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So who is going to enter ?

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  • So who is going to enter ?

    SpiritRacer's slotcar club 2 cars in the GT class

    SpiritRacer's slotcar club 2 cars in Prototype class

    SpiritRacer's slotcar club is 8 kids under the age of 13 the race here every other saturday night

    Austin GT class
    Austin Prototype class if chassis is ready ?? Helping the kids set up their cars is First.

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    I think I might be persuaded to enter... GT only though.


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      Certainly hope so Austin.......Just a little confused by the 07 Rules. Is there a final set yet?....




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        Pardon my confusion, but is this pre-registration referring to the GPR or the RAA for 2007?


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          I will be submitting a GT car for the Global Proxy Race.


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            GPR 2007, RAA 2007 and the Shootout.

            GPR 2007
            I'll have a Porsche 917 dominating the competition in the "P" class.

            Corvette (GT car) is on hold until the 917 is finished. Too many unknowns with the front tire/wheel combo.

            RAA 2007
            I'll re-enter my green 962 in LMP with a host of new parts and livery.

            I have one small possibility to enter a Saleen in GT but it depends on several circumstances. "Permission" being the highest on that list of circumstances.

   Shootout November 15, 2006

            I plan to use my Rothmans 956 Porsche.

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              I am entering GPR with a Toyota Group 5 in GT, and a Ferrari 512S in P, provided I can get the magnet into it.

              I am entering RAA '07 with a Toyota GT1 in LMP-Open, and a Scalextric-based Aston Martin DBR9 in GT, provided I buy the car in the first place. It would have a 23k, because I think the low-end torque of the V12/3 will be too off-putting for some of the proxy drivers. No one wants to drive an off-putting car.

              And don't forget the Slot.It Challenge, into which will enter a box-stock Sauber.
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                Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer
                Pardon my confusion, but is this pre-registration referring to the GPR or the RAA for 2007?
                DOH! I thought we were talking about the GPR (given that this is the GPR forum and all!) But actually, my previous reponse stands. GT only, GPR and RAA '07.


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                  I'll have an HRS/MRRC Porsche 936 GPR-P and a Fly Racing Porsche 911 GPR-GT.

                  With any luck and time permitting I'll have an HRS/Scalextric Kremer K8 entered in RAA-LMP and NINCO Porsche 911 GT1 in RAA-GT.

                  SpiritRacer's slotcar club is 8 kids under the age of 13 the race here every other saturday night
                  My hat is off to you, Austin, for getting kids involved the way that you do. Great stuff!


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                    GPR GT class - one entry (photos this week hopefully)
                    GPR Prototype class - one entry

                    RAA 2007 - pass.


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                      This thread seems to have lost momentum, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering how many racers I know are out there preparing cars for various Proxy classes and events right now.

                      Dave K was recently seen stomping around, tearing his hair out, wringing his hands, and shouting "which car? whose motor? what gearing? why me?" and stuff like that.

                      Would it maybe be helpful I'm wondering if we had a separation of GPR & RAA registrations, I'm wondering, as this one is unclear if only because initiated by RAA Founder Austin, but under the GPR Forum.


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                        This thread is a duplication of the Pix of Work on GPR Cars, so why not let it sleep?


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                          Very well...locking this thread.


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