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New NC5 motors Let's put the FUN in your Ph'unts!

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  • New NC5 motors Let's put the FUN in your Ph'unts!

    I guess I can not post a link to show where these discontinued motors are so if you need one for your Ph'unt entry email me .... and I'll send ya a link.

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    Thanks to Craig (Team IRD) for finding these... there must be more out there......
    I may be off the 'puter till Wed. guys so if you need the link PM Craig....


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      Barney - Funny thing about the NC-5's, I just got the recent release of the NINCO Mosler "Ultra" (new name for the Lightning series) and low & behold, the motor fitted is a nice new pink NC-5. Making a come back? Or did NINCO just deplete their old stock on this run?

      Next best thing is, we run the Lightning cars with the orange motors and now I have to swap out my new NC5 and put in the orange motor (higher RPM) to be equal. This gives me a new motor for any of the trucks.

      On another note, I am watching Europe because Fly IS re-issuing the old Buggy model, along with a newer version. Prices TBA.


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        Thanks Buster. We got the 2 I ordered today. Nice if Ninco would bring them around again. The place I spoke of has 22 of them still.... may have to buy a couple more.