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2015 SCIFTC Rules..... Flying Ph'unts Oh My!

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  • 2015 SCIFTC Rules..... Flying Ph'unts Oh My!

    The Elephants are getting ready again! 2015 SCIFTC Rules:
    I think these are correct ... if I forgot anything please let us know.
    U$ $30.00 entrance fee per truck.
    Fees are due on or before TBA.
    Please send the fees via a Postal (USPS) Money Order or if sent by PayPal please send

    as a gift to:

    Hosts that want to be reimbursed will get sent $$ back through PayPal the same way.

    Trucks are due for Tech by TBA

    First race is at Dennis Samson's PebbleStone Track

    Maximum of 20 trucks

    a) Each participant MAY BE allowed to enter two trucks.
    Assuming the truck limit hasn't been reached:
    b) When entering more than one truck, each has to be of a different model.

    At least 4 trucks in a class or that class will not be run in this proxy.
    Allowed Trucks:

    a) Any of the 4 GB Track by Fly / Fly Slot.. Fly truck models may be used: SISU, Mercedes Benz, MAN and Buggyra..

    b) Light weight (racing version) trucks are not allowed. (These have vac formed interiors)

    Truck Tune-up Rules:

    The following rules are to ensure a competitive field of scale model race trucks. Proxy Race organizer decisions are final in the interpretation and application of these rules.

    1. Body
    a) No modifications to the body are allowed unless otherwise specified.

    b) Bodies may be no wider than 72 mm, excluding mirrors, at the widest part. (There may be some (Buggys) that are a little wider and as long as they are not "made" by the racer to be wider and only factory mold issue it will be allowed)

    c) If white body kit is used, exterior of body must be painted with at least one coat of paint (no clear coat only on white plastic).

    c-1) Any paint, decals and markings may be used.

    c-2) Both “fantasy liveries” and accurate reproductions of real trucks are encouraged.

    d) Racing numbers are required one on each side of cab. NOTE returning trucks will get first pick of the numbers they used before.

    e) Bodies must be removable to allow inspection and photography prior to the first race, and to allow maintenance and repair during the race series.

    f) Stock interior including windshield must be used and not removed or lightened by grinding, cutting out of interior.

    f-1) Interior may have added detail by painting, and or adding cab lighting.

    g) Truck mirrors are not required and can be removed to prevent breaking or can be modified to reduce breakage in the case of a deslot.

    h) Required body details such as trailer hitch, head lights, tail lights, engine, exhaust etc must be as stock prior to inspection (Now what falls off or breaks after starting may be left off if track host is unable to repair).

    Note: Trucks from last year’s entries which may have been returned minus a few minor parts ie: air flasks/windows screens may be reused and those parts missing waived.

    i) Truck Cab and body posts and other parts may be glued and reinforced with appropriate material. Body can float

    Note: For the Buggyra it is highly encouraged that the side panels be reinforced to ensure they remain on during racing.

    j) Some models are equipped with suspension (Buggyra). The suspension may remain in the vehicle, but only in its original condition, spring elements may also be removed completely. Working lights are not required but encouraged.

    I have seen cracked chassis on Man trucks in the front. I raced mine last year and will post a pic of what I’m talking about if needed. The area in front of the guide may be cut out as I have 2 that had this problem. Trucks will be allowed to race with this area cut away if they had a cracked chassis on the Man trucks only. Let me know if any has seen this in other breeds of Fly trucks.

    2. Chassis
    a) Stock chassis, specific to the truck model is required.

    b) Styrene, carbon Fiber or other suitable material may be used to stiffen chassis.

    c) Chassis may be sanded or ground down where gear clearance is needed, tires rub wheel well or to reduce body chatter.

    d) Underside of truck chassis and body must clear track road surface (not rails), on level track, by 1.6 mm minimum.

    d-1) Hold down screw hole or magnet pocket on underside of chassis may be sanded flush with chassis bottom.

    d-2) Gears may sit lower than 1.6mm, but trucks may be excluded from racing if gears contact the track or rails, or track owner judges them a hazard to track or rails.

    e) Indented area on bottom of chassis behind guide on many of the chassis may be filled in using plastic or other suitable filler but cannot interfere with guide movement.

    f) Magnets other than the motor are not allowed.

    g) Entrant’s name must be written on underside of chassis in paint, white or silver Sharpie, or engraved.

    g-1) Body screw adjustment information on car underside is encouraged.
    Note: Tech sheet with adjustments should be included as well.

    3. Motor
    a) Motors must be stock, as manufactured, but may be run-in prior to this race series.

    b) No changes or modifications to motor permitted aside from removal of capacitors, chokes, or resistors external to the motor.

    c) No capacitors or other electrical devices may be fitted to motor circuit, except for as-manufactured suppressor and lighting devices.

    d) Motor maybe glued in place with appropriate adhesive or taped in place.

    e) Motors drawing excessive current, which results in slowing other cars on the track, or tripping of overload protectors in track circuit, will be regarded as faulty and disqualified from racing on that track.

    Note: In keeping with 1:1 truck racing in which trucks are limited in speed, motors will be limited to the motors listed below. No other motors may be used.
    f) Approved FK-180 Motors:

    f-1) Fly Racing Components, Truck Original (Part #79119): 15,400 RPM/12v, 200 gcm/12v, 7.65W/12v.

    f-2) Fly Rally 1 (Part #79600): 14,960 RPM/12v.

    f-3) JP Slot (Part #MM18120): 16,216 RPM/12v, 195gcm/12v, 7.9W/12v.

    f-4) NINCO NC-2: “black label” 14,676 RPM/12v; “red label” 14,298 RPM/12v.

    f-5) NINCO NC-5: 16,216 RPM/12v.

    f-6) NINCO NC-7: 15,630 RPM/12v, 215 gcm/12v, 8.4W/12v.

    f-7) NSR King (Part #3011) 16,800 RPM/12v, 211 gcm/12v, 8.9W/12v.

    4. Pickup Guides and Braids
    a) Original Guide or other appropriate one may be used with or without a spring.

    a-1) Guide needs to be suitable for Scalextric Sport track (6.2mm slot depth).

    b) Washers or suitable spacers may be used on guide to limit travel.

    c) Guide hole may be reinforced.

    d) Motor wires may be soldered or glued into guide.

    e) Braids are free choice.

    5. Weights and Ballasts
    a) Lead weight or other suitable weight maybe added to the interior of chassis or bottom of chassis.

    a-1) Weight cannot interfere with minimum chassis height (1.6mm).

    6. Gears
    a) Crown gears and pinions are free choice.

    7. Wheels
    a) Stock wheels or upgraded aluminum wheels made “truck sized” such as the ones made by NSR (Front #5007, rear #5008), MB Slot (front #MB19010, rear #MB19011) or Avant (front & rear #AV-20755) and Pro Track are allowed..

    a-1) Deviations to this rule may be allowed provided the truck still maintains it’s “truck like” appearance.

    b) Aluminum wheels can be left bare or painted to match the truck color scheme.

    c) Inserts if used must appear “truck like” (wire spoke or 3 spoke inserts, etc, are not allowed).

    8. Axles
    a) Any size axle is allowed.

    b) Ball bearings are not allowed.

    c) Metal or plastic bushings are allowed.

    d) Bushings may be reinforced and glued in place with appropriate adhesive.

    e) Front axle mounts may be reinforced with tubing or appropriate material, wheel blocks and or bushings.
    e-1) SCC's adjustable front axle mounts are allowed and encouraged.

    f) Plastic or metal washers may be used on axles for spacing as required.

    9. Tires
    a) Stock tires may be used or appropriate sized urethane or rubber tires.
    (No Foams)

    b) Silicon tires are not allowed

    c) Tires may be trued and glued in place with appropriate adhesive.

    d) At tech inspection prior to first race, tire minimum diameter must be 23.7mm for front AND 24mm for the rear.

    d-1) In no case will the rear tires be smaller than the front ones. No tire additives may be used after tech inspection but host should clean with tape, water or spit before every heat.
    e) Tires must be fully under the fenders. No tire may project beyond body work, as viewed from above, at maximum side travel of wheels. If using stock wheels the hub of the wheel can stick out but not the rubber. (Like some stock trucks)

    f) Tires may not be switched out after Tech Inspection though they may be cleaned during a race if determined by host.

    10. General
    a) Anything that is not expressly permitted is considered to be prohibited unless it is posted on the open forum for all to see and decided on. ASK if in doubt.

    Truck Technical Inspection:
    *Truck must be registered and entry fee paid prior to tech inspection.
    *Trucks should arrive for tech inspection before TBA 2013.
    *When shipping your truck, please do not send the factory case (trucks only).
    *Ship the trucks to:

    Barney Poynor
    18053 Hickory Tree LN.
    Riverside, CA. 92504

    a) All trucks will be photographed, and will pass through technical inspection, prior to the first race event.

    b) If a truck is found to be out of compliance with rules, the truck will, at the organizer’s discretion, have adjustments or modifications made in collaboration with the truck owner to bring the truck in compliance with the rules.

    b-1) The truck may be returned to the owner (time permitting) to be brought within compliance of the rules (All shipping charges are to be covered by the truck owner).

    b-2) Two points will be deducted, per rule infraction, of a participants total.

    c) No changes to trucks beyond maintenance and necessary repair will be made after passing through technical inspection.

    Racing Schedule:
    a) Trucks will race 6-10 rounds (limited to US tracks). Ending .......
    c) Rounds schedule and track order will be determined prior to the start of the series.

    Track Hosts please read and agree to follow these rules:
    1.) Hosting Requirements:

    a) Plastic or routed wood track with a minimum of 3.25 " of clearance under any overpass.

    b) Track power supply capable of being set at 12 Volts and a Track timing system.

    Note: The only track allowed to run a different volts will be Alan at 132 Slot Car Raceway.

    c) All tracks should be marked in sections and all trucks lane positions needs to be used as the starting point on the next color. At the final lane for each truck, total laps plus sections will be recorded.

    2.) Racing Procedure:
    Track voltage is to be set at 12 Volts and should be equal for all trucks.

    Phase 1: Qualifying
    a) Trucks may be cleaned, lubricated, and tires cleaned with tape, water or spit.

    ) A running inspection of the trucks is to be made before qualifying.

    b-1) Any repair should be made before qualifying.

    c) Qualifying run time to be determined by host.

    d) After qualifying, results need to be forwarded to the event manager or published on appropriate forum topic.

    Phase 2: Race

    a) A minimum of 3 minutes each lane racing time per truck is required at each track. Alans track is 8 lane we will only ask for 2 min. per lane on his track only)

    a-1) Lane usage is to be evenly divided.

    b) Driver rotations to be determined by track host.

    b-1) ALL the trucks will run in reverse qualifying order (slowest trucks first).

    c) Each truck is to be raced in a fair and equal manner, and subject to the same track conditions.

    d) If a truck breaks during race, that heat may not be stopped to repair the damaged truck. Round host or driver may repair the broken truck during the remainder of the heat, and return it to the track losing only the time needed for repair.
    If repair can be done before the start of the next heat the race can paused to finish easy repairs (Host's call). If repair is to be to bad and take too long the truck will have to wait to get fixed after the race.

    d-1) A broken truck, if running, may complete its race at track owner’s discretion.

    e) A log with the total laps, including fractional laps of each truck ran is to be forwarded to the event manager or published on appropriate forum topic.

    Scoring by class:
    a) Points are awarded for most laps completed during each round for each class.
    1 point will be awarded to fastest qualifier (TQ) in each class.
    b) Points distribution will depend on the biggest number of trucks in a class +6

    Our biggest class is Buggy with 10 entries
    We add 6 more points for a total 15 points.
    They pay out as:
    1st- 13 points…. 2nd-11, 3rd-9, 4th-7, 5th-6, 6th-5, 7th-4, 8th-3, 9th-3, 10th-1points

    7 entries in Man class and pay out points as follows:
    1st- 10 points, 2nd-8, 3rd-6, 4th-4, 5th-3, 6th-2, 7th-1

    1) Trucks late to tech inspection will be penalized -1 point per day, until arrival at tech central.
    2) Trucks out of compliance at tech inspection will be penalized -2 points per infraction and may either be shipped back to owner (at owner's expense) to be brought back into compliance or, if possible, brought back into compliance at tech inspection. Race organizer and truck owner will decide.
    3) No points will be deducted if a truck needs repair before, during, or after a race.

    2015 Series Classification:

    Points from all rounds count towards a trucks total in each class. Ties will be settled by most laps raced or distance raced.

    Classes are:

    1st-3rd plaques in each class all entries will get box stickers per entry
    Sisu Class
    Man Class
    Buggy Class
    4)Rookie of each class plaque
    6)Best on Plastic Track: In Class, total points from plastic tracks only.
    7) Best on Wood Track: In Class, total points from wooden tracks only.
    8) Best Livery: Any custom painted truck will automatically be entered. A poll will determine the winner.

    Barney (HarVWallbanger) Poynor 2013 SCIFTC race director
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    Any questions please post here so all can see. If I missed anything let me know.
    Keep on Truck'in!