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The Parker SCC (A No-Magnet Organization)

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  • The Parker SCC (A No-Magnet Organization)

    PSCC Rules

    Sec. I: The Umbrella (Rules That Apply to All The Cars)
    • NO part may be modified and NO traction magnets may be used.
    • If these rules don’t say you can do it, you can’t (so don't).
    • You CAN do the following:
    1. Glue, true, and resize tires.
    2. Coat the front tires with clear nail polish or super glue.
    3. Use any lead wires (only one lead per side).
    4. Use any guide offered by your car's manufacturer.
    5. Replace any screw with a different type of similar size (e.g., Torx for Phillips).
    6. Use grub screws to adjust the front axle height if stock holes exist for them.
    7. Tighten or loosen screws to control body and chassis movement.
    8. Add weight if it is firmly attached to the chassis inside the car.
    9. Repair stripped body posts (the length of the post must stay stock).
    10. Add or remove spacers on the guide shaft, axles, and body posts.
    • All stock body parts (including the interior) must be present except for small parts (aerials, mirrors, etc.) lost in crashes.
    • The rear spoiler must be in position at the start of the race.
    • Motors must be identifiable as legal. Any sign of tampering = disqualification.
    Sec. II: Individual Class Rules Group C
    Nissan and Jaguar rear fender skirts (wheel covers) may be removed.
    If you set the front axle height with setscrews, the axle blocks and bushings may be removed.
    Only Thunderslot, Paul Gage urethanes, and the stock tires are allowed.

    Thunderslot Can Am
    Any of the Thunderslot Can Am rear wheels may be used on any of the cars.
    The foam rings may be used on the smaller double flange wheels.
    Only Thunderslot, Paul Gage urethanes, and the stock tires are allowed.​

    9v NSR GT
    Only Paul Gage urethanes, and NSR tires are allowed.​

    NSR F1
    The stock crown gear being weak, a 27T crown is allowed.
    The 13 x 13mm NSR rear wheel is allowed.
    Only Paul Gage urethanes and the stock tires are allowed.
    Sec. III: Technical Inspection (the following dimensions must be met with the car on the tech block with the guide in the slot and the braid and all four tires contacting the block)

    On all cars, the axle gear must clear the block by .015”, all other parts must clear by .032".
    In Formula 1, The maximum width of the car is 69mm.
    In Can Am, Group C and 9v NSR GT, no part of any wheel, tire, or axle may extend past the widest part of the fender.

    Sec. IV: Wheels and Tires (wheel inserts are optional in all classes)

    Rear Wheels
    9v NSR GT
    Only the stock wheels are allowed.

    Group C:
    Only stock wheels or the same diameter 10.2mm air hubs.

    Formula 1:
    Only the stock NSR 13x10mm or NSR 13x13mm are allowed.

    Can Am:
    Only stock Thunderslot wheels (14.3mm, 14.9mm, or 15.85mm triple flange).
    Thunderslot sponge rings (increase wheel diameter) optional on double flange wheels.

    Rear Tires
    9v NSR GT
    Stock NSR; Paul Gage 19125 or 20125; NSR Extreme GT3 (gray or black).

    Group C
    Stock Slot.i; Paul Gage 20085, 20105 or 20115; Thunderslot slicks (gray or black).

    Formula 1
    Stock NSR; Paul Gage NSR-F1-86/89

    Can Am
    Paul Gage 19105, 19125, 20105, or 20125; Thunderslot slicks (gray or black).​

    Sec. V: Eligible Cars

    NSR GT (NSR)
    McLaren 720S
    ASV (Aston Martin) GT3
    Audi R8
    BMW Z4
    Corvette C6R & C7R
    Mercedes AMG GT3
    Porsche 997 Group C
    Jaguar XJR
    Lancia LC2
    Mazda 787B
    Nissan R89/R90 & R91
    Porsche 956 & 962
    Sauber C9
    Toyota 86C/88C & JTK 63C

    Formula 1 (NSR)
    F1 86/89

    Can Am (Thunderslot)
    McLaren M6 & M8
    Lola T70 & Lola T70 Mk III
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    So where is this event going to be held? What time do the doors open? Do folks need to apply to attend?

    It isn't mentioned, but this appears to be an event for 1/32nd scale cars.

    Ed Bianchi


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      Originally posted by HO RacePro View Post
      So where is this event going to be held? What time do the doors open? Do folks need to apply to attend?

      It isn't mentioned, but this appears to be an event for 1/32nd scale cars.

      Ed Bianchi
      Well, Ed... you're right. We race 1/32 scale cars.

      The announcement was posted here at SCI so that the PSCC members have a place to exchange information, read the results of competitions they miss, and get advance notification of upcoming races. Our location is known to our members. Unfortunately, our present space is limited so we couldn't handle any additional racers without knocking out a wall which makes where and what time irrelevant.

      BTW we run on a routed wood track.


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        Here are pictures from our planning, testing, and first race night.

        Field of cars provided by the race organizer to racers who came without equipment. A few drivers provided their own cars (not pictured here):
        Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20210625_030945767.jpg Views:	0 Size:	197.5 KB ID:	1681941

        NSR GT's:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20210625_031001785.jpg Views:	0 Size:	192.6 KB ID:	1681942 Group C's

        Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20210625_030951366.jpg Views:	0 Size:	195.4 KB ID:	1681943

        NSR F1:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20210625_030958067.jpg Views:	0 Size:	182.2 KB ID:	1681936

        Thunderslot Can-am:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20210625_030954631.jpg Views:	0 Size:	191.3 KB ID:	1681938

        The field:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20210625_031009121.jpg Views:	0 Size:	174.3 KB ID:	1681937

        At the conclusion of our first 4 races, here are the winning cars across each class.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20210627_001934273.jpg Views:	0 Size:	176.9 KB ID:	1681940
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          The Parker Slot Car Club
          Inaugural In-Garage Invitational
          June 26, 2021

          Although a few invitees were unable to attend, six charter members were on hand for this momentous occasion as many cars had not turned a competitive lap in well over a year.

          During pre-race running, your correspondent repeatedly bounced his car off the vinyl wall surface in the final turn causing the car to come to rest in front of the drivers’ stations. Others had similar encounters with the surface in various areas. This situation precipitated the first activities of the day which included modifications to the track wall involving a heat gun, putty knife/scraper and box cutters as deemed appropriate.

          That settled and cars selected, the ‘serious’ stuff got under way.

          GROUP C (

          The first race was a little uneven as the rust was knocked off many a trigger finger and some of the track’s idiosyncrasies came to light. Let’s say that the black lane is best treated as a “do the best you can and try to ignore all the cars going by you” thing. Perhaps The Committee can do something about it? Anyway… the cars are geared to restrict top speeds and keep the performance close. The overtakes can be tricky. The track condition improved as the race went on and lap times fell as the surface wore in. The fast lap of the race (5.126 sec) was turned in by my humble self and late in the race. An assurance that things were bound to go downhill for me from that point on.
          1. Myself, 127.2
          2. Tony, 125.5 laps and a bit more than…
          3. Brian, 125.5
          4. Al, 120.5
          5. Drew, 119.2
          6. Nick, 100.9

          MODERN GT (NSR)

          Some very good-looking machines made their appearance for this class. The lap times were fractionally better than the C cars but that may have been due to the improving track conditions (or drivers getting acclimated to the new layout) rather than the cars. Time will tell. We had two identical black Mercedes GT3’s in the race. You would think that the lane stickers would sort that out BUT we have a black lane, and we have a purple lane. The black stickers (of course) became difficult to see and the purple stickers (more of a very pale lavender color) were near transparent and very difficult to see as well. Chaos ensued until someone figured out that if you piled several purple stickers on top of one another, the color became visible. Unfortunately, the race was over by then. Brian’s black Merc beat out Al’s black Merc for the win and posted the fast lap of 5.037 sec.
          1. Brian, 129.5 laps
          2. Al, 123.4
          3. Myself, 118.9 (told you)
          4. Drew, 106.9
          5. Tony, 106.6
          6. Nick, 95.9

          NSR F1 86/89

          These cars are great! Even Al likes them (inside joke). The only problem that arose was a shortage of cars. Not everyone had one. So, cars were shared depending on who was on track and who was marshalling. Some of us ran two different cars during the race. All of us were involved in some open-wheel tangling from time to time and there were a few stoppages to put tires back on rear rims that touched the wall or another wheel. Glue is indicated. The class of the field appeared to be Brian’s new Beatrice #33 which he shared with Drew. Tony had his left rear tire deranged on several occasions. Al couldn’t avoid a few pile-ups as well as suffering from the tire issue. Nick finished with several teeth missing from his crown gear. This became a running gag as his speed came and went and several mechanical adjustments were made between heats.
          1. Brian, 135.1 laps and fast time of 4.824 sec. (used two cars)
          2. Myself, 134.1 (stayed out of trouble and kept the tires on)
          3. Tony, 128.1 (quick but a victim of the tire problem)
          4. Al, 122.3 (troubles, troubles, troubles)
          5. Drew, 117.3 (kept himself to himself, used two cars and an unknown number of controllers)
          6. Nick, 107.9 (the gear thing)


          Quite a race long contest between Al and Tony as they swapped spots several times.
          1. Brian, 142.3 – McLaren Elva
          2. Myself, 135.9 – Lola T70
          3. Al, 126.5 – Lola T70
          4. Tony, 125.2 – Lola T70
          5. Drew, 116.9 – McLaren M6A
          6. Nick, 109.9 – Lola T70 Mk III

          Fast lap was Brian with a 4.710.

          We enthusiastically recommend the new Thunderslot black material slicks for “no grip” tracks.

          Track Records at the Garage Venue
          Group C: 127.2 laps, 5.126 sec.
          Modern GT: 129.5, 5.037 sec.
          F1 86/89: 135.1, 4.820 sec
          Can Am: 142.3, 4.710 sec.

          The class winners are shown in the last photo in the previous post.


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            Thank you, Mr. Laird, for the wonderful write-up.

            The event was a successful "shakedown" event to find out what works and what doesn't work for our newly-envisioned race series.

            In terms of racing, there were several heats where the lap total was within 1-2 laps (on a ~5 second course!) for all 4 drivers. The first race ended up with half the field within a single racing lap.

            The car spec, along with the overall track design, appears to provide close racing. A single deslot could be worth a lap!

            The tires were a large consideration coming into the event, with copious amounts of testing used to decide on an acceptable spec. In the end, the combination of Paul Gage XPG's and Thunderslot "No Grip" tires proved to be a winning combination. The Thunderslot tires, in particular, were decidedly effective and turned the current leading time of 4.710!

            The Thunderslot Can-am and F1 86/89 proved to be the standout classes in terms of performance and grip. Group C provided the closest racing. GT still needs to find its legs, and is looking to be a potentially great class in the making.

            We're looking forward to our next event in the coming weeks, and we'll have more to update and share at that point.


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              Excellent race report and great pictures too! Glad to hear that the inaugural event of the Parker Slot Club went well. It sounds like all of the pre-event testing paid off. Congratulations.


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                Originally posted by RAJ View Post
                Excellent race report and great pictures too! Glad to hear that the inaugural event of the Parker Slot Club went well. It sounds like all of the pre-event testing paid off. Congratulations.
                Many thanks!


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                  From Brian... a very helpful video on how to set up your NSR F1 86/89 for racing. Tires are the key components just as they are in full scale racing.


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                    Our second event is scheduled for July 17th, 2021. Usual time and schedule of events.



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                      The Parker Slot Car Club
                      2nd Garage Invitational
                      July 17, 2021

                      The usual suspects braved the downpours of a waterlogged western New York to make the event (Tony arriving late due to flooding and local road closures). Early arrivers watched the qualifying race from the FIA British Grand Prix until everyone was assembled.
                      NOTE: Our track is divided into 10 sections. Distances covered are not given in decimals. A car just past the starting line registers 1 section in addition to the laps covered. A car just short of the line registers 10 sections. So… 124.10 indicates not quite 125 laps.

                      GROUP C

                      The "conservation of momentum" class was close, again.
                      1. Brian, 130.7 laps (new record) - Lancia
                      2. Tony, 127.2 - Porsche
                      3. The Laird, 127.1 - Porsche
                      4. Big Al, 125.6 - Lancia found in a tackle box in his basement
                      5. Nick 114.2 (controller problems that plagued him all day) - a car (sorry, Nick... wasn't paying attention)
                      6. Drew, 113.4 (arrived late) - Porsche

                      MODERN GT
                      The black Mercs were at it again. The winning car from last month won again with a different driver. The purple sticker issue was overcome from last month, but the black-on-black wasn't. Brian opted for a white Merc and lost 4th to Drew (another white Merc) by a fraction of an inch. Nick lost his rear spoiler.
                      1. Tony, 130.6 - (new record) - Merc, black
                      2. The Laird, 128.10 (new single lap record of 4.944) - Aston Martin
                      3. Big Al, 127.3 - Merc, black
                      4. Drew, 124.10 - Merc, white (great run with a new, rushed set up car)
                      5. Brian, 124.10 - Merc, white
                      6. Nick, 107.10 - Audi (tried a different controller)

                      F1 86/89

                      There were many, many altercations and unplanned comings-together during this contest. The first heat being particularly messy. The results are subject to revision due to a wet scoresheet. It may be that The Laird set a new single lap record of 4.811, but we'll see.
                      1. The Laird, 133.8 (possible 4.811 lap)
                      2. Brian, 131.5.
                      3. Big Al, 130.7 (?)
                      4. Drew, 129.1 (great outing with another brand new, out-of-the-box car)
                      5. Tony, 118.8 (?)
                      6. Nick, 114.9, (more controller issues)

                      Can Am

                      These results are also subject to revision due to the same wet scoresheet. Tony drove last month's winner and it won again. This was the only class that failed to better last months performance.
                      1. Tony, 137
                      2. Brian, 134.5
                      3. The Laird, 127.4
                      4. Big Al, 122.9+
                      5. Drew, 122.9
                      6. Nick, 106.9 (may have changed controllers again)

                      As we accumulate data we will be posting analytical reports on a wide variety of performance parameters. watch this space.

                      CURRENT TRACK RECORDS @ THE GARAGE

                      GROUP C
                      130.7 laps, 5.126 sec.

                      Modern GT
                      130.6, 4.944 sec.

                      F1 86/89
                      135.1, 4.811 sec. (prov)

                      Can Am
                      142.3, 4.710 sec.
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                        Group C:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210717_210430090.jpg
Views:	671
Size:	193.0 KB
ID:	1682786

                        Modern GT:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210717_224502151.jpg
Views:	619
Size:	169.9 KB
ID:	1682787

                        F1 86/89:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210717_235528073.jpg
Views:	612
Size:	192.1 KB
ID:	1682788

                        Can Am:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210717_215859516.jpg
Views:	616
Size:	150.5 KB
ID:	1682789


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                          ​​Removed as no longer relevant.
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                            I like the premise of the club.
                            ”The main idea here is to keep the cars as close to stock as possible.”


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                              Originally posted by Wicker Bill View Post
                              I like the premise of the club.
                              ”The main idea here is to keep the cars as close to stock as possible.”

                              We figured it would be cheaper and easier that way.