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2013 SCI Fly Truck Championship entry list! SCIFTC!

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  • OK guys all trucks are here....Tim will have to bring his out Sunday...I Forgot we had a family thing and he could not bring them with the trailer this afternoon as we are leaving now.... so no penalty.
    Rusty's slab and Super2nr's Buggy came today.
    Tony will ship his Monday .....

    Photos, Tech and Test tomorrow I hope..... unless the Boss makes me other plans..... if not then Monday.

    21 entries Let'z Git Truck'in!
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    • Please see post #19 on the rules post


      • Tony's sled is in da house! Craig gave me the decals all entries will get and my track wall banners and they look awesome! Thank you Craig and I'm sure everyone will be jazzed about them. Also the race box plaques should be here from Ralph Thorne by the end of the week just in time for Dennis's race.

        Oh and more pix later of the piles!


        • I asked David to pull the Man entry out so we only have 20 trucks..... 2 rows of 10 in the shipping box makes more since.