say enough about Van's friendliness and willingness to help: the dude is a fine man in my book!!!

                Second, it's important that you know that there will be no problem from me if my car is to be considered an "hors-concours" entry and doesn't get any prizes because of it's (too) late inscription: really, no sweat people, I'm in this just for the fun of it. Period.

                Thirdly, it's for me an honour to be part of this worldwide Challenge, with so many cool people involved and surely a lot of adrenaline to flow during the competition. This whole thing is awesome!!!

                Finally, I want to thank Alan and SCI for existing: after only 11 months as a member of this incredible Board, I'm already taking part in this great event that promises to be thrilling, fun and educational, if anything. This may sound corny, but the GPR is also something of a "peace message" that, once again, shows that people around the world can do good things together, in spite of distances and differences!

                It's great to be part of this!!!

                Cheers and thanks everybody, specially for the warm welcome!!!
                Fernao, aka BigDog
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                • It's great to have you in it Fernao, yet another Ferrari driver to bash as we go from race to race eh?


                  • Flunder Story - Episode One

                    Well it's quiet on the board so I thought I would ramble on about that silly car of mine, in case anybody cares. I'm sincerely hoping that by this time tomorrow it will have made its way to the basement at the ENYR.

                    When I was finding out that the GT that I was working on was proving too awkward because it was so narrow at the front, and then Dr Vanski announced the Porsche Challenge, it was clear that I needed to concentrate on that class instead. I was confident that the 908 body I already had would fit on an HRS pretty easily, especially with narrow hub wheels and maybe a little trimming.

                    From the moment I chose P class I wanted to run the new 21.5k to see how it would work, and in sidewinder form to tame the torque. Looking at threads on the motor it was obvious it has an awful lot of snap when not held back with magnets, but ought to work well against strong downforce.

                    So with this punch to counterbalance, I was determined to go with 13/32 gearing, a 2.46:1 overdrive that with gears requires the SICH19 pod and 18mm spur. Which I thought I had in the slot box.

                    The stock tires on the HRS - P2s - really impressed me when I first ran the chassis - no lube or loosening or whatever and with half an ounce of lead on the pod I was getting 9.1 on my 79' wood track no problem. So I figured this had to be the tire of choice, given the number of plastic tracks and uncertainty about how clean some might be for those sensitive silicones. Therefore I would use P2s and maybe gain an edge.

                    Once I decide to do something I can tend to be a bit bull headed at times.

                    Well of course the first thing I find out when I do a test preassembly is that even with those narrow hub wheels up front I was going to have to cut/slice/dremel hugely into not just the front extension part but even sections of the main chassis itself to fit the wheels and zero grip tires under the body, shaving so much that the normal four supporting posts for the axle would be wafer thin and obviously unreliable.

                    So I had to come up with a new way to support the front axle and used a 1/8" brass tube. Polished and cut and finished at the ends with great precision - I even (finally) bought a small set of round files and used pipe cleaners and polishing compound to smooth the inside of the tube. This then got glued, height checked, and finally then J-B Welded into place; it's messy looking externally cause I figured the more goop the more mass in the front end cause you always need some weight up there, and in fact I didn't add any extra lead or stengthening to the front end.

                    There are shims on the ends of the axle, so it's super smooth, and it is the most planted front end I ever drove on a slot car, except maybe the El Secundo Mercedes. It just doesn't deslot, I'm quite astonished because I have always favoured a floating front axle that only comes into play when the car begins to tilt, whereas this thing is of course rigid.

                    I do go on a bit sometimes don't I?

                    So then I discovered that (a) I actually didn't have the right motorpod and (2) I was definitely going to need narrower rear wheels than I already had to get under the body at that end too using those P2 tires. Aargh, panic call to Alan, and he gets the necessary parts - including a beautiful pair of SIPA18-Mg 17x8 0.9 gram Magnesium narrow hubs to me pretty quick. But then I found that even with these, the tires were going to be scraping the chassis edges severely.

                    So, I let rip with the Dremel, but carefully, and finally had just enough left that it was still a chassis but the tires wouldn't touch. Didn't take long before I found a crack in the right side of course. So then I glued pins on either side of the chassis, then reinforced them with good old J-B Weld, later sanded smoothly down with the Dremel.

                    So then I broke the pod mount at the rear; one of the mounting eyelets came off. Uh oh.

                    Didn't have another pod, shouldn't have shaved this one so much on the mounts to try and lower it. So, I cut off the other eyelet, sanded the whole rear pod surface down smoothly and CA glued a piece of 1/8" square plexi in place to support it on the chassis instead. The chassis now has a couple layers of thin styrene glued flat in place as a supporting surface, and the two are located by a piece of airplane wire in the centre.

                    The pod floats on the front a bit, with 2mm bolts and nuts holding the position there with loctite. The whole thing is quite loose, which is what I was after though this wasn't how I expected to get there.

                    I had decided to stuff in the big magnet ahead of the motor ages back, so I did. Then a bit of testing, and no matter what I did those P2s would not work for me, sliding all over. No idea why. Tried a pair of well used mounted Ortmanns to see what happened and took the times down hugely. Then went to SuperTires and there wasn't any other choice.

                    Weight balancing. Well the car is more or less balanced, but geez, that motor has some torque in it. I ended up probably, with the amount of lead and the weight of the magnet, 18 grams of the stuff in front of that motor to settle the car down enough.

                    But hey it's the quickest car I have ever put together so far, can run in the 8.6s, kind of a handful to drive but it don't deslot, ever. It's capable of turning 10,000 rpm at the rear axle, should be good on the big tracks. No idea what it weighs, or how much downforce it may be pulling.

                    And that's why it took me so long to send this car in, you see.

                    Now, we just have to see if it works!

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                    • Very nice Paul.....Should be a good performer.

                      Incidently chaps, I just received my Fly Coda Lunga "kit car", and it does appear to me that the body is much lighter than the traditional Fly ready built cars.....Perhaps I can persude Mrs Beejay to enter it in the GPR, it might give that Flubber of Paul's some competition!........




                      • Hmmm, sposed to have 15" wheels on the Flunder, so those Slot.It 17mm "LMP" wheels are out of scale . . . (makes notes on Concours scoring sheet).

                        This will be a test of whether a V12/3 can drag a strong magnet at 2.5:1 without overheating. With magnets, it's always a good idea to increase reduction over what you would run without magnets. But then, if the PPR's are dirty, they'll act as a torque-limiting device, and the motor will run cooler. Fortunately, we only have a minority of magnet tracks on the GPR circuit (five out of eleven), and I don't think they are trained in the pampering of Sillies in Europe.

                        I'll check my mailbox. I recall setting the 15th as the last extension of the deadline. Hopefully it will get here!


                        • Mondial will be seeing red after finishing behind some other Porsche!

                          Excellent yarn Paul, a perfect "one man's quest to build a proxy winner", should be a headlining review on SCI. I'll be interested to see how the low gear ratio works for that motor.


                          • Wow lets see Paul if your 908 can over come the power of the SHARK in My 908/3 GO CLUB FW
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                            • Message to Mondial:

                              Eat my Ortmann dust!


                              • All this smack and still in the "q" stages...I love it