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Buggyra Side Pod Reinforcement a Tutorial

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  • Buggyra Side Pod Reinforcement a Tutorial

    Barney came up with a pretty good way to permanently affix the side pods to the Fly Buggy truck. In the following photos you can get an idea of how I arrived at getting this operation complete.

    The photos are not in any particular order since with SCI it is impossible to caption each photo individually. But if someone knows how to do it please let me know.

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    Looks great Craig and it makes the body side pods bullet proof. I spread the epoxy at the base of the upper sub chassis bulkhead to help make it bomb proof.

    My build was a little harder because my truck got slammed at The Stone Rwy PROC (like IROC but PROC for Pebblastone Rwy.) race last year and broke 3 of the pins off so I had much more work but it's solid now and ready to get tuned up for the 2013 SCIFTC!
    Thanks for doing this Craig to show people how we did it.


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      nice build
      just wish I could buy a Buggyra and try it myself!

      Theses trucks are difficult to find


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        Yes and maybe FlySlot will bring them back out too???


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          Completed Fly Truck

          Here is my entry, sorry for not changing the livery but time was an issue.


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            That's unexceptable.

            Originally posted by Team IRD View Post
            Here is my entry, sorry for not changing the livery but time was an issue.


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              Of note we used aluminum tubing and you have to make clearance on the side pods so they fit flush like stock. We "potted" the tubes on the posts and chassis with good quality epoxy and after curing they are much more solid.


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                I'll ask Craig to show closeups of his chassis.... This will help Man and Buggy entries. My truck was a "stock" form rebuild and I will have a brand new chassis under it this year to battle Craig's Buggy!