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The Parker SCC (A No-Magnet Organization)

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    Race #3
    July 31, 2021
    Same location and schedule (more or less).


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      The Parker Slot Car Club

      3rd Garage Invitational
      July 31, 2021 - The weather was better (no flooding or road closures). GROUP C opened the program as usual. It was a close contest, again.
      1. Brian , 129.5 laps – the same relatively slow but steady Lancia as last time
      2. Tony , 128.2 – Porsche IMSA “Copenhagen”
      3. The Laird, 123.4 – (no excuse) - Nissan R90 “Cabin”
      4. Nick , 122.10 (controller problems again) – gray flannel Nissan R89 "Tenoras"
      5. Drew , 111.4 – Leyton House blue Porsche

      Despite being outnumbered 4 to 1, the Aston Martin was a clear winner with a record performance.
      1. Brian , 133.3 (new record) – A/M, (new single lap record @ 4.932)
      2. Tony , 130.2 – Mercedes
      3. The Laird, 128.10 – Mercedes
      4. Drew , 119.2 – Mercedes
      5. Nick , 116.1 - Mercedes (bounced off a number of walls... mostly without deslotting)

      NSR F1 86/89 - The class continues to demonstrate that open wheels cause problems for the unwary or impetuous. The results are accurate as the scoresheet remained dry (no rain). The class continues to develop as it has been adequately demonstrated that power is not the answer and that a loose car touches the wall and pops out of the slot.
      1. Brian , 140.1 (record 4.729 lap)
      2. The Laird, 136.5
      3. Tony , 134.4
      4. Drew , 118.6
      5. Nick , 113.2, (more controller issues)

      After taking some time outs for a few track modifications during the race program we ran up against some previous commitments and Can Am was canceled. Some of the guys will be traveling during August so there will be at least a three-week hiatus in the action.
      Hey… if F1 can do it, so can we.


      GROUP C
      Brian -130.7 laps, The Laird - 5.126 sec.

      Modern GT
      Brian - 133.3, 4.932 sec.

      F1 86/89
      Brian - 140.1, 4.729 sec.

      Can Am
      Brian - 142.3, 4.710 sec.
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        Great reporting!
        Sounds like you are all having fun.


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          Here are the podiums for the previous race:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210731_211849372.jpg
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ID:	1683955

          NSR GT:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210731_220919422.jpg
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ID:	1683956

          NSR F1 86/89:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210731_232228615.jpg
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Size:	187.8 KB
ID:	1683957

          Bonus picture of the winning GROUP C car in 1:1 at Laguna Seca:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210811_200937949 (1).jpg
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ID:	1683958


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            Race #4 of the Garage Invitational
            August 21, 2021
            Same location and schedule (more or less).

            Exciting news coming for PSCC's inclusion in NSR's "Return to Racing" program!
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              Announcement: Parker Slot Car Club was selected by NSR to be included in their "Return to Racing" program, one of three in the country!

              "Return to Racing" program sponsored by NSR - THANK YOU!!!

              Member sign-ups for the 5-series monobrand championship will be starting in the near future as we select the 10 members to participate and provide them time to decorate their white kit car and set up (and test!) before the first race.

              The rules for the program are simple:
              1. All members selected will be provided with (1) NSR Porsche 997 white kit car at no-cost. The cars provided are in the sidewinder configuration.
              2. Cars must be painted and include 3 numbers (front and two sides). Racing liveries are a bonus and highly recommend the Atalaya decals (Link; I've already purchased the Brumos livery!).
              3. Technical rules will follow our NSR GT class with one notable exception: Rear tires must be an NSR-branded compound. Our parts supplier, Fantasy Raceways, will provide NSR-branded options beyond the stock rubber provided on the cars. Failure to abide by the NSR-only part restriction will result in the car being immediately returned to Parker Slot Car Club and that member's expulsion from the mono-brand racing series. NSR has provided these cars to us at no-cost, and we're taking their requirement of NSR-only parts very seriously. Please support the brand that's supporting us!
              4. After the first race, we ask that all members leave their cars at the track in case they cannot participate in a race (and a temporary fill-in can be found).
              5. The members selected must be willing to attend a minimum of 5 races between now and March 2022. We will do our best to allow for more than 5 races, but we cannot guarantee that at this time.
              6. The racing series will be run as a multi-race championship with points awarded for finishing position at the end of each race. The points system is to-be-decided (although we anticipate scoring on a 10-point scale, with 10 going to first and so-on down to 1 for tenth; if more than 5 races are run then only the best five scores will contribute to that driver's overall championship points total) and potential tie-breaking scenarios are to-be-decided.
              For those racers needing assistance with setup of their white kit car, they can contact club management for assistance, including painting, decals and technical car setup.

              We are excited to post pictures and results as the racing series continues.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210819_173525123.jpg
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ID:	1684002


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                I'm here!


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                  PSCC #4 - The Heat Was On , August 21, 2021

                  Temperatures were well above average in the garage and efforts to improve ventilation were mostly unsuccessful. The drivers may have suffered, but the cars liked the conditions a lot. A few of the original high, opaque wall sections were removed and replaced with lower Plexiglas. The improvement in visibility was very well received and may have contributed to the several outstanding improvements made by many of us this time around. Well done, Brian. On to the racing…

                  Thunderslot Can Am (Tony was late)
                  Brian set a new single lap record of 4.698 (there was a search, but no magnet was found)
                  1. Brian, 139.9 – McLaren Elva (a stupidly fast car)
                  2. The Laird, 134.6 – McLaren M6
                  3. Al, 129.1 – Lola T70 Mk III
                  4. Nick, 122.3 – Lola T70 Mk III (controller issues finally under control ????)
                  5. Drew, 117.9 – McLaren M6

         GROUP C
                  Brian took the win, beating the old distance record by 8 laps. The Laird’s “Mizuno” Porsche lost a radiator that clogged up the drive system before it got spit out but the car was wobbly so a quick car swap allowed him to grab second place, just edging Tony by half a lap.
                  1. Brian, 137.6 laps (a new record total) by the same slow (but improving) and steady Martini Lancia
                  2. The Laird, 134.7 – Porsche 956 “Aspen Dental” and a new record lap of 4.948.
                  3. Tony, 134.2 – Porsche IMSA “Copenhagen”
                  4. Al, 129.1 – Nissan “From A” (a bright yellow)
                  5. Nick, 123.1 – Nissan R89 “Tenoras” in gray flannel as usual
                  6. Drew, 116.5 – Leyton House blue Porsche x 2 (an identical unit replaced the suboptimal original car)

                  NSR F1 86/89
                  The Laird failed to set any new records (boo!) but won the event with a reasonable lap total and a 4.772 best lap. No wheels were dislodged this time around though there were a few tangles.
                  1. The Laird, 138.6
                  2. Tony, 134.3
                  3. Brian, 133.2
                  4. Al, 125.7
                  5. Nick, 125.4 (an improvement of 12 laps from the last event)
                  6. Drew, 118.9

                  NSR GT
                  Brian and his new and nattily attired Merc exceeded the record lap total but failed to lower the single lap record. The Aston Martin was 2nd. The trend is running back towards the Mercedes. Drew added 8 laps to his previous best to finish 4th.
                  1. Brian, 138.3 – blue Mercedes
                  2. The Laird, 132.1 – orange Aston Martin
                  3. Tony, 129.5 – black Mercedes
                  4. Drew, 126.6 (+8 laps) – white Mercedes
                  5. Al, 125.1, black Mercedes
                  6. Nick, 119.10 – another Mercedes (continuing to bounce off walls without deslotting... which is a skill I do not have)


                  GROUP C: Brian -137.6 laps, The Laird – 4.948 sec.
                  NSR GT: Brian - 138.3, 4.932 sec.
                  F1 86/89: Brian - 140.1, 4.729 sec.
                  Can Am: Brian - 142.3, 4.698 sec.
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                    And here are the first five bodies for the Back To Race series fresh out of the paint booth.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	997s.jpg
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Size:	161.8 KB
ID:	1684061

                    I'll keep everyone up to date as we go along.


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                      I'm continuing with the set up of the NSR Porsches for the "Back To Race" series. Finished truing all the front wheel/tire units last night. Bodies painted, chassis assembled, and drive trains run in as well. Still a lot of stuff to be detailed and added before they're ready.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	btrcars.jpg
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Size:	171.6 KB
ID:	1684105 Click image for larger version

Name:	20210825_173541 (2).jpg
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ID:	1684106


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210830_164946.jpg
Views:	152
Size:	127.1 KB
ID:	1684237
                        All done! Assembly and setup is identical on all 10 of these guys (or as near as possible). Any complaints may be addressed to The Committee.


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                          The next garage invitational, including a preliminary running of the NSR "Back to Racing" program will take place on Saturday the 18th. We will have plenty of updates post-event on how it went!


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                            The Parker Slot Car Club
                            September 18, 2021 – The “Back To Race” Warm-Up and other events

                            A round of applause to George and Eric making their first appearances in the Garage.

                   GROUP C
                            1. Tony, 128.2 – Porsche IMSA “Copenhagen”
                            2. The Laird, 127.10 – Porsche 956
                            3. Brian, 125.4 laps – A new Lancia
                            4. Eric, 124.3 – The older Lancia
                            5. Nick, 119.10 – gray flannel Nissan R89
                            6. Drew, 115.1 – Leyton House blue Porsche (new motor)
                            7. George, 87.5 – another Leyton House blue Porsche

                            NSR GT
                            1. The Laird, 133.6 – Mercedes
                            2. Brian, 131.9 – Aston Martin
                            3. Tony, 127.5 – Mercedes
                            4. Drew, 124.5 – Mercedes
                            5. Eric, 120.9 – Mercedes
                            6. Nick, 112.1 – Mercedes
                            7. George, DNF – C7

                            The NSR “Back to Race” Porsche GT Warm-Up Test Event and 0-Points Race.
                            1. The Laird, 133.6 – all cars were identically prepared NSR Porsche 997 ‘Rally’ models.
                            2. Brian, 131.9
                            3. Tony,127.5
                            4. Drew, 124.5
                            5. Eric, 120.9
                            6. Nick, 112.1
                            7. George, DNS
                            Many lessons were learned. The first being that a choke is a handy thing to have.

                            At this point a Thunderslot Can-Am race was attempted but the track had been so affected by the NSR Extreme EVO tires on the Porsches that the Thunderslot tires were hopeless, and the race was called after 1 heat. The Committee will investigate.

                            F1 86/89 – Four members remained to contest the last race in a shortened format. The NSR Extremes used did not affect the Paul Gage urethanes used in this class.
                            1. Brian, 99.5
                            2. The Laird, 98.1
                            3. Nick, 84.5
                            4. George, 78.5

                            CURRENT TRACK RECORDS @ THE GARAGE

                            GROUP C
                            Brian - 130.7 laps, The Laird – 4.948 sec.
                            Modern GT
                            Brian - 138.3, 4.932 sec.
                            F1 86/89
                            Brian - 140.1, 4.729 sec.
                            Can Am
                            Brian - 142.3, 4.698
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                              Due to an availability problem, either the brass (PN11BR) or the plastic (PN11PL) 11-tooth Thunderslot pinion is legal in the Can Am class. Similarly, either the brass hub (6327BR) or the aluminum hub (6327AL) 27-tooth NSR crown is legal in the F1 86/89 class.


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                                The Parker Slot Car Club

                                October 2, 2021
                                • Nick breaks through with a fast lap performance in Group C (but misses the podium)
                                • Tony crushes Can Am in a record-breaking drive

                       GROUP C
                                1. Brian, 134.1 – Martini Lancia (again)
                                2. Tony, 131.10 – Copenhagen Porsche (again)
                                3. Pete, 131.4 – Aspen Dental Porsche
                                4. Nick, 129.6 and fast lap of the race at 4.985 – Lancia (also Martini)
                                5. Drew, 117.5 - Leyton House #11 Porsche
                                6. George, 105.10 – new Gunston Porsche
                                NSR “Back to Race” Porsche GT Warm-Up #2
                                Turned out to be a wild and wooly affair.
                                1. Brian, 131 and fast lap of 4.716
                                2. Pete, 128+
                                3. Tony, 128
                                4. Drew, 114
                                5. Nick, 111
                                Thunderslot Can Am
                                1. Tony, 145.9 and fast lap of 4.581, McLaren Elva
                                2. Pete, 140.5 Lola T70
                                3. Brian, 138.6 Lola T70
                                4. Drew, 128.5 McLaren M6
                                5. Nick, 124.9 Lola Coupe
                                6. George, 112.5 - new McLaren Elva

                                F1 86/89 – Another late race in a shortened format
                                1. Brian, 105 and fast lap of 4.721 (new record)
                                2. Pete, 103
                                3. Nick, 97
                                4. George, 77 - new car

                                CURRENT TRACK RECORDS @ THE GARAGE

                                GROUP C: Brian -134.1 laps, Pete, 4.983 sec.
                                Modern GT: Pete - 133.6, Brian - 4.932 sec.
                                F1 86/89: Brian - 140.1, 4.721 sec.
                                Can Am: Tony – 145.9, 4.581 sec.
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