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The One and ONLY SCI Fly Truck Championship Rules! SCIFTC!

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    Yes but I would use Poly Zap it does not shed off. Zap products can be had at many hobby stores.
    NOTE: I have several sets of MB Slot Fly truck front wheels...They use the stock front tires and have holes in them. Look at a pic of my truck from last year. I'll post a pic tomorrow if anybody wants to buy I will sell 2-3 prs. ..... PM me

    You should see the YouTube of Rusty's Sisu truck..... it rocks!


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      WHAT video..

      Originally posted by HarVWallbanger View Post
      You should see the YouTube of Rusty's Sisu truck..... it rocks!


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          Racers Please NOTE:

          Last year trucks were allowed to run coated front tires although it was never put in the rules.... I guess I should have made sure it got called out in the rules this year but I missed it.

          After seeing several trucks without coated fronts I looked to be sure it was in there and found it never made it last year and when I did cut and paste from them I missed it too. Sorry if this causes you any undo stress....

          If anyone wants their fronts coated I will coat them before the first race. I use Poly Zap and it stays on and looks very clean. It does not flake off as nail polish does. It will only add .001"- .002" to the tire. PLEASE let me know by Thursday so I can do it on your truck. PM or email me.

          Again sorry...
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