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Anyone still truck racing?

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  • Anyone still truck racing?

    I'm wondering if there's anyone still racing these...or the scx or scalextric? I just picked up the scalextric gulf truck for a local race here. I don't see many threads on any of them here?

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    We run the Fly trucks as. Club series,using the same rules as the Proxy Seroes.
    We have 12 guys racing them.


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      That's cool....I'm looking forward to racing this truck.


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        Was there ever a thread on the scalextric trucks or scx? I cannot find any.


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          Scalextric trucks are new, so no one has raced then in the FLY truck proxy.
          SCX/matchbox trucks were not same speed (slower) as FLY trucks.
          The FLY truck proxy was just for the 4 different FLY trucks. MAN, Mercedes, Sisu, and Buggyra


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            I'll have a report soon. We are racing these July 7th I think on a long oval. I'm gonna go with the stock motor which seems rather peppy and stock gears...change the guide and try the tires sanded before I swap em out.
            A lot of this trucks height can be traced to its ground's fairly high off the ground.


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              An old thread brought back! I have 6 or 7 Fly trucks and love to run them. I'm having a hard time trying to find springs for the guides - or an upgrade to the original setup. Is there anyone out there that still runs trucks? And where do you get parts for them!?