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IPS 2020 round 1 Nick's track

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  • IPS 2020 round 1 Nick's track

    After all this delay we finally got racing.And then again everything went wrong.Going to Nick I got trapped in a traffic jam due to an accident,was stuck there for more than 1 hour.As a result we could race only 2 lanes ,will do the rest tuesday.Then my cameras battery run out of power and I had not my charger,result only 4 photos.On top of everything else I left the memory stick withthe files on Nick's laptop,he will email me them during the day.So here is an appetizer

    We had 3 casualties,#20 and #15 the pinion slipped after 4 and 7 laps respectively,#27 (Nick'scar ) slipped through his hand and ended up on the floor,broken post.We could not repair them in place but will do today and run the missed lanes on tuesday.

    The car that stands out is #21 fast ,stable in a class of its own.The Lancia was lacking grip.The yellow Jag and the open top Porsche were sliding sideways under braking resulting to a costly(time wise) deslot on straight line under the bridge.

    Watch this space

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    That looks an interesting track Alexis, it's good to see my Corvette again...looking forward to more pictures and reports.


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      Results of the first 2 lanes

      Some comments on the cars

      #98 she will catch you by surprise and roll

      #12 slides sideways under braking

      #28 Jag ditto

      #71 no grip

      #111 could use some more grip

      #99 was running reverse,,each time we had to switch track direction

      #20 pinion slipped.I have already fixed it but crown rotates out of round and I am afraid it is going to happen again

      It is the best grid since I took ever both performance wise and looks


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        Nice one. It's good to see the first lot of results. Could you add the different classes to the chart please.
        Looking forward to more pics.
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          Just returned from Nick's place,round 1 is in the books.I have to sort out results and photos but that will wait until tomorrow,an appetizer though,the yellow jag sliding sideways under braking approaching the hairpin:


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            Andy's Jag was doing that in testing on our club track, I never got a really close look but hints at the rear axle not being square to the C/L of the chassis, or the centre section of the chassis skewing sideways under braking causing the rear axle to go off square.


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              Photos continued


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                Photos continued


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                  Photos continued


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                    A fabulous lineup and setup, I'm super jealous that I won't get to drive them this year.


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                      Race results and comments:

                      Nick drove lanes black and blue and I drove yellow and red.Blue and red were the 2 inside lanes at the hairpin following downhill section which favored cars with good brakes:

                      658 ,the car that suffered most at the hairpin

                      111 good car

                      99 gearing seems wrong could use a higher ratio

                      98 a beauty but it got you by surprise and rolled

                      87 good car given the width and height excellent

                      86 needs a bit more attention to the front end could eliminate the offs

                      71 I dont think the sprung guide is a good idea

                      66 good car finished 12th in 2018 now 6th

                      40 too much body rock tyres rubbing the body

                      28 Alpine good car given the width and height excellent

                      28 Jaguar very good car but sideways braking gave 2 very costly deslots on straight line at the downhill section

                      27 good car but cound not beat 21 for slimlin class honors

                      21 I wish I could build chassislike this,if fited with a big motor it would be in a class of its own

                      20 the pinion slipped 3 times then I had to retire the car.The crown rotates out of round and I think this is the reason

                      19 needs attention to the front end ,it is the cause of so many offs

                      18 it was quite a surprise as I had not touched it after the 1000 laps test,it makes me consider making 1000 laps run in a standard procedure

                      15 hoping rear end needs attention

                      12 ery good car but sideways braking gave 2 very costly deslots on straight line at the downhill section

                      11 very good car

                      5 Lotus front end needs attention

                      5 Daytona,very good car,Nick loved it

                      2 Very smooth and considering front engine perfect

                      1 Very good car but I takes a couple of laps until you feel cnfident



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                        I knew the Corvette would do well as its so nice to drive, for my first proxy I'm really's also the first front motor car I've built albeit version 2 as the one I originally built was brass. Wayne built a two part GRP chassis for Andy's Jag and I was impressed so asked for a front motor version for the Corvette. I modified it quite a bit and it went better than I expected.
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