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Tune'in in Good Buddy..... Some tips for tuning the Slabs for Truck'in Proxy

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  • Tune'in in Good Buddy..... Some tips for tuning the Slabs for Truck'in Proxy

    For new truckers..... Tuning tips..... Look at last few years tech sheets/ specs and note I think in general here are the biggies as far as parts/ setups....

    1.) Rear tires: NSR Super Grips (Ultra's may have too much grip and can make the trucks tippy and hard to turn)

    2.) Rear wheels: NSR, TSRF, ProTrack

    3.) Front tires: NSR, stock Fly or urethanes all are used. If you use NSR or Fly I would coat them with Poly Zap glue or similar. Coating the front tires allows the Slab to turn faster and not be too tippy... too much front grip hurt several last year.

    4.) Front wheels: NSR, stock Fly or MB Slot (all trucks I build or helped build (last years Sisu, Merc and Buggy class winners) have MB Slot wheels and Fly tires)

    5.) Motors: Ninco NC5. These are discontinued but can be found.... We have seen Fly truck motors run good too. (Next year we may choose a motor that will be a single spec motor that is cheap and easy to get)

    Drop guide or fixed guide is split (All last years class winners all had fixed Fly or ScaleAuto guides I think. I hate drop guides)

    Stiffen the motor box/ gear box area to keep them rigid. I use carbon fiber strips from hobby shop and epoxy. Buggy's and Man trucks "dog bone" style chassis need a brass, carbon fiber or wood backbone to keep them solid...IMO

    Run the ride height down as low as rules allow in front and adjust rear for best handling. If you have questions you can discuss them hear and all can tell you how many ways there are to "skin a cat" (No Cats will be hurt)

    Suggestions from past winners/ front runners IS welcome please! Everybody has their own way of making these Slabs run and there is no right way... just the best way for them.

    Truck on Truckers!
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    Just to let ya know next year we will be getting new motor specs as the go-to motor (Ninco5) in the trucks has not been made for years.... They are still out there but getting harder to find. I would rather stay with a motor of about 16K @ 12v if we can because if we go to a faster motor the trucks will suffer harder hits and if any of you have hit the wall hard especially with a Buggy they don't do well.
    Also... I'm not saying not to use Ultra Grips but they can be very 'grippy on some tracks. I would rather my trucks slide not tip....


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      I hope I am in the right place with this question.

      I am working on the Buggy and the question is about the side bits. What is the best way to brace them or make them a bit more secure?

      Any tips gratefully accepted.




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        Hey Alan,
        Craig posted a how to last season on how we our trucks. It makes them very solid but I sure others have their ways as well....this is what we did.